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Artists, musicians, solopreneurs, non-profits, small business owners, teachers, and restaurant/service industry professionals contact me for possible special rates.

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Misc Info (Payment Options, Services)

I accept Venmo, Square Cash, Paypal, Zelle, Cash, Checks. Hablo Español and speak awful French.

I typically do not do traditional marriage, wedding, civil ceremonies, engagement, proposal, sorority rush profile, newborn, boudoir, dudoir, gender reveal with and without explosions, artificial family portraits, plandid Instagram portraits, Museum of Ice Cream photoshoots or self-absorbed headshots nor narcissistic photos BUT… if you have a rather unconventional, unique pitch or event, please get in touch.

Photography Services

Dating Services

FAQ’s On Services – Dating, Photos, Clients etc.

Do you have a studio? Where are you located?

I shoot outdoors, public spaces, clients sites/homes. I do not have a studio but in many cases I can replicate solid backgrounds. I am known for my keen eye with location scouting and selecting backgrounds that complement industries, outfits, seniority and hair color.

Do you take passport photos?

No, I do not.

Do you retouch photos?

No, I do not. My style is more focused on natural photos, approachability. I will correct photos for lighting, tone, shadows and fly away hairs at my discretion but I will not airbrush, soften skin, photoshop images that some people are accustomed to.

Do you offer matchmaking services?

Not explicitly. On occasion, I will introduce clients to each other that I think might be a good fit but I don’t offer this service a la carte.

Can you help my son/daughter find a partner?

Anything is possible, but I am not a magician. I can’t help your child if they don’t want to be helped. If you are nagging them all the time, and you are the one calling me every year asking for help, please stop that. I only work directly with clients. I have seen all the matchmakers shows on tv – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Do you offer remote/zoom headshots?

No, in person only.

Do you take photos on your camera only or phone as well?

For dating profiles, I do recommend using my phone for more organic, natural photos as they are more approachable and authentic.

Do you have online dating photo examples to share?

Unfortunately, I do not. For privacy reasons mostly but also for intellectual property reasons as well. If you look up competitor photos they are rather stiff, lifeless, staged, repetitive/cliché places or just straight up cringy. If you have doubts about my services, it’s best you don’t hire me.

Do you only work with men? Do you work with women? Do you work with gay men?

My focus is about 45% straight men, 45% straight women and 10% gay men. My focus is on those seeking relationships.

Gift Card, Gift Certificate Available

Perfect for friends, loved ones, job-seekers, those in need of portfolio refresh or those that want a personal photoshoot to treat themselves to. Contact me for details or purchase card here.

Travel Info, Upcoming Trips – Will Travel Internationally

In addition to local work in San Francisco and the Bay Area, I will travel to New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Mexico City, Philadelphia, Tokyo, Montreal, London, Los Angeles + Portland for client work. Travel schedules will be posted here on this page for any last minute availability (existing clients and direct referrals notified first and prioritized accordingly). Contact me to book directly. Stay up to date with tips, industry news, specials, product updates on my blog.

Travel Locations 2024: Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Bangkok, Ho Chi Mi City, Hanoi, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, New York, Santa Barbara, Minneapolis

Priority given to existing clients first, and any remaining slots (if any) will be made available to everyone. Application required.