What is Hinge Most Compatible? How Does Hinge Most Compatible Algorithm Work? How Often Does It Occur? Do They See You?

Hinge dating app is one of the most popular dating apps on the market today and for good reason but in addition to browsing profiles and sending them likes and messages, there is another feature on the app you should be aware of and that is the ‘Most Compatible’ feature.

What Is Most Compatible?

According to Hinge’s ZenDesk page, the “Most Compatible algorithm pairs you with other members you are most likely to like, and who are most likely to also like you.”

Furthermore, in an interview with Elite Daily, Jeane-Marie McGrath Director of Communications at Hinge said “Hinge’s algorithm is specifically designed to introduce you to potential dates who meet your preferences (and whose preferences you meet).”

In this Independent UK article: “By using the “Gale-Shapley” algorithm with its users, Hinge is able to match people on the app based specifically on their answers to the random questions, and thus help them find partners with whom they will have compatibility.”

What Does This Mean?

It could be Hinge’s approach to get users to review and analyze one profile more closely than normal in the profile deck. It could also be another attempt to keep people on the app in hope that their most compatible match is there and patience is needed since one a day is served.

Given that most men receive fewer likes than they send out, it is assumed the algorithm should be taken with a grain of salt. Also since some men don’t get likes that often, serving up a daily ‘most compatible’ suggestion might be too optimistic for some folks.

The last article is the most interesting. One can infer that if you use joke answers on your prompt it will be used to match you with other ‘jokers’. Keep that in mind when you get flustered by bad matches. The old adage “You attract who you are, not what you seek” is relevant here.

How Often Do They Appear? Do They Disappear? 

Every 24 hours recommendations are refreshed BUT profiles may be served at different frequencies depending on supply and demand. 

Also, profiles can disappear before the 24 hours – you snooze you lose.

Do They See You?

It is definitely possible but not guaranteed. It’s rare they will appear the same day or close to the time you see them (if at all). Just because someone is recommended as most compatible to you, that’s only relative to others. Similarly the other person who is displayed as most compatible for you may have other people who are more compatible for them.

Bottom line, don’t read into this that much. Treat like all other profiles. 

Final Thoughts

Many people on Hinge do not fill out all the suggested fields in the app nor don’t use the most insightful prompts provided. These self-sabotaging efforts will limit the ability of the algorithm to make better decisions about you if you believe algorithms can do just that. Additionally, treat most compatible as you would any other profile across your screen in the sense that you don’t want to be overly aggressive or feel entitled or approach it like a sure thing.

Swiping too much or liking profiles you have no interest in can alter the profiles served in the Most Compatible feature which is why you should like and message effectively and purposefully. If you don’t take profiles seriously then don’t expect the Most Compatible profiles to do so as well. Same thing goes for joke prompts and answers.


Now that you have an idea of how the Hinge Most Compatible Feature works,  make sure you are not using any cliche, overused, boring or generic answers to drive away your matches. Check out the cliche Hinge Dating Profile Bingo Card below.



Hinge Most Cliche Answers To Prompts

Hinge Most Cliche Answers To Prompts

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