Murals, Spray Paint, Artists, Graffiti, Street Art: International, Famous, Outdoor Urban Art – Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City (Maps, Locations, Tours, Arts Districts, Guide)

It’s no surprise that many of my travels are coincided with places known for their vibrant street art across city walls, steps and buildings. Most museums are expensive and located in parts of a city not easily accessible to the masses.

Museums dictate the order in which people view artwork, and they are often selected by curators with narrow definitions of art. Street art is for the people, for free. Street art is approachable and should be revered as those pieces locked up indoors.

From Los Angeles to San Francisco and NYC and beyond, here are some of my favorite murals, street art from across the globe.

New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles Street Art, Murals, Artists, Tours & More (LA, SF, NYC)


Famous Street Artists, Muralists In San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, New York City & Beyond (Mission District, DUMBO, Bushwick),

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