Online Dating Photo Tips For Guys, Girls

Travel Photos – Seems obvious but these photos show the type of traveler you are (beach bum, explorer) as well as places you find interesting and amazing. Also people are more relaxed and more likely to be enjoying themselves on vacation plus as an added bonus travel photos make it easier to initiate an opening message.

Group Photo / Social Environment – Photos taken with friends or activities you enjoy doing often yield smiles. Added validation of having friends and enjoying fun, social activities is also a bonus.

Pro-tip: Make sure you don’t make a group photo your main photo and don’t include super attractive.

Special Occasion, Formal Event – A photo in a suit or dress at a wedding, black tie event or business event can provide an opportunity to get dressed up in the appropriate environment and give a glimpse of your style and how you clean up. 

Pro-tip: See if there is a professional photographer at the event and get your photo taken.

Halloween – This holiday is a great time of the year to show your creativity and spirit which is hard to convey in text. With opportunities to take photos at office parties and contests as well as parties, this day is the easiest day to capture photos as well as initiate conversation on and offline.

Outdoor / Physical Activity, Full Body – A carefully (tastefully) taken photo at the beach, athletic attire out hiking can provide an excuse to show a little extra skin, muscle definition, lean body and energy level in a natural environment with others.

Close-Up – People want to see how you look like up close. Avoid photoshopped LinkedIn photos and go with a close-up 1/2, 1/4 or chest up shot of you smiling or laughing.

Restaurant / Bar – Your favorite food dish or beverage should put a smile on your face. A photo like this can show you favorite spots around town and possible spark a conversation about a place the other person loves or has been wanting to explore.

Embarrassing / Self-Deprecating Humor – The ability to share an embarrassing moment is the ultimate sign of confidence and comfort in your own skin. A epic snowboarding fail, failing into a wet cement pit or spilling something on your shirt in the proper frame and context can show you are not insecure.

Now that you know what kind of photos you should aim for, check out this guide on the do’s and don’ts of posing, group shots, selfies and more.