Hinge Profile Template: Hinge Written Prompt List, Hinge Photo Prompt List, Question List: Virtues, Vices, Vitals, Hinge Profile Requirements, Hinge Profile Examples

Below is a list of all the items that compose a Hinge profile (dating profile questions, voice prompts, photo prompts, video prompts, captions) with tips on how to answer as well as answer options for each question.

If you are new to dating apps or find this overwhelming, contact me for a consultation so you can avoid wasting months or years with inefficient profile, bad swiping etiquette, poor communication skills and bad strategy.


Hinge Photos – How Many Photos On Hinge? How To Make A Hinge Profile? Hinge Photo Requirements, Do You Need 6 Photos On Hinge?

6 photo maximum, 6 is also required number as well.

Best photos for women.

Best photos for men.

Hinge only showing 5 photos? It can happen if one of your photos is deleted by Hinge. A while back, it was a bug (fixed immediately).

Can you add more than 6 photos on Hinge? You can if you sync your IG profile or if you combine multiple photos into one and then upload as 1 photo.


Hinge Profile Template – Basics, About Me, Questions, Vice, Virtues, Vitals (Online Dating Questions, Dating App Questions), List of Hinge Questions

Name – First name, last name (optional, only matches see last name).

Work – free form field

Job Title – free form field

Education – free form field (Hinge education field is hidden for some reason even though people can select it. Assume nothing, everything).

Gender – drop down menu

Height – drop down menu

Location: Where you live (will display neighborhood)

Hometown: Where you were raised

Ethnicity – drop down menu

Sexuality – drop down menu

Children – Prefer Not To Say; Have Children, Don’t Have Children

Family Plans – Don’t Want Children; Want Children; Open To Children; Not Sure Yet; Prefer Not To Say

Covid Vaccine – Vaccinated; Partially Vaccinated; Not Yet Vaccinated; Prefer Not To Say

Education Level: High School, Undergraduate Degree; Postgraduate, Prefer Not To Say

Smoking: Yes, Sometimes, No, Prefer Not To Say

Marijuana: Yes, Sometimes, No, Prefer Not To Say

Drinking: Yes, Sometimes, No, Prefer Not To Say

Drugs: Yes, Sometimes, No, Prefer Not To Say

Politics: Not Political; Moderate; Liberal; Conservative; Other; Prefer Not To Say (Hinge Political Options, Hinge Political Beliefs, Hinge Political Views)


List of Hinge Vitals, List of Hinge Virtues

Hinge Prompt Answer Character Limit, Hinge Character Limit, Are Hinge Prompts Required

Select up to 3 prompts. These are required items for a profile. Bumble prompt tips here.

Hinge prompt answer character limit is 150 characters.


List Of Hinge Prompts, Hinge Questions List, Hinge Written Profile Prompt List, Hinge Prompt Tips, Full List Of Hinge Prompts, Current Hinge Prompts, Hinge Prompt Guide, Hinge Prompt Examples

Hinge Photo Prompts – Hinge Photo Prompt List, List Of Hinge Photo Prompt, Hinge Prompts List


Hinge Intentions: Dating Intentions

Intentions: New (beta testing, not available to all).


Hinge Voice Prompts, Hinge Voice Prompt Ideas, Do Hinge Voice Prompts Help

Same as written ones but can verbally use one – limit 1. These can help if you have a good voice and your have a good answer. Hinge voice prompt list below.

My BFF’s take on why you should date me

Proof I have musical talent

How to pronounce my name

I wish more people knew

My favorite line from a movie

My best dad joke

I’ll give you the set up, you guess the punchline

A shower thought I recently had

Guess the song

Saying “Hi” in as many languages I know

Apparently, my life’s soundtrack is

My best celebrity impression


Hinge Profile Template (Optional)

-Recent Instagram Feed (Optional)


Hinge Profile Tips For Men, Women

Read this.


Most Cliche Answers To Hinge Prompts

Read this post to make sure you avoid sounding too basic, lazy, unoriginal or boring in your answers to Hinge prompts.


Hinge Video Prompts – Hinge Video Prompt List (Hinge Video First)

New video prompts were added in September 2022 including: quick story time, rate my fit, something that’s special to me, hi from me and my pet, a daily essential, a friend’s review of me, can we talk about, cook with me, put a finger down it, let me teach you how to, I’m a 10 but, my review of, things I own that just make sense,


Hinge Poll Prompts, Hinge Prompt Poll List

21 Poll Questions were added in September 2022. See the list here.


Online Dating Critique, Makeover For Men & Women

Strategy (App Choice + Timing + First Messages), Photo Critique, Bios + Prompts + Photo Captions, Wardrobe Feedback, Grooming Suggestions, Clothing & Hairstyle Recommendations, Body Language, Smiles, Etiquette & More For Men & Women.

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