What Are Hinge Voice Prompts? What Are Hinge Voice Notes? Are They Required

Hinge voice prompts are one component of a Hinge profile along with text prompts, photo prompts, captions, photos and bio fields. Hinge voice prompts are another way to convey yourself to possible suitors. A person’s voice can show more effort and make one seem more attractive.

According to Hinge, 78% of people would rather hear your answer to a prompt than read it. Hinge voice prompts are up to 30 seconds in length and are meant to answer the prompt that the person selects. 

Below are the list of Hinge Voice Prompts from which anyone can select.

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Hinge Voice Prompt Ideas, What Are The Hinge Voice Prompts? Hinge Voice Prompt List, Hinge Notes, Hinge Voice Prompt Examples

Hinge voice prompts are the same as written ones, but can verbally use one – limit 1. These can help if you have a good voice and you have a good answer. Hinge voice prompt list below. These are what Hinge calls ‘video-first’ prompts but you can choose other prompts as well (see full list here).

My BFF’s take on why you should date me

Proof I have musical talent

How to pronounce my name

I wish more people knew

My favorite line from a movie

My best dad joke

I’ll give you the set up, you guess the punchline

A shower thought I recently had 

Guess the song

Saying “Hi” in as many languages I know

Apparently, my life’s soundtrack is

My best celebrity impression


How To Use Hinge Voice Prompts

Go to profile, edit profile, under voice prompt (1), tap select a prompt (to record your answer). 

Users can use select up to 1 voice prompt for their profile.


Are Hinge Voice Prompts Required? 

No, definitely not, but they can be very helpful in separating you from others. 


Best Hinge Voice Prompts For Guys, Good Hinge Voice Prompts

The best voice prompts are the same as the written text prompts here. Choosing the right voice prompt is not enough, though. Knowing how to answer it is key. Vocal intonation is important, as well as what you say.


Worst Hinge Voice Prompts

The worst Hinge voice prompts are those that are brief, low-energy, vague, creepy, suggestive or too forward.


Hinge Profile Tips!

Great Hinge profiles are more than just witty prompts and good photos. Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, how many prompts to use, what information to put in a profile, whether or not you should photo prompts and photo captions, and if you should link your Instagram account to your profile.

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Hinge Voice Notes – What Are They, How Do They Work? Can You Send Voice Notes On Hinge? Hinge Voice Read Receipt?

Hinge voice notes are a way to communicate with people on Hinge. You need to match with someone before you can send a voice note. You can delete a voice note after recording and before it is sent.

There are no read receipts on Hinge.


Should You Use Hinge Voice Notes? How Long Are Hinge Voice Notes? Good Voice Prompts For Hinge

Voice notes are generally awful. They can be viewed as lazy as it requires more effort for the other person to digest than a text response. Hinge voice notes can be up to 5 minutes long, which can seem like an eternity.

Should You Use Hinge Voice Prompts? Do Hinge Voice Prompts Work? Should You Use Hinge Voice Notes?

Voice prompts can convey warmth, and approachability but also reduce likes and matches because of accents, lack of confidence, annoying voices, and more. Sounding uptight, whiny, or someone who is a first-generation immigrant can offset an otherwise great profile.

Similarly, voice prompts can show effort, intention and make you more attractive depending on how you speak. See here for the most attractive and least attractive accents.


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