Professional Photography Services: San Francisco Bay Area

Company Headshots, Business Casual Portraits, Personal Branding, Lifestyle Headshots, Modeling Portfolios, Artist, Acting, Dating Apps – San Francisco Bay Area

Below is an exhaustive overview of the photography services I provide from corporate headshots, personal branding, social media photos, modeling portraits, acting headshots, lifestyle images, LinkedIn headshots, business portraits, executive headshots to more specialized works in street art, interiors, architectural, travel, tourism, editorial, events, fine art and more.

My photos have shown up on the September issue of Vogue magazine as well as BBC, NPR, Time Magazine & more.

I will entertain photoshoots outside these specific styles on a case by case basis, including the Treat Yo’ Self photoshoot sessions. Contact me here.


Professional Photography Services San Francisco, Lifestyle Business Headshots, Personal Headshots Bay Area

Location scouting and eye for backgrounds, colors, outfits, lighting, wardrobes, aesthetics and visual spaces are my specialties that connect all these styles.

Based in San Francisco, serving the greater Bay Area, Silicon Valley, East Bay, North Bay, Peninsula, South Bay. Travel to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Portland, London and beyond.

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Men's Professional Headshot - Business Lifestyle Photoshoot, Male Corporate Headshots San Francsico, Business Portraits
Professional Female Finance Business Headshot, LinkedIn Photo Example, Pose Idea, Woman

Corporate Business Portraits, CEO & Executive Headshots, Business Lifestyle Photos

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Creative Business Portraits for Executives, Attorneys, CEO’s, Investors & More

Even with the same outfit, different poses and backgrounds can change the look and feel of your business photos. Seated vs. standing, headshots vs. half-body portraits, office building backgrounds vs. city backgrounds, backgrounds, and lighting can make a big difference.

I specialize in location scouting and can optimize on efficiency, the density of backgrounds, and locations to pack in a variety of options for your needs.

Examples: Business Portraits  |  CEO & Executive Headshots  |  Corporate Headshots

Dara Adler Professional Business Headshot, New York City, Example, Pose, Executive
Monica Leinke - San-Francisco Attorney Headshot Example, Woman's Lawyer Portrait, Stanford, Berkeley

Professional Headshots: Attorneys, Professionals, Tech  Startups & Headshot Examples

Professional Headshots for Attorneys, Tech Workers, Startup Employees, Doctors, Physicians, Law & Medical Students, Education & More

When it comes to professional photos, reputation, first impressions, and appearance is key. Whether you want a neutral background, environmental office background or something a bit fun, creative or unique to complement your hair, skin tone or outfit, let’s chat.

I will consult on your outfit options, scout locations and background for you, and guide on posing, smiling, accessories, angles, hair placement, and more.

Examples: Attorney Headshots  |  Professional Headshots  |  Outdoor Headshots

Men's Attorney Headshot, Male Lawyer Headshot San Francisco, Bay Area, Anuar Ramirez, Golden Gate Law University
Outdoor Urban Business Professional Headshot, Female Portrait Pose, Idea, Creative, Palo Alto, Stanford, Silicon Valley, MBA
Professional Creative Woman's Portrait, Female Personal Branding Photo Example - San Francisco, Outdoors

Social Media Photos, Photos For Social Media Profiles

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Slack, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Patreon, Outlook, GMail & More

When people look you up online, they will take a look at your social media. Make sure your images are consistent across platforms to reinforce your brand and reputation.

Whether photos for news, press, social media handles or general use for company needs, evergreen content or website, I will capture a range of images, orientations and crops to match all dimension, aesthetic and sizing needs.

Examples: Social Media Photos

Women's Profession Business Portrait, Casual Corporate Branding Photo - San Jose, South Bay Photographer
Men's Professional Business Headshot, Outdoor Male Portrait - San Francisco Headshot Photographer
Woman's Professional Business Headshot - San Francisco Bay Area | Professional Headshot, Professional Photo San Francisco Headshot Photographer

Linkedin Headshots, Photos, Professional Photos, Workplace Photoshoots

LinkedIn is one of the most heavily trafficked website on the planet and it’s crucial that you control how others perceive and you before they meet you in person.

As a marketing and research tool, it often times the default method for recruiting, competitive intelligence, finding a professional, evaluating possible employers, prospecting clients and partnerships as well as a screening tool for online dating.

Users with profile photos receive up to 21 times profile views than those without photos.

Examples: Linkedin Headshots, Photos 

Professional Business Headshot, Professional Photo
Claudine Penedo Modeling Portrait, Woman's Modern Portfolio Headshot, Fashion

Modeling Photos, Modeling Headshots For Portfolio, Beauty Portraits

Modeling Portraits, Photos for Modeling Agencies, Casting Call Headshots

Whether looking for creative, organic, relaxed lifestyle images for your social media or blog, an artistic modeling headshot for your agency portfolio or comp card, a casual model for the day or a customized backdrop for your personality, let’s talk!

Too many models make the mistake of hiring a photographer that overly edits their photos beyond recognition. There is nothing worse than being rejected for overly photoshopped images. I will highlight your strengths in a natural, organic matter to show a more authentic and flattering you.

Examples: Modeling & Beauty Portraits

Professional Modeling Portrait San Francisco Bay Area, Professional Photo Woman
Actress-Headshot, Theatrical Portrait San Francisco | Stanford Headshot, Palo Alto

Acting Headshots: Professional Photos For Actors, Actresses, Headshot Examples

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Actors, Actresses

Natural light, modern photos and authentic acting portraits for agencies casting calls, portfolios, websites, acting headshots, comedy headshots, comedic headshots, comedian headshots, and more.

I love capturing beautiful, unique editorial and environmental portraits for clients with a custom approach.

Examples: Professional Acting Headshots, Actors, Actresses

Woman's Professional Acting Headshot Example, Female Modeling Portrait Idea, Photoshoot
Online Dating Photo | Dating Profile Pic, Example - Hinge, Bumble, Good Profile Pics Eddie Hernandez

Online Dating Photos: Personal, Candid; For Bumble, Hinge & More

Natural, candid, authentic photos that highlight personality, uniqueness, and approachability. 

No other service offers a complete range of offerings that span photos, image consulting, location scouting, app choice, privacy (sessions w/ smartphone are available), wardrobe consultation, and photo order.

No corny, staged, stiff portrait sessions here. Don’t make the mistake of hiring a portrait photographer who is going to take photos that look obvious that you hired a professional photographer (photoshopped, repetitive/similar looks, generic locations).


Online Dating Photo Example, Men's Dating Profile Picture Idea, Hinge, Bumble, Good Profile Pic
Ramona Demure Vintage Fashion, Lifestyle Photoshoot, Modeling Portrait - San Francisco, Woman
Streetstyle Modeling Portrait, Woman, Female Pose, Idea - San Francisco Photographer, Urban, City

Fashion Shoots, Modeling Portraits & More

Professional Headshots For Social Media, Fashion Portfolios & More

What you wear will have an important impact into how you are perceived by casting agents, brands, sponsors and more. 

For me, I am a bit more relaxed with rules and constraints and am more focused on making clients feel relaxed, confident, and professional.

If you browse my various headshot and portrait examples, most clients defer to my recommendations when trying to get the most out of their photos. 

Female Acting Portrait, 3/4 Body Shot Los Angeles, Woman's Modeling Photo Idea, Example Pose
Risa Iwasaki Culbertson Headshot - Artist, Illustrator, Creative Portrait, San Francisco
Chor Boogie - American Spray Paint Artist, San Francisco, California, Studio,

Artistic Portraits, Artist Headshots

Professional Headshots For Artists, Painter Headshots, Artistic Portraits, Exhibit Portraits, Candid Studio Photos, In Situ Studio Portraits, San Francisco Bay Area

If you are looking for artistic headshots for your website, social media profiles, art openings or other outlets, take a look at my offerings. I can arrange visits to your studio, gallery showing, home or client site.

I will work with you to evaluate what you want to convey and balance environments, outfits, looks and artwork to make something unique, fun and professional 


Christopher Williams - Artist Portrait | San Francisco, CA
Kristen Joy, Wellness Coach, Women's Empowerment, Marin County, Professional Business Headshot, Female
Womens Professional Photo - Lifestyle Portrait, Modeling, San Francisco Bay Area Photographer

Personal Branding & Lifestyle Photography Services – Professional Photoshoots

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Solopreneurs, Writers, Artists, Psychologists, Therapists, Coaches, Health & Wellness Professionals & More

Specializing in natural light, modern photos, and casual lifestyle portraits for websites, social media, lifestyle headshots, artistic, portfolio, branding, aesthetic profile pictures for Instagram, personal branding profiles, social media and websites of yoga instructors, Pilates teachers, fitness instructors, and wellpreneurs, solopreneurs.

Examples: Personal Branding  |  Lifestyle Photos | Health & Wellness, Yoga, Pilates  |  Therapist, Education, PHD, Psychologist Photos

Pilates Instructor Branding Portraits - San Francisco Bay Area, Professional Photo San Francisco Headshot Photographer
Los Angeles DTLA Grand Central Market Interior
Mexico City CDMX Building Exterior, Architecture - Condesa

Travel, Tourism, Street Art & Editorial Photography

Photo Examples: Travel, Vacation, Editorial, Activism, Protests, Tourism, Street Art 

San Francisco photographer, featured in the New York Times 52 Places Travel, Fodor’s Travel Guide, Travel+Leisure, Lonely Planet, San Francisco Travel Association, Culture Trip, Afar Media, Matador Network, TastingTable, TimeOut, Michelin Guide and more.

From capturing interiors, views, local hangouts, cultural experiences, hidden gems and places less visited, I am your guy for capturing authentic images.

Examples: Travel/Tourism  | Editorial/Events  |  Activism  |  Street Art  |  Fine Art 

Japanese Snow Monkeys, Macaque
Chicago Skyline Architecture
White Chapel Bar, Interior San Francisco
Montesacro Interior, Bar - San Francisco

Interior Spaces: Homes, Restaurants, Offices, Architecture

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Bars, Cafes, Offices, Public Spaces

From capturing the essence of spaces to focusing on services, people, ambiance, and environments, my photos help to capture the essence of your space and offerings.

I am a fly on the wall when it comes to capturing spaces, interiors and ambiance. No disruptive set-ups, equipment nor flashes.

Examples: Interior & Architectural 

Hotel Interior, Luxury Lifestyle Photo
Jardiniere Bar Interior, San Francisco
San Francisco Food & Beverage Photographer - State Bird Provisions Carrot Mochi
Black Manhattan Cocktail - Drink Photography - San Francisco Bay Area

Food & Beverage Photography; Bar, Drinks Photographer

Photoshoot Ideas, Examples, Backgrounds – Bars, Cafes, Dishes, Drinks, Food, Cocktails, Beverages & More

My style is different from a lot of photographers who focus on creating more unapproachable art rather than the essence of dishes.

My goal is to create a connection with audiences and make the food and beverages the center of attention, the photo itself. 

With so much deception, narcissistic tendencies and stiff environments, it can be hard to create an inviting place to visit.

These days, people are craving intentional drinks, not 8 ingredient abominations. They are seeking well-executed dishes, not performance art, gimmicks and other tactics popular among the tik-tok generation.

Enough about me, check out my work below.

Examples: Food & Beverage Photography

Chapeau - Salmon Trio - San Francisco Food & Beverage Photographer
Lazlo Bar, Mission District, San Francisco

About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer in SF w/ clients internationally. He balances approachability & professionalism, focusing on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting.