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Writing a bio for Tinder, answering questions on Coffee Meets Bagel or thinking of creative answers to prompts on Hinge and Bumble can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Being yourself, being insightful and being unique will help you stand out from others and get more likes and matches.

Most people do not like to talk about themselves, and it shows on dating apps. Whether it is listing a bunch of adjectives like sweet, funny, thoughtful or using nouns like foodie, entrepreneur, partner in crime, traveler, wanderlust, engineer – these words and phrases reveal little to nothing about people. These annoying dating profiles can easily offset otherwise great photos and resume.

Pro-tip: See which Hinge prompts get the most likes, and responses.


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Cliche phrases like ask me anything, sapiosexual, no hookups, oxford comma, down to earth, love to laugh, Jim looking for his Pam (The Office reference), partner in crime, sarcasm are an eyesore on dating apps once you have seen them hundreds of times.

For a beginner’s guide on how to write a good dating profile, bio, prompts and headline, read this post.

While photos are the first thing people see and are the biggest factor in determining whether to swipe left or right, bios should not be ignored. The best photos for a dating profile can be sabotaged with some unflattering answers in your bio and answers. A well-thought-out profile and bio can show creativity, add context to photos and profile and help you stand out from the competition.

For tips on how to improve your dating profile bio and prompts, read this.

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Below is my dating profile bingo card, so you can see how original your profile is vs others.


Funny Dating Profile Man – Dating Profile Headline Examples Male, Most Common Dating Profile Examples, Funny Dating Profiles

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Funny Dating Profile Woman – Dating Profile Headline Examples Female, Generic Bumble Prompts, Funny Dating Profile Quotes

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Tinder Bingo: Cliche Dating Profile Lines (Copy And Paste Lines On Dating Apps, Dating App Cliches), Bumble Bingo, Dating Profile Cliches, Generic Dating Profile Bio, Dating Profile Generator

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Bumble Bingo, Hinge Bingo, Tinder Bingo – Funny Dating Profiles, Bingo Dating, Dating Profile Generator, Beige Flag Examples

(warning: these are NOT good online dating profiles to copy and paste; do not use this nor Tinder bio generators)

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No Hookups On Dating Profile (No Hookups Meaning, No Hookups Tinder, No Hookups Bumble) – Attempt to keep guys away that only want hookups. Doesn’t work. Lame attempt.

Tacos On Dating Profile (What Does Tacos Mean On Dating Apps, Is Tacos A Codeword, Obsessed With Tacos Meaning)? It means they like tacos.

Dog moms / fur babies on dating profiles.

See more phrases decoded here.

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Profiles are meant to communicate insight, individuality and sincerity beyond what mandatory fields and photos can convey. While it’s true photos are the biggest deal-breakers and deal-makers for folks, you shouldn’t ignore your profile.

Profiles can come off negative, vain, immature and even lazy (aka low effort). Be sure to proofread your profiles, seek unbiased feedback and see where you can improve your own profile.

Other notable entries: Must Love Dogs, Netflix and Chill,  Zodiac Sign, No Hook-ups Please, World Traveler, Doesn’t Take Life Too Seriously, Whiskey, Living My Best Life, Down To Earth, Looking For The Jim To My Pam, Dog Dad, Dog Mama, Yoga, Wine, Travel, Tacos, Friends First, Not Looking For Anything Serious, Puns, Pun Pickup Lines, Name Puns, I’m looking for someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, Good Vibes Only, Friends Quote For Dating Profile…


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Best quotes for dating profiles… Dating Profile Headline Quotes, Dating Ad Examples

The trick is to not pick ones that are not mainstream. Also, being attractive helps. If you rely too much on quotes and are not creative or charming enough, doesn’t matter what quotes you list.

“Do you like Guacamole?”

“You choke the chicken before a big date, don’t you?”

Big Bud looking for his little bud. (probably works better on Hinge for gay dudes, but still).

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Decoder Ring here.

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Tinder Bingo Photo Card - Photos, Profile Pics, Hinge, Bumble, Girls, Guys, Men, Women

Dating App Quotes, Quotes For Dating Profile, Funny Dating Profile Quotes, Short Dating App Quotes, Cute Dating App Quotes

Quotes are pretty lame. They don’t show anything other than your ability to copy and paste. Be original. 

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