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How Do Artists Take Headshots? Artist Headshot Ideas, Headshots For Artists

When it comes to artist headshots, there is no best headshot. Much of it will depend on the artist, their appearance, their wardrobe, their backgrounds, their studio, their environments, their artwork and most importantly what they want to convey.

Not everyone has all these answers so through a consultation, I will ask questions, examine spaces, assess wardrobes and image and get a feel of your work and personality. 

-Risa Iwasaki, Multimedia Artist 

Risa Iwasaki Culbertson Headshot - Artist, Illustrator, Creative Portrait, San Francisco
Chor Boogie - American Spray Paint Artist, San Francisco, California, Studio,

In Situ Artist Portraits, Artist Studio Portraits – Artist Headshot Examples

There is nothing like capturing images of artists in their studio spaces. These are their domains and it’s important to capture the essence whether in a studio, home or natural environments in the case of street art

I have the ability to bring in some complementary lighting and shoot during optimal times for best lighting. 


Artistic Creative Portraits, Artistic Portrait Photography

When I take portraits of artists, I gauge their flow, style and comfort levels as to not interrupt them as they work. I am a fly on the wall but can also be engaging to create a fun, relaxed environment.

My photos will be a mix of posed shots and candid portraits. I want viewers to understand your thought process and approach to creating works.



Monica Leinke - San-Francisco Attorney Headshot Example, Woman's Lawyer Portrait, Stanford, Berkeley
Risa Iwasaki Culbertson Headshot, Creative Branding Portrait, San Francisco

Artist Headshot Tips – Artistic Portraits

That will depend on the environment as well as desired output of your photos. Some places might not be big enough for one type of photo or the other. Your photographer should be able to make recommendations based on space, lighting and aesthetics.

It will also depend on the subject, their body type and frame, as well as height of chairs and desks and what not.

Some people will have a preference for one or the other, but regardless of direction or preference, keep in mind the orientation and website requirements (most social media outlets favor a circular or square frame). 

I typically provide a range of images (portrait, landscape, close-up, extra space) as to allow for cropping and various outlets.


Visual Artist Headshots, Painter Headshots, Painter Portraits

Get in touch and let’s see how we can work together. Check out additional images on the artists’ website so you can get an idea of how images will look when cropped, placed on websites and formatted alongside text, artwork and bios. 

-Christopher Williams, Visual Artist 

Woman's Professional Business Portrait - San Francisco

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer in SF w/ clients internationally. He balances approachability & professionalism, focusing on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting.

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Doctors, Therapists, Artists, Actors, Models, Small Business Owners, Creative Professionals & More.

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