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Hinge profiles are made up of several components including photos, biographical data, prompts, captions and lifestyle information (vices and virtues). Together, they aim to tell a story about a user, but that is not always the case. Sometimes these profiles are empty, misleading or too cute and lack substance, depth.

If you have been on Hinge long enough, you will likely keep seeing some of the same, boring, generic answers to prompts.

Most of Hinge’s prompts are rather lame and don’t really offer much room for details and insight (list of Hinge prompts here). Creative Hinge answers are hard to come by and for that reason alone, they can help to separate you from the competition (effort, creativity, uniqueness etc.)

Although photos are the most important items on your dating profile (most people would agree 80-90+% of your dating success is driven by photos), prompts should not be overlooked.

Even if you avoid these cringeworthy photos on your profile, a bad or lazy prompt can hurt your chances upon further review after matching. For tips on making a good Hinge profile, read this. For good Bumble profiles, read this.

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A bad prompt choice and/or corresponding answer can signal you are not that serious, lack creativity, or are just trying to play it safe. Prompts should provide the platform to let your individuality shine – it is what can separate you from the masses.

Using examples, stories, anecdotes, self-deprecating humor, an intro to a humblebrag or using a prompt to discuss something not easy to bring up organically are the best ways to utilize prompts on your profile.

A good prompt and answer is also helpful with respect to messaging. It makes it more inviting to start a conversation and makes it easier to reply to messages.

Photos by themselves don’t always have good backgrounds, environments, details to help guide conversations. If that is the case with your photos, be sure you nail down the prompts to make up for challenging photos that make it hard to initiate a conversation.

Pro-tip: If you need help on deciding which prompts to use and how to answer them, check out this post where I cover some top open-ended questions.

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Here are some of the most lazy, unoriginal answers to prompts. Have any that take the cake? Did I miss any here? Comment below with some cringe worthy examples. Some of the most commonly used answers include references to fur-babies, The Office, Jim and Pam, Netflix, tacos, love languages, Harry Potter, ‘Just Ask’, Pineapple on Pizza, Everything, Sarcasm, Witty Banter and more boring pickup lines as seen on Reddit.

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Hinge Prompts

Hinge Prompts

For examples of most cliche profile bios on other dating apps like Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid click herehttps://eddie-hernandez.com/cliche-dating-photo-bingo-card/

For the visual types, check out the Cliche Dating Photo edition of the bingo card. This handy little guide will alert you if your dating photos are dull and repetitive like everyone else.



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