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Dating Coach Services For Women, Men, Offline/Online Dating Consultant; San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond

Featured in the NYT, Women’s Health Magazine, WSJ, AskMen, SFGATE, ABC7News, Bumble and more. Read Testimonials here.

From discussions with friends, and discussions with strangers at bars and restaurants to working with clients over the years through photos, profile critiques and styling efforts, I have gained unique insight and crafted a distinct approach to working with men and women over the years (press coverage).

Clients typically come from large cities mostly from the U.S. (NYC, LA, SF, San Jose, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, Denver, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC) but also overseas (London, Sydney, Melbourne, Stockholm and beyond) from ages 25-65, but I have worked folks younger and older than that. 


Dating Coach Services San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley & Beyond

Whether you are newly single, new to the city or have struggled to meet people organically out and about or through dating apps, I help individuals who are looking to meet more, quality folks – think of me as a digital version of Hitch without the slapping.

I blend data-driven methodologies while leaving plenty of room for exceptions to the rules, corner cases and things that cannot be quantified easily. I am a one-man shop – you will work with me directly. You won’t work with chatbots, junior coaches, interns nor outsourced contractors like with other services. I am not here to blow sunshine up your ass – I am here to improve your dating life, even if that means fewer (but better) matches, self-work and changing your outlook, expectations and misconceptions.

If you have read my blog, I am pretty cut and dry, I am not a cheerleader nor a salesperson, nor rely on my charm or looks to sell myself. Friends and family can be biased and unwilling to be brutally honest with you. They have context that strangers don’t. I highlight blind spots, unearth biases, find ways to help you meet people organically, help you become more comfortable in your own skin and assist with attracting more of who you seek.


Dating Coach Services: Where To Begin? New To Dating?

My methods don’t work for everyone, and I do my best to screen out such folks early and often. I reject about 70%+ of folks that contact me, so I can focus on those that I believe I can help the most, but also those that are ready to put in the work, have self-awareness and will improve the societal dating pool. Prospective clients will fill out a questionnaire that will help me assess:

1) Am I a good fit for you?

2) Do you have realistic expectations?

3) Which methods should you focus on (matchmakers vs apps vs offline methods vs speed-dating)? What apps to use? Where to meet singles?

4) Where to improve in your life: hobbies, interests, lifestyle choices, outfits, grooming, photos, writing, outlook/misconceptions?

Contact me today to learn more.

TL;DR: Dating Services San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley

You: Vocal Intonation, Grooming, Hygiene, Wardrobe, Hobbies, Interests, Lifestyle Choices, Posture, First Impressions, Availability, Biases, Hang-Ups

Apps: App Comparison/Choices, Photos, Bios, Prompts, Captions, Swiping, Filters, First Messages, Likes, Screening Profiles, Timing, Algorithms

Offline: Location, Filters, Preferences, Where To Go, Where To Sit, What To Say, How To Get Guys To Approach You/Talk To You

Judgment: Reading People, Cutting Out Time-Wasters, Date Planning, Reading Into Messages, Understanding Manipulative Behavior & ID’ing Fuckboys

Ideal Clients: Self-Aware, Willing To Put In The Work, Patient, Growth Mindset, Balanced Lifestyles, Low Egos, Empathetic, Relationship-Focused

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Dating Coach For Women, Successful, Educated Women

My focus is working with women in bigger cities, women who are highly educated, those that are working professionals, executives and accomplished career women. The skills needed to save for a home, get into B-School or Law School, get a fancy job or get that promotion are not the same as those needed to succeed with dating.

Ability to screen profiles, read people, cut off time wasters, be patient, ID red flags, be more vulnerable and avoid narcissists and manipulators are several areas we will cover in these sessions. Women need more than cheerleading friends who are often biased and unable to be brutally honest with them.

Whether it’s on dating apps or fine-tuning organic ways to be more visible offline and surround yourself with more quality men, we will assess what you have done thus far, highlight blind spots, isolate areas for improvement and make sure you are signaling the appropriate things about yourself. More info here.

Dating Coach For Men, Introverted Guys, Dating Coach For Engineers

Having worked most of my adult life with engineers and tech geeks as an analytics and strategy nerd myself, I will do a deep dive into your life to assess hobbies, interests, eye contact, body posture, grooming, hygiene, manners, communication skills as well as vocal intonation, improvising small talk.

Dating is just not about knowing how to dress, what to say but more so how you carry yourself, what makes you different and your ability to sell yourself. These are not hacks but long-term efforts to diversify your hobbies, interests, improve lifestyle choices, and get you out of your shell.

Being successful, tall and in-shape means nothing if your attitude is terrible, you ignore deal-breakers, use pick-up lines or lack social skills. If you are short, person of color, a bit quirky or nerdy, this is for you. More info here.

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Badoo Best Dating Profile Photos According To Expert

Dating Profile Review Service, Critiques, Dating Profile Help

Doing well on dating apps is more than just uploading a few photos and writing a few words. There is lots of self-sabotage on dating apps when it comes to swiping etiquette, app choice, paying for premium services, photo choice, photo order, prompts, bios, captions, liking vs commenting and timing.

We will go over pros and cons of each app, assess which one is best based off gender, lifestyle choices, privacy, demographics and timing. The goal of these sessions is not necessarily to get more likes or matches, but rather obtain better quality matches, even if it means being more selective and receiving fewer matches. Efficiency will be emphasized to screen out time wasters and incompatible people.

Add-on coaching sessions will help you to analyze people’s photos, decode their dating profiles, do background checks, understand algorithms, review your messaging techniques and show you what their dating profiles signal. More info here.

Offline, In-Person In The Field Dating Coaching, In Person Dating Coaching

One of the more unique offerings, I am one of the few coaches that offers to meet with clients in person. Whether it’s analyzing live dates from a distance, helping you to understand where to sit, what to order, how to position yourself, and how to make subtle gestures to get noticed and have men talk to you, my in the field sessions will open up your dating options beyond just apps.

My focus will be on curating lists of places to explore, when to go, where to sit, how to become an expert in certain domains, so you can feel more comfortable and confident about navigating conversations in person and helping to adjust dialogue habits that can be conversation ending.

From being more enthusiastic, present, engaged and focused, you can get out of your covid cocoon, I will re-introduce you to people and places around town so that you can feel more confident and happy on your own so that others take notice. Contact me today to learn more.

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Men’s Image Consultant, Styling Services For Women

First impressions are everything. Wearing Northface vests, yoga pants, company t-shirts and dressing like you are still in college is not going to cut it in life. If you want to be noticed on dating apps, at bars or professionally among your colleagues, you need to dress the part.

These sessions will assess your demographics, what you want to convey, what you want to attract all while factoring things like budget, personality, body-types, skin tone, lifestyle, routines, industry, work functions, hobbies, interests, appearance, grooming, hygiene, posture, body language and social life.

Sessions can do done virtually or in-person and may involve shopping but will help you become a better shopper by helping you take better notes, how to anticipate sales, where to shop, how to save time online and how to stand out from others. More info here.

Online Dating Photos, Candid, Natural Photos For Bumble, Hinge

If you hate taking photos, need new photos or often say you look better in person or on dates, this is for you. Friends and family can be biased about photos, as they have context that strangers on apps don’t.

Don’t fall for other photographers who re-purpose portraits, modeling photos and stiff photos. Dating profile photos are more organic, candid and imperfect. While other photographers use generic backgrounds, staged setups and blurred backgrounds that are obviously professional, I take a more natural approach like a friend took photos (but one who knows what he is doing).

I offer sessions with my DSLR or Google Pixel 5A phone. I am the most discreet photographer you will ever meet. Sessions are taking in public spaces that don’t draw attention to you or me whether they are bars, hiking trails, lookouts, cafés, restaurants, social events, concerts or photos taken at home and common spaces of residences. More info here.

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Dating App Coach – Online Dating Coach For Men, Women, Dating App Consultant For Men & Women

Anyone who has used apps knows that a great profile will get you noticed but there is a lot more work that is needed to do well on apps. Everything from app choice, swiping strategy, liking vs commenting, response time, screening profiles, reading people, planning dates is needed to do convert matches to dates. If you have too many matches, are overwhelmed, have matches that don’t turn into dates, this is for you.

In my coaching sessions, I will analyze the funnel of your experience on apps, work to optimize your swiping and profiles so you spend less time on the apps, get fewer but better matches, help you understand how to read people and quickly filter out bad apples and non-compatible folks. If you are not getting enough matches, getting unmatched quickly, get often ghosted or fail to secure second dates, this is for you.

Dating App Coach – Online Dating Coach

About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.