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Ask around, chances are I have worked with someone you work with or are friends with. As an online dating expert, I have seen it all having worked with people 23-68 years old, men and women, gay, straight, pansexual, divorced and widowed, as well as those that are brand new to dating or have a hard time screening profiles and reading red flags.

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As seen in NYTimes, ABC7News, SFGate, WSJ, AskMen, Men’s Health, Forbes, East Bay Express, Women’s Health, Mashable & Hinge’s Relationship Scientist Book 

What It’s Like to Work With a Matchmaker

New York Times – “There used to be this stigma around it,” said Eddie Hernandez, an online dating consultant in San Francisco. “

Single? Looking For Love? A Photographer Offers Tips On How To Make A Photo Stand Out On Dating Apps

ABC7News – The Bay Area is full of vibrant, fun, single people so how do you go about meeting someone special? Photographer Eddie Hernandez offers advice on how to take a great profile picture for dating apps.

Bad Dating Profile Men

Drew Barrymore And Chelsea Handler Get Blunt About Men’s Bad Dating Profiles

Huffington Post – So much so that Eddie Hernandez, a San Francisco-based photographer, even created a popular “Cliche Men’s Dating Bingo Card” that features “fish photo” and “entrepreneur,” but also “photo next to car” or “gym, bathroom or bad selfies.”

The bingo card also includes overused phrases like a desire for “witty banter” or a “partner in crime.”


To keep it fair, Hernandez also created a “Cliche Women’s Dating Bingo Card,” which includes “Yoga pose” photos, using phrases like “fluent in sarcasm,” and saying any prospective suitor “must be over 6ft tall.”

Dating Coach, Online Dating Photographer, San Francisco Bay Area

What An SF Photographer Who Charges $875 For Dating App Photos Suggests Singles Do

SFGATE – When seemingly everyone is complaining about the state of app dating in San Francisco, singles look for an edge in the algorithms. That’s where Bay Area photographers such as Eddie Hernandez have found a calling.

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

The New Rulebook for First Dates: Sweatpants, No Makeup

WSJ – Eddie Hernandez, a San Francisco photographer and dating coach, has long preached the value of a natural, authentic profile photo. As he explained, “The worst feeling to have on a first date is to have someone end the date immediately before it starts because you don’t look like your photos…. The photographer Mr. Hernandez said something similar, stressing not to change the status quo if you actually wear makeup every day.”

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

Expert Advice on Dating When You Have Anxiety

Bumble – Dating anxiety can manifest in many ways. Based on your concerns, consider what environment would make you most relaxed. For example, dating coach Eddie Hernandez recommends that if you get overwhelmed with noise, make sure not to choose a small, crowded restaurant. If you’re worried about the date going on too long, you can meet at a cafe an hour before closing time. If you’re worried about the conversation coming to a lull or the first date jitters, try an active date, like a pottery class. You can always bring the conversation back to the activity if you run out of topics to discuss. 

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

New year, new style: San Francisco stylists dish on how dudes in tech should dress in 2024

SF Standard – Eddie Hernandez, a San Francisco-based photographer, dating coach and image consultant known for his spendy dating profile punch-ups, said he takes on less than one-third of people who send him inquiries. He specifically looks for those who are willing to put time and effort into improving their personal style—rather than just trying to hack their way into fashion.

Top Online Dating Coaches

10 Best Online Dating Coaches | DatingAdvice — “Eddie Hernandez has made a name for himself in the San Francisco Bay Area and across the globe as a talented photographer, but he has a little-known secret: He’s also a skilled dating and lifestyle coach. Eddie offers singles advice on crafting their dating app profiles, how to use their best judgment when meeting new people, and even ways to shift their mindset around dating so they get the best results they can. 

Women's Health - Make A Tinder Profile That Stands Out In The Best Ways

How To Make A Tinder Profile That Stands Out In All The Best Ways | Women’s Health

Women’s Health — “For the best lighting, shoot outdoors in natural light (look for natural shadows for diffused light), take photos closer to sunrise or sunset (for softer lighting), or wait for slightly overcast days (so clouds or fog can soften the light)”… 

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

Our Guide Makes Dating After Divorce a Whole Lot Easier

Men’s Health – “Be honest about your divorce if a date asks about your relationship status or past relationships. Even if they don’t prod, you owe it to a potential partner to tell them, expresses Hernandez. In order to be completely honest, you must convey if the divorce is not finalized and what, if anything, connects you to them. It can help to prepare and practice your answers so they are succinct and clear instead of catching you off guard.”

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

An Expert’s Guide To The Best Dating Profile Pictures

Badoo – Online dating photographer Eddie Hernandez has a few thoughts behind why certain photographic choices are so appealing and why it might be best to leave others in your camera roll.

“Photos that show smiles, enthusiasm and something unique stand out over photos that are lethargic, mundane and taken inside homes,” said Hernandez.

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

It’s Happy Hour Somewhere! The Standard Guide to Bar Specials in San Francisco

But Eddie Hernandez, a photographer, dating coach and author of the local Substack, “Eddie’s List,” has proven that in SF, it’s almost always happy hour somewhere.

Driven by a desire to get San Franciscans back to restaurants in the wake of the pandemic, Hernandez compiled a comprehensive database of happy hour specials in San Francisco, which he updates monthly. He realized that happy hour information is scattered across business websites and Instagrams, and that it’s rarely aggregated in an organized manner. 

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

4 Styling Tips for Your Online Dating Profile

Agape Matchmaking – Wardrobe stylist Eddie Hernandez compiled the perfect list on what to wear in your online dating photos, and unsurprisingly, one of the most important things you need to put on is confidence.

The best way to achieve that extra boost of confidence and look your best in your photos is pretty straight forward: wear something that flatters you. Don’t take a risk by wearing clothes that are out of your comfort zone in your profile pictures, instead, go with what you know already works.

P.S. That quote about shape wear is not mine.


Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

Allbirds Were the Tech Bro ‘It’ Shoe. Then the Tech Bros Moved On.

Pre-pandemic, Allbirds were the dominant shoes among the clients of San Francisco dating coach Eddie Hernandez, including many tech professionals. Now, he said, they’re the fifth or sixth footwear choice of men looking for love. 

Wall Street Journal - Eddie Hernandez

OurTime Senior Dating Review – Forbes

“You can see all the profiles at once, rather than one by one like with other swipe-first apps,” says Eddie Hernandez, an online dating coach for men and women.”

SFGATE | This new, popular scavenger hunt has Redditors combing the streets of SF

Every week, local photographer and online dating coach Eddie Hernandez posts a new clue to r/SanFrancisco under his username, u/usctrojan415, which is usually followed by hundreds of upvotes that boost it to the top of the page, encouraging others to join the hunt.

Vogue UK – September 2020 Issue

Pull Out Cover Page: Activism Now – Faces of Hope. Photo of Alice Wong, Photo by Eddie Hernandez

AskMen - Cuffing Season - Eddie Hernandez

Cuffing Season Might Be Upon Us, But Don’t Expect to Hook Up as Much This Year — Here’s Why

AskMen — According to online dating consultant Eddie Hernandez, one of the top reasons why people are waiting to have sex this cuffing season is health and safety. There’s still a chance of contracting COVID-19 from those who are vaccinated, and it can take some time to assess your new partner’s habits before determining if you’re taking the same measures to stay safe. 

AskMen - Cuffing Season - Eddie Hernandez

Looking for love? These are the most popular dating sites and apps, according to actual users.

Mashable — Eddie Hernandez, a San Francisco-based online dating consultant, has no singular app he tends to recommend. “I get a sense of not just what the ‘best’ app is, but what I think would be the most appropriate with where [clients] are in terms of their dating expectations,” Hernandez said. 

Perhaps You Need A Dating Coach | East Bay Express

East Bay Express — One coach, Eddie Hernandez, left a career in data analysis to found his online dating consultancy company, Eddie Hernandez Photography. He said he applies a lot of the same skills he used to advise tech startups to his new business. 

Inside The World Of Dating Profile Ghostwriters

Salon — The visual emphasis in many dating apps has laid the foundation for professional photographers to take part in this burgeoning industry. Eddie Hernandez, a professional photographer based in San Francisco, specializes in online dating photos. Though Hernandez also shoots other social media portraits (like LinkedIn headshots), he says online dating photos make up about half of his business.

Chart Using Data Shows Just How Many Single Men Are In San Jose — Call it preaching to an all-male choir, but there’s further data to support San Jose’s reputation as Man Jose for online dating.

Top 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Online Dating Photos – PlentyOfFish Blog

Plenty of Fish — Photos in online dating profiles offer a glimpse into who people are, what they are passionate about, how they spend their time and how they like to present themselves to the world. Unfortunately, many people use less than flattering photos in their online dating profile and they may not even know they’re doing it!

Bad Dating Profile Men

Eddie Hernandez is a Jack of All Trades Who Helps Singles Perfect Their Dating Profiles

Dating News – Online dating with intention means being honest with how you present yourself to others, an approach that can help singles achieve the results they desire when they open an app.

One way to online date with intention is to be purposeful about your dating profile. Including good pictures, funny details, and slices of your personality can help take a little superficiality out of online dating. Online daters who present themselves authentically and with humor often have the most success.

Meddle Logo

Guest Meddler: Let Others Help With Your Dating Life — Thanks to the internet and the advent of dating apps, there exists this incredible opportunity for anyone to instantly meet people outside of their day-to-day lives. In a matter of minutes, one can pull likes and photos from their feeds and photo gallery to create a public profile in minutes.

Author, Good Men Project

The Good Men Project was founded as a way to allow men to tell stories about the defining moments in their lives. The hope was to spark a “national conversation” around the question of “What does it mean to be a good man?”

Dating Coach Eddie Hernandez Shares Tips for Perfecting Your Dating App Profile

While you may think you’ve chosen the perfect selfies and written out a pretty clever, attention-grabbing bio, there may still be times where your matches or messages run dry. If you’re having dating profile frustrations, you’re not alone — and dating coach and photographer Eddie Hernandez can help.

Interview, The Best Life – The One Word You Should Never Include in Your Online Dating Profile

“This is referred to as negative, defensive language,” says online dating consultant Eddie Hernandez. “It suggests the user might be hesitant to give people the benefit of the doubt or at least give people a clean slate to start off a match.” Hernandez suggests replacing this language with more positive framing by focusing on what you do want.

How To Help Evacuees From Sonoma, Napa Fires

“As the wreckage and heartaching losses racked up this week for people affected by the wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties, Eddie Hernandez of San Rafael yearned to find a way to help.”

Expert-Backed Advice for Couples Moving in Together: 14 Tips for a Smooth Transition

April 20, 2022 – Location and space are a big factor. Will both of you be working from home indefinitely? Do you need extra privacy, quiet space, or proximity to your office or place of business? Not all items can be addressed before move-in. Still, good communication can alleviate many misunderstandings and help you know your partner more intimately than before.

Eddie Hernandez, Dating Consultant 

Taste of Yountville: A Perfect Day in Napa Valley

For those who missed out on Yountville Live, oM SF put together our own “Taste of Yountville,” with a sampling of all that this darling little town (and foodie mecca) has to offer. From pre-dawn to late evening, here’s how to spend a full day in Yountville.

The NYT picked 52 places to go in 2014. Readers picked a 53rd (Photo: Eddie Hernandez)

The NYT picked 52 places to go in 2014. Readers picked a 53rd (Photo: Eddie Hernandez) 

The 9 Best Food Photographers in Oakland, CA

Food photography is one of our favorite genres to explore because it’s so very diverse. It includes not just classic food closeup shots, but also peeks behind the scenes of farms, portraits of cooks hard at work, and other documentary elements. Each one of these noteworthy Oakland food photographers has their own take on what food photography means to them. 

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Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.