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Having worked as a professional photographer for nearly a decade, I worked with people of all shapes and sizes and backgrounds in capturing organic, unique, and approachable photos for business, personal branding, creative and dating profiles.

In order to get the most out of my clients and their photos, I had to make sure clients were prepared well in advance of the photoshoot – this often included creative direction, wardrobe consultation, grooming recommendations, hairstyling, posing and more (read my interview here in the Wall Street Journal and styling advice from Agape Matchmaking.

I accept less than 30% of clients so if you are looking for a cookie cutter stylist or not willing to put in the effort, please stop reading. Fashion takes time even with unlimited money and resources. Building an identity, feeling confident and appreciating a new look is a pursuit that can’t be rushed/hacked. Apply here.

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Style is something I love. Not for the superficiality of it nor the trends, but rather the creative and qualitative aspects of putting pieces together.

When done correctly, a great fashion sense can instill approachability, establish reputation, aid shyness with inviting people to approach you, inject personality and break the dullness of appearances.

Whether it’s helping clients look their best for photos, crashing private events and parties during Fashion Week in NYC, or spending too much time shopping for my niece, I appreciate what a good sense of style can do for people and their confidence and how it can shape interactions, cultivate relationships and connect people.

When it comes to your first impressions, photos provide increased visibility through Google image searches as well as increased views on sites like Linkedin (members with profile photos can receive up to 21 times more profile views than those without profile photos).

How you present yourself matters whether it’s in the business world, dating world or everyday life.

Read more about me here.

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Often I had clients who booked last-minute haircuts or hired a makeup artist only to have hairstyles they did not like or have makeup that felt caked on because other photographers nudge makeup artists in this direction.

My approach is to not deviate from everyday looks and appearances but to get the most out of what you are willing to expend in terms of time and effort but with a bias towards feeling good about your new look, getting the attention you seek, and feeling comfortable in your skin.

Not everyone needs a new headshot for work or photos for their dating profiles, so I decided to offer wardrobe consultations to the masses beyond the scope of photography needs.

Unlike other personal stylists, I don’t take on all or even most clients, so I can focus on those whose intentions and realistic expectations align with my offerings.

Narcissists need not apply. I would categorize my approach as similar to capsule styling, where clients can mix and match tops and bottoms, layering and accessories to create versatile looks that don’t feel like outtakes from Midtown Uniform on Instagram.

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Most people hate shopping, and many people don’t have friends they can trust with fashion advice. Not all advice and suggestions can be applied to the masses. What works for your attractive, outgoing, skinny or muscular friend may not work for you.

Fashion is not about copying and pasting what you like onto yourself, but rather establishing a style you feel comfortable and confident in, but also conveying what you want to be seen as.

Building a foundation for a wardrobe takes time. Even with unlimited money and time, it can take serious effort to identify brands that accommodate your body type and price range.

My services go beyond picking out items that I think are flattering and align with lifestyle, location and flexibility i.e. work, dates but also first impressions you want associated with yourself.

My goal is to help you become a better, more efficient shopper so that you can quickly skip over items that won’t work for you, identify upcoming sale cycles, and understand fundamental concepts of color theory and more.

Yes, I have had clients shave, cut their hair, remove piercings and book eyebrow threading appointments before working with me.

You can take a look at my photography portfolio for examples of the coaching and guidance I provided clients with respect to planning photoshoots.

Everything from background, angles, lighting, colors, aesthetics, sizing, layering, accessorizing, makeup, grooming, hairstyling and more.

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In my coaching sessions, I will teach you how to track sizing across bands, know when to look out for sales, how to identify brands that complement your body type and style, how to build a wardrobe, tips on how to accessorize, and more importantly how to be a better, smarter and more efficient shopper.

Building a wardrobe takes time and even with unlimited resources, it takes time to develop a fashion sense and understand what looks good, what styles will last and how to look comfortable in your own skin.

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First Impressions, Body Language, Posture, Social Awkwardness, Grooming, Hygiene, Facial Expressions, Vocal Intonation, Online Presence, Reputation Management, Image Coach

For those that need additional help, I offer more specialized sessions that revolve around social interactions, posture, body language, vocal intonation, facial expressions, grooming, hygiene, and analysis around first impressions and how people receive you so you can learn to attract more of what you want whether it’s through the lens of friends, business or dating.

In some cases, I might refer you to a specialist, but it’s important to know how others perceive you as friends and family can be biased and unwilling to be brutally honest with you.

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is an image consultant based in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago and beyond). He started off as a professional photographer for business, creative, personal branding, and dating profiles. He soon realized that to get the most out of his clients' images, they needed help with their wardrobe and fashion sense. 

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Founders, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Government Employees and Creative Professionals from companies like Google, Apple, Meta & more.

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