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When it comes to online dating, most people focus too much of their time on things like dating apps, photos, bios, poses, photo order, opening lines, prompts and the like. Those are the things relatively easiest to change and optimize.

Don’t get me wrong, those are absolutely necessary for dating apps, but there is one glaring item missing from the equation, and that is hobbies (or interests).

Hobbies and interests are the most underrated thing on a dating profile, and most people fail to grasp the significance of them and how they work. Hobbies and interests are an indication of lifestyle (how you spend your time) and where you are in life.

Without hobbies and interests, a dating profile is pretty identical to a resume for a job application (don’t get me started on how people use dating apps like Uber Eats or Doordash). Below are some tips on how to expand your hobbies and interests to attract moe people.

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Dating App Interests, Dating Profile Hobbies – What Should You Put In A Dating Profile? How To Write A Dating Profile

Depending on the app, a person can either list their hobbies and interests via text in their bio or answer to prompt or, in the case of Bumble, can select a hobby/interest from a list of canned “interests” when creating a profile. 

People have used a variety of methods to convey interests and hobbies on dating profiles including text in a bio or an answer to a prompt, through photos, selecting an interest from a list or via emojis. How you describe an interest says a lot about you.

As I mentioned before, interests are a great way to see if there is some compatibility with someone, but also see how one spends their time. It also makes it easier for the other person to start a conversation with you but also makes it easier to sustain conversations beyond the hi, hey or what’s up commonly used on dating apps these days.

Filling out your dating profile is a great way to show effort. All too often, people launch their dating profiles with one-word answers to prompts, emoji filled bios and lazy effort in the photos, captions and messages. First impressions matter – filling out your profile can go a long way to making your dating profile stand out.


List Of Interests For Dating Profile, List Of Interests For Dating Site, Tinder Interests List

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Should You Emojis On Dating Apps? Emojis In Dating Profiles, Emojis In Bumble Bios, Emojis On Hinge Prompt Answers, Emojis In Tinder Bio

Some people choose to display hobbies and interests via emojis in their bios and answers to prompts. While using emojis can be efficient and save valuable space in otherwise limited character profiles, too many emojis can be overkill. 

Emojis also have the problem about being generic and cliche. Emojis limit one’s ability to express themselves and be unique. The best way to separate yourself from the competition is to fill out your profile with details, anecdotes, stories and humor. 

On the flip side, emojis can be rather ambiguous and can cause confusion. People sometimes treat dating apps like food ordering apps and any uncertainty around details, intentions or lifestyle choices can lead to an automatic left-swipe.

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Image Consultant: Wardrobe, Social Skills & Lifestyle

Eddie is an image consultant in San Francisco with clients in NYC, LA, and beyond. He began as a photographer but soon realized clients needed help with their fashion sense, social skills, hobbies & interests.

Clients include VC's, introverts, engineers, doctors, lawyers, men, women, gay/straight, POC, immigrants, divorcees/widows, those new to dating and/or struggling to make friends & build relationships with colleagues.

Hobbies That Impress Guys, Most Attractive Hobbies A Woman Can Have, Attractive Female Hobbies, Funny Interests For Dating Profile, Hottest Hobbies For Women, Hobbies To Meet Guys

If you were to spend any time on dating profiles, you will see the same interests and hobbies littered on dating profiles from Hinge and Bumble and beyond. It’s almost so predictable that people have created Bingo dating profile cards to make fun of the boring, repetitive, lazy, and basic profiles out there.

Common interests and hobbies seen on dating apps of women include tacos, traveling, # of countries visited, astronomy, fur babies, yoga, wine, dogs and brunch. That is it. That is all you get with a lot of women’s dating profiles. These profiles can either be written as emojis or one-word answers to prompts on Hinge.

The best hobbies are ones that are genuine, unique and detailed. In my coaching sessions, I conduct deep dives into people’s lives to surface hobbies and interests in a way to elicit the most reactions but also responses.

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Most Popular Interests On Tinder, Most Popular Interests On Bumble, Best Tinder Interests For Guys, Hobbies That Women Find Attractive, Hobbies To Meet Women

If you spend any amount of time on dating apps browsing men’s dating profiles, you will come across certain recurring themes that flood dating profiles. Depending on your location, these interests can vary based on the industries that dominate the areas.

If you are in a big tech city, some interests you might encounter regularly are tech, AI, hardware, autonomous vehicles, robots, chess, crypto, fishing, bitcoin, boba tea, krav maga, photography, IPA’s, craft beer, whiskey, scooters, e-bikes and coding.

If this sounds like you, don’t feel attacked. Dating apps have created a race to the bottom fueled by low-effort, ghosting, mirroring, dabbling on apps, incomplete profiles, ambiguous texting etiquette that people have pulled back on their effort to make a good profile. 

The terms above are those that guys Google fyi. I am not going to give someone the answers to the test. Yes, there are certain hobbies and interests that do well on dating apps but they are not universal – some are geography based, others dependent on age, intentions and where one is in life.

In my coaching sessions, I not only help to ID the hobbies and interests you like that you should include but also guide you to grow and try new hobbies and interests so you can be more attractive to others.

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Dating Apps That Match Interests, Dating App Hobbies – Attractive Hobbies And Interests, Hobbies For Dating Site, Attractive Hobbies For Guys, Dating App Based On Interests

Some apps will claim to match users by interests, others simply use them to surface interests more easily without wasting space in the bios and prompts. The thing is, there are various levels of interests i.e. casual hiker vs someone who hikes everyday, urban hiker vs hike-in campers so these generic interests are terrible.

Rather than rely on algorithms and technology, use your eyes to screen profiles and read people. Learn to ask questions, filter profiles and go on dates rather than treat dating apps like food ordering apps. 


Least Attractive Hobbies, Interests – Hobbies And Interests For Dating, Hobbies To Put On Dating Site, Hobbies For Singles; Non-Attractive Hobbies For Dating Profile

Chess, AI, Bitcon, TV, Boba, Krav Maga, UFC, Startups, Hardware, Technology, Cats, Squash, Pickleball, Marbles, Anime, Boba, Weeaboo, Rapid Sports Fan (Any), Fishing, Military, Guns, Cars, Gym, Being In Band, Guitar

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Dating Someone With No Hobbies, Dating Someone With Nothing in Common, Dating Someone With No Friends, Can A Relationship Survive With No Common Interests?

Having few hobbies or hobbies that make it hard to connect over can make dating harder for you. Having no hobbies will make dating nearly impossible. Having no hobbies is unattractive to most people (as is having no friends).

You don’t have align hobbies, interests and lifestyles perfectly in order to date someone but you do need to have a life of your own. Being too needy, clingy, lonely, bored, unmotivated or goals in life is a major turnoff. It’s pretty selfish to demand someone to fill up your calendar, plan all events, and not give them space without worrying about you and your drive in life.

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Outdoor Hobbies For Introverts, Social Activities For Singles

Bouldering, hiking, volunteering, bicycling, neighborhood walks, reading outdoors, book clubs, paint sip classes, writing at cafes, board game nights are all activities that you can either enjoy outdoors or with people in social settings. These outdoor hobbies for introverts provide solo interaction but within a larger community.

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Final Thoughts – The Perfect Dating Profile – Dating Profile Interests, Most Attractive Hobbies To The Opposite Sex (Best Interests For Dating Profile)

Just because you have common interests and hobbies (no matter how random and obscure), doesn’t mean you will be attractive to others. Making yourself more attractive is not about choosing the right interests on Bumble, but also how you convey them, other clues in your profile and way you talk/message.

It helps to be enthusiastic, versatile in your hobbies and varied in your interests but that can’t make up for bad photos, lazy prompts/bios, generic opening lines, ignoring decisive things like distance, religion, politics, intentions, family planning, ethnicity and more.

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He helps with profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & where to meet singles. Whether you are a POC, short guy, introvert, engineer, or just struggling with dating, he can help you be efficient & strategic.

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