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When it comes to your headshots, photos provide increased visibility through Google image searches as well as increased views on sites like Linkedin (members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos).

Whether you are looking for a natural, casual headshot, personal branding for your website, a customized backdrop for your personality, or environmental office and professional business image photography for your team let’s talk!

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My approach for professional headshots is to highlight strengths and capture individuality of people in flattering, unique customized environments during the photo session.

Location scouting and creative direction is my specialty and I assist with outfits, poses, wardrobe selection and color coordination for the photoshoot. I shoot outdoors, public spaces, client sites with natural light for approachable yet professional pictures. I seek a balance of professionalism, approachability and trust in my photos.

For LinkedIn headshot tips including cropping, sizing, posing, spacing, attire etc, read this:

For more casual, artistic and creative portrait and headshot examples click here. Other styles including branding, lifestyle below.

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How Much Is A Professional Headshot? Are Professional Headshots Worth It? Professional Pictures For Work

Headshots help to signal your reputation, trustworthiness and professionalism. Relying on a selfie, cropped wedding photo or photo from a night out with friends may suggest you don’t take your work or career seriously. Often times, the first interaction people have with others is seeing their LinkedIn photo, website or social media account. First impressions are everything.

Headshots can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to five hundred dollars or more depending on editing, locations, travel, turnaround time and more. 

Linkedin Headshot Statistics – First Impressions Matter. Do You Need A Headshot For Linkedin?

Why Headshots Are Important, Necessary, Professional Headshots Tips For Linkedin

Users with profile photos receive up to 21 times profile views than those without photos. Whether looking for jobs, identifying clients, networking or building a sales pipeline, this is a huge advantage you cannot ignore.

Read this guide on Linkedin Headshots.

What To Wear For Professional Headshots? What Should I Wear For A Professional Photoshoot? Business Professional Headshot Tips, Work Headshot Tips

For women’s wardrobe tips read this guide. For men’s clothing tips, be sure to read this guide.

What you wear is important, and I will help pick out your wardrobe to complement skin tone, hair and background as well as prepare you for the job you want, customers you want to attract and impressions you want to signal to partners, customers and clients.


How Should I Prepare For My Professional Headshot Photoshoot? Professional Headshots For Business, How To Prepare For Professional Headshots? How To Pose? Should I Smile?

For tips, examples and ideas on how to prepare for your photography headshot including what size and orientation do you need, how often should you update your headshots, cropping tips, colors to wear, how to look good in your headshot and should you smile for your headshot, how to pose for a headshot, read this post.

For tips on cropping, pixel sizes, photo dimensions, size requirements for social media and website use, read this reference guide

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer & dating coach based in San Francisco, servicing clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, London, Sydney & beyond.

His photography style balances approachability and professionalism while focusing on personality by consulting on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting and what the client wants to signal, attract. His photos are natural, organic and free from artificial filters and photoshopping seen with other photographers. 

When It comes to dating, his focus is on relationship-minded men and women while addressing lifestyle choices, appearance, hobbies, wardrobe, hygiene, communication skills, dating app profiles, blind spots, messaging, date ideas, confidence, location, etiquette & more. As seen in the NYT, WSJ & More.

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Therapists, Government Officials, Shy Men, & Women, Actors, Models, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creative Professionals from Google, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla & more.

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