Average Likes, Matches On Hinge, Bumble For A Guy, Girl? No Likes On Hinge, Bumble. No Matches On Bumble, Hinge, Dating Apps

Dating apps provide another outlet for people to meet others outside their routines, social circles and everyday lives. They can be a great way to supplement one’s options for meeting people out and about, offline. However, like meeting people offline, skills, self-awareness, strategy, timing, patience, effort, personality and focus are required (as well as a long-list of other attributes).

It’s not uncommon for people to struggle on apps (no matches on Bumble, no likes on Hinge, no success on dating apps) even more so than with offline methods. Just because it takes a matter of minutes or even seconds to create a profile, that doesn’t mean it’s enough to attract people around you.

There is more to dating apps than tossing up a few photos, filling out a few words on a profile and flicking your finger and wrist a few inches in one direction. If you are having no luck on dating apps, not getting likes on Hinge, not getting matches on Bumble, or not getting matches on dating apps, keep on reading.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Likes, Matches On Hinge, Bumble? 

That depends on…

-app choice

-privacy settings i.e. Bumble Incognito mode


-swiping etiquette (realistic chances)

-swiping volume (too much can hurt you on apps like Hinge)

-filters, preferences, deal-breakers

-your demographics i.e.distance, age, race, religion, politics, lifestyle choices

-your photos, writing skills and strategy i.e. sending comments with likes on Hinge

-gender, orientation, height, appearance, style, posture, hair, grooming patterns, hygiene, piercings, tattoos, skin (acne), teeth, facial expressions

It can be seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months or years.

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How Many Likes On Hinge Is Normal, Average Amount Of Likes On Bumble For Men, Women?

That depends on your swiping etiquette, location, looks, lifestyle choices, preferences, deal-breakers, height, appearance, education, style body language etc. It’s not uncommon to get many likes upfront when you create a profile but then it should slow down after the new user boost wears off.

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New Blog - Modern Dating By Eddie

This blog is for those that are new to dating, have little experience dating, are confused by ‘the rules’, keep making the same mistakes or are frustrated with dating in today’s culture.

No Matches On Dating Apps, Why Do I Get No Likes On Hinge, Bumble?

For most people, likes and matches start to trickle in immediately within a matter of minutes if not hours depending on the app, one’s demographics, appearance, swiping etiquette, effort and preferences/deal-breakers. Whether or not these likes are authentic, local and from people you are interested in is a different matter.

Some people swipe right on every profile so the quality of likes and matches can come into question. Chances are lack of likes can be a factor of location, bad photos, poor writing skills or lack of attention to detail, etiquette and expectations.

Other times, not getting likes on Hinge can also be attributed to facial expressions, style, posture, poor lighting and photo angles or lack of full body and close up photos. In few cases, there can be an issue with the app. Clients will get my assistance in trouble-shooting these issues.

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No Success On Dating Apps, No Success On Bumble, Hinge

Staying on apps too long without seeking feedback can destroy confidence. Each app has its pros and cons and understand the nuances, demographics, strategies, patterns, algorithms and timing is definitely needed to improve performance.

Below are a range of items you should be aware of that will affect how many likes, matches you get on dating apps like Hinge and Bumble and how you can make subtle or drastic changes to improve your situation.

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How To Be More Attractive; How To Get Matches On Hinge, How To Get Matches On Bumble

Knowing how to pose, what looks good on you and identifying flattering angles will go a long way to building confidence and leading to better photos. A lot of preparation is needed to get oneself ready to take good photos.

Some poses, angles, outfits and postures don’t work for everyone. A bit of trial and error is needed to figure out what works best for you in terms of height, weight and body type. It could be height of chairs, colors of clothing, cuts of pants and shirts or rotation of body and frame.

No two people are the same and that is why you can’t just mimic what other people do. Unflattering outfits, poses and expressions can lower one’s attractiveness and signal inappropriate things in a profile.

Good posture and body language can lift confidence and attractiveness while bad posture can make you look weak, insecure, self-doubting or even unhealthy.

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Grooming, Hygiene, Facial Expressions, Confidence In Own Skin – How To Be More Attractive

While people can’t control their height or looks, they can control other related items around their appearance including facial expressions (smiles, enthusiasm, energy), grooming (haircuts, hairstyles, hair colors, facial hair), posture and poses.

Facial expressions are a factor of how you feel, what you are doing, who you are with, what you ate, lighting, energy and health. The more you exercise, eat well and clean up, the better you will feel and the better photos you will take.

Having unkept facial hair, neckbeards, patches in beards, the less attractive you will be. Learning to properly groom yourself can add attractiveness instantly to your appearance and photos. Lack of smiles is one common complaint women have of men when reviewing dating profiles but again, not all smiles are the same.

Knowing how to be relaxed, confident yet approachable and comfortable in your own skin is a tough order. One can’t hack their way at this. This sort of attitude must come from within and draws from health, rest, ambiance, style, activities, outlook, and company.

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Demographics: Age, Location, Ethnicity, Height etc. – Preferences On Dating Apps

Some items cannot be controlled like height and age but once can control or influence the other items. Items like religion are not permanent unless you choose to make it permanent. There is a fine line between can’t and won’t

Your location can be changed but it’s easier for some than others. You can choose to make changes in your life to improve gender balances, cultures, population and options but it’s harder to do if you are tied to an area because of school, work, family or other related responsibility.

Although you can’t control your age and height, it’s important to be self-aware that these items are used by others to filter/sort profiles. Certain ethnicities, heights, locations (distances), religions, politics are in less demand than others and although you might be ok crossing lines to date others, they may not feel the same about you.

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Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?

Algorithms & Swiping Etiquette On Dating Apps; Preferences & Online Dating Deal-Breakers

Generally speaking, the more you are flexible and able to bend when it comes to dating apps, the more options you will have. With that said, being too flexible and ignoring other people’s preferences, deal-breakers and tendencies can reduce your visibility on apps.

The more you get left swiped on dating apps, the less visible you will be. Swiping too often right, swiping too quickly, or swiping on people outside your league exclusively i.e. height, weight, education, distance, age, politics or religion can increase left swipes.

It’s important to know yourself and focus on those you have the highest probability of matching with, otherwise you will be deemed less attractive (as indicated by left swipes) by others. Reducing age range and distance for men is an easy way to do this as well as actually reading a woman’s profile.

Sure you can’t tell all the preferences a woman has based on her profile but you can more or less make decent assumptions like with height. Women tend to prefer guys 3-4 inches taller than them (at least) so if you focus too much on women taller than you, you will get more left swipes.

Slow down and read profiles because swiping right recklessly can hurt you chances on dating apps if you focus on the volume approach.

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No Likes On Dating Apps; Bad Photos, Low Effort Bios & Profiles On Dating Sites

Just because you are attractive or smart doesn’t mean that will translate into online dating success. Poor photos, cliche prompts, empty bios and lack of effort can offset any advantages you have with looks, body type, career or wealth.

Being detailed in your prompts makes it easier to connect with others and shows you put in effort. Using local photos with scenic, recognizable places not only adds context to photos but helps to reduce uncertainty that you are not local (traveler, liar i.e. travel mode).

Taking photos that are candid, organic and taken in the moment rather than posed, stiff photos will display confidence in your own skin rather than raise doubt that photos are photoshopped or enhanced.

Lastly, indicating what you want is key. Avoid being jaded and dismissive. Don’t be negative and list deal-breakers or things you are looking to avoid. State what you seek. Show who you are rather than use cliche adjectives.

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Timing, Patience, Writing Skills, Using Good Judgment

One of the hardest skills to master is learning to be patient, timing likes and messages strategically, writing thoughtful notes and learning to screen profiles, ask questions, ID red flags, move on from time-wasters and use good judgment.

Being lonely, desperate or unfocused will increase chances that judgment is clouded and you make mistakes. Avoid influencers, bots, scammers, narcissists, penpals and business networkers will be key to avoid wasting likes and time on bad profiles.

If you are not swiping right enough, it could be that you are too picky or you are not patient enough (not everyone can see likes right away, it can take days, weeks or even months in rare cases).

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Is It Harder To Get Matches On Bumble? Is Bumble Harder Than Hinge For Guys 

Bumble is one of the more superficial dating apps out there. Since people (particularly men) can’t send messages with likes as in Hinge, more weight is placed on photos, appearance, and profiles rather than writing skills.

Empty profiles, lazy prompts will offset great photos and favorable appearances. If you omit items on your profile, people will assume the worst, so it’s important to fill out items even if you think they are obvious or understood, as filters are not always exhaustive and can result in no matches on Bumble and Hinge.

When it comes to photos, it’s important to have clear photos, consistent photos and full body photos so people have zero doubt about your appearance, and how you look like now. Weird, high angle photos, sunglasses, hats, dark photos, distant photos, group photos make it hard to know how you look.

The other thing to note is the number of accounts using travel mode – not every one is local, and you might be wasting likes on people who have no interest in dating someone like you. Similarly, not all profiles are visible (some use Incognito Mode).

Having a strong profile is needed especially if you are unable to see a profile and send a like without the other person doing so first.

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No Likes On Hinge, No Matches On Hinge – No Likes On Hinge Guy, No Likes On Hinge Girl

The worst thing you can do on Hinge is not send a comment with a like. Likes without comments are lazy and show lack of effort. It also makes it harder to tell if someone actually read a profile. The ideal format for sending a comment on Hinge is a comment/opinion with a follow-up question.

Comments on Hinge allow people to stand out from the crowd rather than rely on photos and appearance alone. With that said, the Hinge algorithm is very sensitive to swiping etiquette. It’s important to not volume swipe right on everyone.

Make sure to fill out your profile, add captions to photos when possible and avoid photo prompts that are cliche, generic drop down options (stick with text prompts and voice prompts instead). Be sure to be specific rather than vague and convey who you are, how you spend your time and what you seek.

No matches on Hinge can be frustrating but hopefully you have not self-sabotaged your efforts in your profile, lifestyle choices or communication.


No Matches On Bumble With Boost, Premium, Superswipes & Incognito Mode

No matches on Bumble Incognito mode is common. Incognito limits visibility. It could be that you are impatient or too picky, live in a remote area or your photos and profile are not good. Other people are Incognito and thus you might never see them as you are both invisible to each other.

Bumble Boost doesn’t make you more attractive, interesting. Invest in yourself, your photos, your appearance and your lifestyle choices first.

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No Matches On Hinge With Roses – Not Getting Matches On Hinge

Same as above. Hinge Roses don’t make you more interesting nor attractive. In fact, paying for boosts or Roses is desperate. Better ROI to invest your attire, health, smiles, posture, location, job, hobbies, interests and communication choices.


No Matches On Bumble But Lots On Hinge, Tinder

Different audiences, algorithms, likes/comments structures. Could also be photo order, prompts or swiping behavior. No matches on Bumble is common as it is more competitive than Hinge and Tinder.


Does Hinge Show Your Profile To Everyone? Are Filters Two-Sided On Hinge? 

No, not everyone has their preferences set to capture your profile. Even if they did, it takes to see all profiles. Above that, some people get plenty of likes and matches and stop browsing profiles.


Does Hinge Hide Your Profile? Did Hinge Stop Showing My Profile?

No, likely that you ran out of people that liked you in your area or you failed to optimize your profile. Get feedback on your photos, messages and profile.


Not Attractive Enough For Online Dating, Not Tall Enough For Dating Apps

Yes, being attractive helps on dating apps but it’s not necessary to do well. People tend to blame apps or other people rather than look at themselves and their lifestyle choices, grooming habits, wardrobe style, hobbies, interests, locations or swiping etiquette.

Similarly, yes height can help guys do better on apps but it’s not required. Often times short guys lack confidence, are sabotaging their photos, are swiping right on too women taller than them, are boring, lack approachability or are focusing on women too far away or too old or too young.

Dating apps require people to be strategic with their efforts to not get penalized by dating app algorithms.

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Attractive But No Likes, Matches On Hinge, Bumble, Good Looking But No Luck On Dating Apps

Chances are, you are lying, lack self-awareness or have unfavorable personality, characteristic or lifestyle choices that are major deal-breakers. You could be short, you could be in the minority (race), you could be in a remote area with no one nearby. You could also be on the wrong app.

Bumble Profile Tips!

Learn how to make a good Bumble profile, what prompts to use, what to put in a profile (photos, interests, bios & more). Addit'l help w/ boosts, compliments, messages, best photo/photo order, Bumble premium & more.

No Likes On Hinge Preferred, Premium, No Likes On Bumble Spotlight, Premium

Hinge Preferred and Bumble Premium don’t make you more interesting nor attractive. They also don’t make you magically more aware nor help you swipe more effectively.

If you use Incognito with Bumble Spotlight, no one can see you unless you right swipe on them. Not getting likes on Bumble can be due to many factors and clients will get my assistance in troubleshooting reasons and figuring out ways to improve visibility and responses.


Coffee Meets Bagel No Matches, CMB No Likes

Coffee Meets Bagel has fewer users than Hinge, Bumble and Tinder. SImilarly, it features people that are more diverse (fewer white people as a %).

Lastly, the app is more focused on relationships and serious dating so your profile may not signal that. The app is largely ineffective in some parts of the world (primarily remote areas away from large cities and suburbs).


No Likes On Bumble But Likes Tinder, Zero Likes On Bumble, Zero Likes On Hinge

No effort is needed to get likes on Tinder. I have food photos on my dummy profile and get tons of likes. Likes on dating apps mean nothing, especially on Tinder.



No More Likes On Hinge, Bumble – Why Do I Keep Failing On Dating Apps

Read this to see why likes start to slow down for most users.


Hinge Like Distribution, Bumble Like Distribution

On Hinge: “while about half of all likes sent to women go to about 25 percent of women, half of all likes sent to men go to a much smaller segment – about 15 percent.” (source: Aviv Goldgeier, Junior Growth Engineer)


Hinge, Bumble No Likes After First Day, No Likes After First Day, Bad Luck On Bumble, Hinge

This is pretty rare but not uncommon if you self-sabotage your dating profile, live in a remote area, use incognito mode, don’t upload the recommended # of photos, don’t fill out your profile or have filters outside your league.


No Likes On Bumble As A Woman, Why Am I Getting No Likes On Hinge

This is really rare as one should get likes from bots, spammers and those who swipe right on everyone.


How Many Likes Do You Get On Bumble, Hinge? How To Get More Likes Hinge, Bumble

The number of likes varies on each app. Check the FAQ’s below. Regardless of the app, it’s important to optimize your profile first. Making small improvements doesn’t help. You might have to delete your account and start from scratch. Disable Smart Photos / Best Photo On Tinder/Bumble.

Learn to develop proper swiping etiquette to get the most out of your swipes. Timing is of the essence. Wasting your swipes on narcissists, travelers, IG influencers, bots, spammers and those outside your league or swiping right too much or too quickly can result in your profile being shown less over time.

Bumble FAQ’s  |  Hinge FAQ’s  |  Tinder FAQ’s


Attractive Hobbies & Interests

Attractive Hobbies And Interests To Meet People, What Interests Do Guys Like, What Hobbies Do Women Find Attractive? Hobbies That Get Left Swipes.

Why Don’t Guys Like Me Dating Sites, Why Don’t Women Send Me Likes On Dating Apps

There are way too many possibilities to list all of them here. Some possible reasons include:

-wrong apps

-poor photos

-low effort

-remote area

-unrealistic expectations

-Incognito mode

-poor lifestyle choices

-incompatible religion, politics, job, socioeconomic status



-hygiene, tattoos, piercings, hair color, hair style, facial hair

-facial expressions

-lack of full body photos, lack of clear photos, inconsistent looks

At the end of the day, people are more selective on apps than they are in person. If dating apps don’t work for you, take a break, get unbiased feedback on your app choice, photos, bios/prompts, swiping strategy & messages.

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Average Hinge Likes For A Girl, How Many Likes Do Women On Hinge Get Per Day?

The number of likes is usually super high when the profile is created thanks to new profile boosts but declines over time. It’s common for women to get dozens if not more likes a day when they start on Hinge but that usually slows down.

If you are getting below average likes on Hinge, check with customer service to see if there is an issue with your account. You may need to get unbiased efforts on your profile (friends/family may not be brutally honest with you, FYI).


Final Thoughts – Average Likes On Hinge, Average Matches On Bumble

A common question people ask is average number of likes and matches is normal on dating apps like Hinge, Bumble. That is a bad question to ask. First off, anyone can jack up their like/match rate by paying for boosts, lowering their standards, expanding their radius and ignoring lifestyle choices.

Rather than focus on quantity and comparing yourself to others, get feedback on your profile, filters, app choice etc. Focus on what you can control, influence and improve rather than blaming apps, men/women or society for your frustrations. A lot of the time, it’s self-sabotage and in few cases, it’s lack of awareness of how algorithms work, ignoring basic advice around etiquette, best practices and app functionality.

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Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.