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There is much to be written about the New York dating scene to cover in one article but I will outline a number of areas for you to consider and act upon if you are in a slump, new to dating, unable to find a boyfriend/girlfriend or considering moving to/from here.

The sheer number of people, better gender ratios for guys, fewer trading finance bros tech bros, culture, pace of life, personalities and nightlife can make NYC an enticing place to explore as a single person but it’s not for everyone.

Having more options doesn’t mean having better quality dates, meeting people with substance, or finding those that want to settle down. Ghosting is a big issue in general when dating but can be worse in places like NYC.

NYC’s density, lifestyle, and related industries make it super easy to meet others and date without even trying for the most part but relationships are a completely different beast.

Settling down and getting engaged or even married seems like an impossible task, even for the most successful and driven individuals in their respective fields (particularly for successful, educated women who want an equal).

As a dating coach for men & women, featured in the NYT & WSJ, I have worked with clients on all fronts of the dating spectrum, including styling, body language, date ideas, strategy sessions for dating apps, taking profile photos and helping with communication skills.

This guide below will give you a glimpse of what to expect if you are newly single in the city or contemplating a move here, assessing why relationships stall, what are the best dating apps in NYC and options to consider revitalizing dating efforts.

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For those seeking help with their dating woes, check out my services here. Services span on where to live, places to meet singles, grooming, styling, lifestyle choices, hobbies, interests, conversation skills, help with dating apps, photos, identifying blind spots. Specialty working with introverted men, engineers, successful women, gay men and those seeking relationships.

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Is New York Good For Dating? Is Dating In NYC Hard? What Is Dating In New York Like? Single In New York, Single In NYC

Women can outnumber men 1.2 to 1 in NYC in some age brackets, making it difficult for men to settle down quickly or easily or willingly. Guys in Manhattan often behave like a kid in a candy store, aka Peter Pan syndrome, making it difficult for women to seek out relationships in New York City.

Just because the ratios are in men’s favor, doesn’t mean dating or relationship is easy for them either. Certain careers can often dictate whether a relationship can survive or tarnish. Hours worked, temptations or culture can make it hard to carve out time to date. Slow walkers can be a deal-breaker for many.

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New York City, 7th Avenue View

New York City, 7th Avenue View, Manhattan Urban Street View | San Francisco Bay Area Photographer, Editorial Photography

Most guys I have talked to choose that life for the pay and the chance to work for Apple, Google, Facebooks of the world.

Now that these geographic restrictions are being loosened at other companies, men are re-evaluating life decisions, and dating is the topic at the front and center of these conversations.

There are many factors that go unnoticed, particularly by people in places like San Francisco that are data driven and fail to recognize and be able to process ambiguity, gray zones and real-time data overload.

Dating in New York can be exciting and fun with so many options at your fingertips but it can be brutal if you don’t know what to expect.

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Glitz, Glamour and Energy Of New York – Is NYC Good For Dating? Moving To New York In Your 20s

New York City is a fantastic city. It’s one of my favorite places in the world. Having lived there, SF and Los Angeles as well as traveled across North America, Europe and Japan, it is one of the few places I would prioritize visiting again vs. going to new places on my bucket list.

As someone who considers himself as in introvert with extrovert tendencies, I feed off the energy, opportunity and vibe of people and places wherever I go whether its traveling, dining, working from cafes, exploring places to take photos or just taking in things in for their scenic appeal, nostalgic connection to history or culture of the people that make it wherever I am great.

There is so much to take in that one loses track and oftentimes focus on what they want, where they are going and what will fill their soul. There are constant swaths of people leaving the city as there are people moving in.

That ever-changing flow of new faces coupled with endless offerings in terms of bars, restaurants, cafes, shows, views, concerts, rooftops and street art feels like an adrenaline shot.

The city thrives on its diversity and regardless of where you come from, there will be sensory overload – and this includes dating and meeting singles.

Subway rides, mid-rises, waitlists, bar seating, rooftops and summer picnics are filled with an abundance of single people. People of shades of colors, heights, shapes, hairstyles, wardrobes and accents will offer something for everyone. It can be tougher to move to New York in your 30s or 40s but it really depends on what you seek.


Diversity of New York City: What Are New York Guys, What Are New York Girls Like

New York is one of the most diverse cities in the world – it’s beautiful. One can hear at least 3-4 different languages being spoken at any given restaurant, bar or cafe on any given day.

Unlike San Francisco that is notorious for boring, clone type personalities i.e. tech employees, engineers, introverts, t-shirt and jeans, messy facial hair and over-reliance on apps to live their lives, New York City has no one single majority stereotype.

NYC is a hodgepodge of Wall Street bros, acting professionals, musicians, painters, grad students, performing artists, tech employees, entrepreneurs, celebrities and endless characters. With that said, one notable type that lives on and still has a strong presence is the Wall Street guy, aka finance bro aka Midtown Uniform clone.

Given the diversity of jobs that drive the city – media, finance, performing arts, hospitality, tech, education, retail and fashion, there are a wide variety of people from all over the world who are drawn to the city.

This means different outfits and usually people who dress with a purpose. This doesn’t mean suits and ties and dresses as much as it means attitude. With so many people, it’s tough to stick out and get ahead unless one is really on top of their game. New York is competitive and that drive is addictive.


Endless Eye Candy, Single Men & Women Everywhere in New York

One will see more dapper men in suits and women in heels in one day than they will all year in San Francisco – I miss dressing up.

I miss people who care about how they look when they leave their home. The sense of fashion embedded into the culture of the city is to turn heads on every corner. The amount of attractive people is staggering and can only be compared to Los Angeles.

With such diversity comes eye-candy. There are people from all over the world that descend into the city every day whether on vacation, traveling for work, commuting from other boroughs or cities on the Eastern seaboard or people moving into the city every day. If you have a type, you will find it here.

Aside from the style people display, attitude sets people apart from San Francisco. The ability to make eye contact, strike a random conversation and energy exuded is invigorating when compared to the West Coast. Things move quickly, people are efficient and people know how to read others. This skill is sorely missed among folks who spend their lives behind computer monitors.


Easy To Date In New York: Density of Singles in NYC, Is It Easier To Date In NYC? To Live And Date In New York

Meeting single people is super easy. The city is half the size of San Francisco and 4 times the population meaning it’s 8 times as dense as the city by the bay. There are no dead-zones like Noe Valley and Laurel Heights that are known for stroller crowds and lack of single folks.

Even places like the Upper West Side which some New Yorkers refer to as a suburban feeling, has more energy, speed, diversity and options than any part of San Francisco. Btw, a strong contingency of New Yorkers refuse to step foot north of 14th street.

People love to chat in New York – almost too much. No one wants to go home early or go home without meeting someone new. Apartments in New York are tiny. People use their ovens for shoe storage. No one owns bakeware. Everyone eats out or reheats leftovers.

No one wants to be sober only to arrive home and hear their unruly neighbors fighting, partying or having loud awkward sex. Everyone is eager to try out new bars, restaurants, rooftops, walks on a regular basis.

Even homebodies like to establish a routine of spending time outside their place. With that said, with options and anonymity comes increases in ghosting. It’s gotten pretty bad as communication is becoming a harder skill to obtain (responsiveness, confirming dates etc.)

Hinge Profile Tips!

Great Hinge profiles are more than just witty prompts and good photos. Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, how many prompts to use, what information to put in a profile, whether or not you should photo prompts and photo captions, and if you should link your Instagram account to your profile.


Where To Singles Meet In NYC: NYC Restaurant & Bar Scene, Where To Meet Men, Women In NYC; Where To Meet Guys In NYC, How To Meet Men In New York, How To Meet Women In New York

Most people meet others at bars and restaurants. The best places in the city are usually a little dim, loud and small for families which is great for folks 25-55 who want a social experience when out and about.

Bar seating and communal tables help bring people together in small spaces. You will undoubtedly bump into someone ordering at the bar, picking up your order, turning the corner on your way to the restroom or asking for menu recommendations.

The lack of space and solitude help to filter out folks who are a little more shy or reserved leaving room for only social, chatty folks. It’s not uncommon to talk to a dozen different people while waiting for a seat at a restaurant.

Ask some girls in San Francisco, and it can be months since the last time a guy approached them. The only places in San Francisco where guys will hit on girls is at sports bars while drunk.

In New York City, guys seek out new girls in town like vultures. Hear an accent, and they lock in with precision towards the target. Having trouble finding a seat, three will be offered to you unless you arrive with your husband or boyfriend (in that case, one seat will be offered as men are that aggressive).

A suit can work wonder for men – they know this and so do the women that are drawn to them. For women, it’s easy to be noticed and approached when wearing skirts, heels, lipstick as opposed to fleece, flats and pants (looking at you San Francisco).


Self-Selection Bias of NYC: Are People In New York More Attractive, Interesting? Why Are New Yorkers So Attractive

Everyone is on their A-game in NYC. No slouches, no slow people, no indecisiveness, no lack of drive – NYC filters these people out naturally. These are usually the traits that weigh guys down in SF. Walk too slow and people will run you over.

Unsure about squeezing into that crowded subway car? Someone will take that spot before you decide to give it a shot. Waiting for the walking signal to turn on? You will have people walking around you from both sides. Look at your phone for directions in the middle of the street or stairs to the subway, you might get yelled at.

New York City demands that you speak up, speak clearly and take what is yours. Taxis, food orders, attention at the bar, seats on the subway and crossing the street are the simple things that reinforce and train folks to be aggressive in NYC.

It’s this reason alone that’s impossible to meet someone at the street, subway car or cafe. Everyone is in a rush. Everyone is multi-tasking, everyone is in a conference call. In San Francisco, the headphones are filled with music and podcasts – who has time for that?


Dating vs Relationships, Is It Hard To Date In NYC? Is Dating In NYC Impossible?

When talking about dating in NYC, there needs to be clarification around dating vs relationships. It’s clear that meeting people in New York is easy but dating and relationships can be hard. Temptation is everywhere.

There are beautiful people everywhere – models, actors, celebrities etc. you name it, it’s here. It’s not uncommon to dine run into your celebrity crush in New York.

Similarly it’s not uncommon to be approached by a stranger when you least expect it. There are smooth talkers everywhere and the grass will always seem greener on the other side.

In addition to temptation from other people around you, there is also the distraction of the city itself. With so much going on it can be hard for couples to settle down, discuss life plans or focus on core issues to their relationship without gravitating towards the next new restaurant, show, bar, concert, outing with friends, exhibit etc.


NYC Dating Culture: Is Dating Easy In New York? Dating In NYC For Guys

The city can wear people down easily without them noticing. Subtle problems can be swept under the rug unintentionally as things are moving so quickly that few people slow down to process everything.

The city also has high turnover. Whether it’s people crashing from no longer being able to sustain the energy to keep up the city life, desire to move to the burbs or moving out of the area completely, it seems like everyone is on their own timeline.

Trying to sync up with others can be challenging. The first 2 years in NYC is a blur. Years 3 & 4 is when people start to figure out what they want. Years 5 & 6 is when folks decide it’s time to settle down or leave the city.

With everything moving at the speed of light, signals get crossed, people get anxious and once couples remove all the external distractions of the city, it can be eye-opening that they were coasting along without actually building a foundation for their relationship.

People can often confuse and misplace the energy and feelings the city provides them with what their partner actually brings to the table. For others, people can get bored easily.


Ugly Truth About Dating In New York City: Dating In NYC For Women, Why Can’t I Find A Boyfriend In NYC

Dating in New York is tough. Everyone is smart, accomplished and interesting in New York. It feels like a secret club. Everyone’s an expert when it comes to witty banter. People find it hard to settle down and enter a monogamous relationship.

Some people use dating as an excuse to network for work or make friends. This ambition is also what drives people to prioritize work first over relationships sometimes. Dating apps make it harder as one will never run out of profiles to swipe on.

In San Francisco, the options are limited, in New York, the options are endless but seem great upon first impressions. Dates in San Francisco are more likely to be boring, while bad dates in New York become stuff of legends.

Epic fails, grand lies, misunderstandings and lacking substance beyond looks or pedigree is not all that uncommon. There is no sense of privacy in New York. Your life is on full display for all to see. All your exes live within 5 miles of you and chances are the person you are dating has slept with your best friend or colleague.

Dates are easy to come by and they will feel great if you are coming from SF where you had no dates but you will quickly learn, quality will be hard to come by.

The sheer number of smart, intelligent, driven, funny, beautiful women is astounding but most of the guys in NYC are spoiled and lazy in terms of putting in work into relationships.

With so much to offer, NYC can seem like a waste if you are tethered down in a relationship making it easy to date and meet others but hard to find quality folks and settle down. Not everyone is looking to settle down as that can feel like you are giving up or slowing down in other parts of your life.


Gender Ratio In New York, Male To Female Ratio NYC, Is There More Women Than Men In New York?

Online Dating Advice For Women

Screening Profiles, Red Flags, Why Don't Guys Reply, Low-Effort Messages, Overwhelmed With Matches, Signs He's Not Interested, What Your Dating Photos Signal, Coffee Dates As First Dates? Lying About Age, Putting 'No Hook-ups' In Your Profile & More


Is It Difficult To Date In NYC: How To Date In NYC, Dating Tips For NYC, Why Is It Hard To Find Love In NYC, Being Single In New York, NYC Hookup Culture

Know what you want, don’t make excuses for others. Assess if what the person is telling you syncs with their actions. Are they planning on staying in the city long-term? Are they moving back home? Who do they hang out with often? Are they a bad influence on him, her? Are they more focused on their career than you? These are a few of the questions to ask yourself.

If you want to date casually, that is not a problem. Put yourself out there, talk to a stranger, ask to see a menu, ask if a seat is available, dress with a purpose, learn to make eye contact and smile.

Learn to be a little vulnerable when appropriate. Be yourself, there are too many posers in the city. People want interesting, unique people, not clones of Midtown Uniform posts on Instagram

These simple things will increase your approachability and confidence in the eyes of others. Make it a habit to spend as much time outside your apartment, neighborhood and explore different classes, bars, restaurants, parks and walking routes. NYC is too easy to get comfortable with schedules, routines.

Date multiple people as people can be flaky – don’t overly invest yourself in someone you just met. Love at first sight is not that common in real life, especially NYC.

If you want to date with a long-term relationship in mind, analyze the conversations about future plans and steps made to achieve those plans whether it’s moving in together, saving up to move out of the city, waiting to finish grad school, get x years experience to land a job elsewhere.

If the person is here on a visa, figure out the details of their stay. Bottom line, difficult conversations are needed in order to evaluate a future together. It’s easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle of NYC to avoid conversations like this.

Location is key. No one wants to walk more than a few blocks from a subway station or walk far to/from dates. Living between 3rd and 9th ave in Manhattan is key, living below or above major subway routes ideally 2/3 line is also favorable.


Online Dating In NYC: Dating Sites In NYC, Best Dating App New York, New York Dating Site, Which Dating App Is Most Popular In NYC, Most Used Dating App In NYC, Bumble vs Hinge NYC

Many people make bad mistakes when using dating apps in NYC. There is no New York dating app just for locals. Make sure to re-read profiles and know what the person wrote before going on your date. Forgetting details is an easy way to get dismissed for being lazy and unthoughtful.

Don’t be afraid to be you, but on a good day. Don’t dress in uncomfortable outfits you would never wear but also don’t dress like a slob.

There are too many people living up to unreasonable standards whether it’s pressure from work or struggle to keep up with others from a lifestyle perspective. There is nothing more confident and sexy than being comfortable in your own skin.

Dating apps are merely introduction apps. Just because you really like someone and decide to sleep with the on date #1, doesn’t mean they will stick around if their intent is for a relationship.

Some people lie, some people are looking to get laid and blow off steam, others lose interest after sex is involved especially quickly. It’s fine to date casually and sleep around but don’t expect to turn a hookup into a relationship.

Until you are exclusive, don’t think the person you are dating is not seeing other people. NYC is small, egos will get in the way, feelings will be hurt. If you like someone, lock it down otherwise someone else will swoop in.

Apps like Bumble and Hinge are the best for 25-50 year olds in NYC (read Bumble vs Hinge) but occasionally apps like CMB, OkCupid, The League or Match are better depending on your age range, orientation, intent, lifestyle, ethnicity and height. See this graph on gender ratios on one particular dating app.

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NYC Dating Coach, Online Dating Coaching: How To Date In New York, How To Find A Boyfriend In NYC

Although I am based in SF, I did live in New York years ago and work with many clients virtually (online dating profile reviews), remote coaching sessions as well as in person photoshoots. Check out my travel itinerary on my homepage or contact me for info on advance notice.

Image Consultant: Wardrobe, Social Skills & Lifestyle

Eddie is an image consultant in San Francisco with clients in NYC, LA, and beyond. He began as a photographer but soon realized clients needed help with their fashion sense, social skills, hobbies & interests.

Clients include VC's, introverts, engineers, doctors, lawyers, men, women, gay/straight, POC, immigrants, divorcees/widows, those new to dating and/or struggling to make friends & build relationships with colleagues.

Top Dating Apps In New York City, What Are The Best Dating Sites In NYC, Best Dating Apps NYC, New York Dating App, Online Dating NYC, Hinge In NYC, Top Dating Sites, New York City Dating Sites

The best dating apps in NYC will depend on your age, gender, orientation, lifestyle, deal-breakers, religious background, ethnicity, height and intentions. It can be Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Bumble, The League, Match.com or OkCupid. There are no specific New York dating apps for the city alone. 

Every app has either more professionals, is slightly easier for shorter guys of color or caters to more quirky, alternative types. Contact me today for a profile review and dating app consultations to make sure you are on the right app and not self-sabotaging your efforts today. Click below for dating help in NYC.

Matchmaking New York City, New York Dating Agencies, NYC Matchmakers, Dating Agency New York, Manhattan Dating Services, New York City Dating Agencies

https://eddie-hernandez.com/dating-apps-vs-matchmakers/ (read up on Manhattan dating services here)

https://www.nytimes.com/2021/02/27/style/what-its-like-to-work-with-a-matchmaker.html (my interview in the NYTimes about Manhattan dating services)

Tawkify Reviews New York, Tawkify Reviews NYC

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It’s Just Lunch Reviews NYC, It’s Just Lunch New York Reviews

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Date Ideas NYC, NYC Date Ideas (Fun, Low-Key, Romantic, Outdoors)

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How To Meet People In NYC, How To Date In NYC Without Apps, How To Date In New York City

Article coming soon on how to meet people in NYC. Read this for now. Also read this for SF and apply it to NYC.


New York Dating Coach, NYC Dating Coach For Men, Women, Dating Services NYC, New York Dating Services

After San Francisco, New York is one of my largest markets for clients (dating photos, coaching services, dating profile critiques). As a New York dating coach, I can help you navigate the waters of dating.

Having lived in NYC and visiting whenever I can, it is a unique market for dating that has its own perks and frustrations. Click on the link below to learn more about my services.



Man Shortage Dating: Dating In San Francisco vs New York. Best City For Dating, Dating In SF vs NYC, Which Is Better?

The Dating Ring


Dating Coach NYC, Dating Coach Manhattan, Dating Coach New York City, Dating Services NYC, Dating Services Manhattan, Dating Coach Manhattan

A lot of my clients come from New York. I lived in the UWS between 2011-2013 and visit as much as I can. It can be brutal, but there is a lot of competition.

You can read about my dating services here: Dating Coach Services NYC


Speed Dating Manhattan, Speed Dating New York, Speed Dating NYC

Just go to any bar, cafe, art opening, etc. It’s real life speed dating. Dating is process, don’t treat it like you are ordering something off Doordash/UberEats. Plenty of single people are out and about, just find places that attract the type of people you want to meet based on your interests, lifestyles.

More on how to meet people offline here.


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Additional homework: The show Sex & The City is a microcosm for what it’s like to live and date in New York, I recommend every guy and girl watch the series beginning to end. Despite it being introduced in 1998, it’s relevant today as it was then. Also, watch the show Girls as well for a similar, slightly more modern (millennial take).

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Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He has insight into algorithms as well as a keen understanding of dating cultures across locations, demographics, and orientations.

He helps with profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & where to meet singles. Whether you are a POC, short guy, introvert, engineer, or just struggling with dating, he can help you be efficient & strategic.

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