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Online Dating Coach For Men & Women: Online Dating Consultant, Messaging, Swiping – Hinge, Bumble & More

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Whether you are newly single, new to the city or have struggled to meet people organically out and about or through dating apps, I am an online dating consultant that helps individuals who are looking to meet more, quality folks organically with an exhaustive makeover of their dating profiles and beyond.

I offer 1 on 1 online dating coaching with a focus on image consulting, wardrobe styling, grooming, posture, lifestyle choices such as religion, politics, location, education, career, family planning (and their effect on marketability), swiping etiquette, timing, app choice, first messages, photo order, bios, prompts, as well as height, weight, appearance, ethnicity and effective use of filters and paid services.

As a dating coach, I noticed people needed help beyond navigating apps, so I have expanded my services to include offline efforts as well. I was approached by Match group to work for them a while back, but declined, so I can maintain complete autonomy and provide unbiased advice for clients.

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Why Am I Different? Dating App Coach For Men, Dating App Coach For Women

No other online dating coach has the visual eye for photos.

I am not talking professional portraits, I am referring to natural, candid, approachable, inviting, self-deprecating, slightly vulnerable and imperfect photos.

No other online dating coach is as data driven as me.

I understand the limitations of data and rely as much on intuition, guy feel first impressions and exceptions to the rules and other items that can’t be quantified.

No other online dating coach is as intimately familiar with each dating app.

I have used apps myself in the past and have had success despite being someone of color, someone who is not 6 feet tall, is nerdy and took my own photos. I am familiar with the pros and cons of each app, demographics that favor each as well as how to get the most out of each.

No other online dating coach will analyze items beyond your profile.

I will do a deep dive on your dating habits, blind spots, life choices, hobbies, interests, social circles, mannerisms and first impressions. I will be brutally honest about things like location, ethnicity, height, appearance, tattoos, piercings, family planning focuses but provide actionable insights and steps on how to get closer to what you seek in a partner.

I am not a salesperson, I am not naturally charming, I am not here to blow sunshine up your ass.

While other coaches and online dating experts rely on studies, theoretical scenarios, rigid structures/formulas, their charm or appearance, I rely on real-world experiences, blending qualitative and quantitative data, unknown information, human choice, personalities, things that can’t be captured in data, demographics and of course you and your own unique experience and situation.

I do not take on all or even most applicants

Unlike other coaches who are eager to take your money, I screen clients, so I can help the most.

I do not hire consultants, outsource my services.

Other coaches will have you work with interns, junior apprentices, etc. You get me every time, all the time.

My advice is customized, and I offer no rigid courses nor cookie cutter templates.



Online Dating Coaching Services For Men, Women

I offer help in these areas for men and women:

-Taking online dating photos (custom shoots based around your lifestyle, who you want to attract)

-In depth dating profile critiques (app choice, strategy, timing, first impressions, first messages, date ideas)

Virtual consulting services: (virtual or in person: understanding dating patterns: not getting second dates, conversation skills, body language, reading people, screening profiles, attracting more quality people, avoiding time-wasters)

-Assessing lifestyle, interests, hobbies, communication skills, messaging skills, date ideas and knowing how to screen manipulators, narcissists & time-wasters and ID’ing red flags in profiles, communication and date ideas.

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Online Dating Coach For Women, Men: My Approach, Philosophy & Values:

I believe in hard work, self-awareness, patience and building a foundation that will allow for sustainable success. If you are looking for a cheerleader to make you feel good, hacks, PUA material or someone to make empty promises, please stop reading and look elsewhere.

  • I am not one of those dating coaches who are still single themselves (many of them are and have been for a while)
  • I am not here to make empty promises nor take you on as a client if I don’t think I can help you attract higher quality people.
  • You won’t find photoshopped glamour photos of me on this site or in the press (I believe in honesty, substance, and authenticity)
  • You will get to work with me directly and not an assistant nor an apprentice.
  • I believe in honesty, transparency, owning yourself and self-improvement in all facets of your life.
  • There are no short-cuts, no hacks, no deception, no copy-pasting with my services.
  • Not everyone is ready to date. My goal is to get you ready and that includes having the time to date, prioritizing dating, expanding hobbies/interests, learning to dress better, having more life experience to draw from and resetting your expectations so you can focus on being more efficient, focused. 




Online Dating Review, Testimonial

Online Dating Coach For Men & Women: Details

Below is a rough framework from which I evaluate you as an individual and develop a strategy to refine strengths and work on weaknesses.

Appearance: First Impressions, Posture, Facial Expressions, Facial Hair, Hairstyles, Hair Color

I will use our in-person meetings to analyze vocal pitch, eye contact, posture, grooming habits, facial expressions, and first impressions.

Whether sitting at a bar stool, booth, chair or standing, I will provide feedback on favorable hairstyles, grooming habits, seated and standing positions, and general first impressions with eye contact, greetings, and more.

Wardrobe: Styling, Outfits, Accessories, Colors, Fit, Grooming, Piercings, Tattoos

In this offering, I will analyze your current wardrobe to suggest colors that stand out while complementing your skin tone, suggest where to shop based on lifestyle and budget, and offer ways to use accessories to help you stand out and get noticed.

Men’s Styling Guide  |  Women’s Styling Guide

Online Dating Apps: App Choice, Photos, Bios, Conversation Starters, Prompts, Timing

Based on your demographics, including age, gender, orientation, location, and other items, I will recommend the top 2-3 apps to use along with suggestions for photos, prompts/bios, conversation starters, best practices for timing on messaging, and more.

For in-person consultations, I will take your photos to complement and add to your existing photos for particular dating apps (4-6 unique photos of yourself are recommended on most apps).

Offline Strategy: Body Language, Conversation Starters, Where To Sit & Stand, Date Ideas, How To Get Guys To Approach You 

Understanding where to sit and stand at bars and cafés is something you will never go back to ignoring after meeting with me. Finding subtle but specific open-ended questions and comments to initiate a conversation is a skill I will help you craft if you are nervous or shy about boldly walking up to a stranger.

I will provide a list of publications, blogs, social media accounts etc. to read and follow to stay up to speed with your area and also provide content to help you hold conversations more easily.

If you have anxiety about planning dates, this is for you. Dates involve research, planning, familiarity with areas and operations as well as logistical aspects of timing, hours of operations, lighting, noise, seating arrangements, and more.

Decision-Making Process: Questions To Ask, Reading People Online and Offline, Red Flags

For those that always date the wrong person, have trouble reading red flags or continually fall for the same type, I will go over your decision-making process to help you be more selective, ask better questions, identify dates and opportunities to really learn about a person in more detail than your casual, superficial dates.

Knowing how to avoid abrupt defensive language like ‘What are you looking for’, ‘How long have you been on this dating apps’, ‘Have you been in any long-term relationships’ and how to ask these in a more casual, indirect yet definitive manner.



Send me a note through the contact page on my website. Please specify what you have done in your life, where you think you struggle, and how I think I can help, and I will get back to you if there is a mutual fit.

I work with folks of good moral character and I use an extensive background check process to make sure are able to improve the dating pool beyond yourself. I typically accept less than half of the people who contact me as I focus on those who are honest and sincere with their intentions AND willing to put in the work and view this as a partnership rather than an outsourcing effort.

Consultation is done over video (Google Hangouts) or in person. To expedite the process, I will ask for details to help me get a sense of who you are: photos (appearance, wardrobe), screenshots (dating profiles), efforts (app choices, strategy), and interests (hobbies, classes, travel). The initial consultation will examine demographics, lifestyle, energy levels, vocal tones, and eye contact.

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.