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Featured in the NYT, Women’s Health Magazine, WSJ, AskMen, SFGATE, ABC7News, Bumble and more. Read Testimonials Here.

Whether it’s with their dating profiles, app choice, styling, bios, first impressions, captions, prompts, grooming habits, posture, facial expressions, photos, wardrobe, body language, communication skills, hobbies/interests, lifestyle choices, swiping/messaging techniques, date ideas, location, preferences/filters/deal-breakers, intentions and appearance makeovers, think of me as a real-life version of Hitch (minus the Will Smith slapping).

No other critique service and online dating coach service goes into the amount of detail beyond the profile to help you get the most out of your dating efforts, fix your dating profile and help you uncover blind spots, and use better judgment when swiping, commenting, and setting up dates. Reviews and testimonials below. If I don’t think I can help you, I will tell you immediately – I am not here to waste your time nor mine.

As a dating profile consultant, I work with clients in most major cities/areas, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, London, Stockholm, Sydney, and beyond. Continue reading to learn about my Bumble profile reviews, Hinge profile reviews, and dating profile makeovers.

If you are tired of swiping, frustrated with not getting replies from matches, overwhelmed with options or don’t know how to write about yourself, keep on reading.

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Online Dating Profile Consultant – Online Dating Profile Help, Dating App Profile Review; Dating Profile Setup, Dating Photo Feedback, Hinge Profile Review Service, Bumble Profile Review Service

My specialty is relationship-focused men and women. I am usually the first person people discuss their dating lives with and show their profile to. 

Understanding app choice, what photos signal, the timing of messages, bios, and prompts, first impressions, and algorithms are key to having success on dating apps.

My online dating consulting services are completely customized and confidential. I accept less than 30% of applicants so I can focus on those that are present, available, and ready to prioritize meeting someone special. If you are unsure what you want or looking merely to outsource your dating life, I recommend looking elsewhere.

As an online dating coach, I have been written up in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, have written for several dating apps and have been doing this professionally for over 7 years. Press coverage here, and testimonials at the bottom.

I have been approached by dating apps to consult for customers but have turned down all opportunities so I can remain 100% independent, unbiased and app agnostic. Sometimes, I might recommend getting off the apps and focusing on improving yourself and/or offline efforts.

I am not a ghostwriter, I will, however, provide structure and guidance around appearance, style, photos, writing, lifestyle choices, dating apps, messaging, first impressions, and date ideas.


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Clients I work with are those using apps like OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble, The League, and Coffee Meets Bagel to find serious relationships. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

Not all apps are the same, some have more favorable gender ratios, others lend well to certain personalities and lifestyles, while others are more superficial, photo-centric and make it hard to connect with others.

As a dating profile consultant, I will identify opportunities offline and online to help you improve your chances, increase visibility and attract more of what you want. In cases where I can’t help you or I don’t think you will be likely to help yourself, I will let you know and not take you on as a client.

Some press coverage is below.

Image Consultant: Wardrobe, Social Skills & Lifestyle

Eddie is an image consultant in San Francisco with clients in NYC, LA, and beyond. He began as a photographer but soon realized clients needed help with their fashion sense, social skills, hobbies & interests.

Clients include VC's, introverts, engineers, doctors, lawyers, men, women, gay/straight, POC, immigrants, divorcees/widows, those new to dating and/or struggling to make friends & build relationships with colleagues.

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A dating profile makeover can cost as little as $5 and go up to $500 or more. Results will vary and not only depend on the provide but you as well. Dating profile makeover specialists are not magicians – if you are boring, take awful photos, have no hobbies, live in a remote area, dress poorly, are lazy or not ready to date, no dating profile makeover will help you.

Similarly, if you hire someone who is just copying/pasting profiles, you will look/sound like everyone else. Most cheap services don’t analyze photos, filters, location, lifestyle choices, hygiene etc. These are crucial aspects to dating and dating apps. A good coach is worth it but should be viewed as a partner vs someone to outsource your dating life to.


Help With Online Dating Profile: Next Steps (Online Dating Profile Review, Hinge Profile Analysis, Bumble Profile Analysis), Help With Writing Dating Profile, Help With Bumble Profile, Help With Hinge Profile

To get started, please start to collect the following items for me to review (link will be sent over w/ instructions on where/how to send them to me) after you contact me:

-Existing Photos, Screenshots: of existing dating profiles, including captions. If you have links to LinkedIn, Facebook etc. send those over as well. I recommend creating a Google Drive folder, dropbox link etc with screenshots of your dating profiles and any/all photos of yourself from the last 2-3 years (and look like you now) as well as screenshots of your preferences/filters (i.e. age, distance, height etc)..

-Bios, Headlines, Filters, Deal-Breakers Preferences: Make sure to include bios, prompts, headlines, answers and photo captions, deal-breakers, preferences etc. in your screenshots.

-Demographics, Appearance: location, age, height, ethnicity, hairstyle, grooming habits, wardrobe, religion (if that is important to you). Any major changes to your lifestyle or appearance?

-Personality, Lifestyle: hobbies, interests, guilty pleasures, school, locations traveled and lived, job, volunteer activities, favorite foods/dishes, local places to explore (hikes, restaurants, museums etc.). Please be specific, don’t be vague.

-Dating Preferences & Orientation: deal-breakers, what do you seek (heterosexual, gay, bi, lesbian, open relationship, poly, monogamous relationship). How are you looking to attract?

-Dating  History: (online: where do you struggle? Likes, matches, 1st dates, getting 2nd dates; offline: meeting people, eye contact, conversations, date ideas, initiating conversations).

-Dating App Usage, Strategy: What apps have you used? For how long for each? Profile re-starts, banned accounts, duplicate accounts, paid subscriptions.

I will review this information and let you know which photos to keep, which ones to remove, how to order your photos and which apps to use based on your demographics, lifestyle choices, orientation, deal-breakers/preferences, and available photos.

All this information is confidential and is used solely to help with your dating profile. Please be specific, use examples or review process can be significantly delayed behind all others following the above instructions.


Dating Profile Builder, Help With Setting Up Dating Profile For Hinge, Bumble etc., Dating Profile Critique, Dating Profile Maker, Online Dating Coach For Men, Online Dating Coach For Women, Dating App Help

For those that have never used dating apps, I will help you set up a profile. I will review existing photos, ask questions to surface information that is needed to attract the type of people you seek.

If it turns out you don’t have enough photos, I will let you know the type you need and how to obtain them on your own.

I will assist with setting expectations, understanding what to look out for, when to launch the profile, what order to put the photos in, how to review/assess interests i.e. likes, comments etc. and general safety tips (account set up, privacy, limiting who sees your profile etc.)

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These add-on coaching sessions go beyond the dating profile service: profile setup to focus on swiping strategy, screening profiles, first messages, messaging etiquette, date ideas, tips on how to expand hobbies and interests to attract more of what you seek

**If having trouble, use any of these forms: Typeform  |  Google Form  |  Airtable**

About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He has insight into algorithms as well as a keen understanding of dating cultures across locations, demographics, and orientations.

He helps with profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & where to meet singles. Whether you are a POC, short guy, introvert, engineer, or just struggling with dating, he can help you be efficient & strategic.