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When it comes to making a great Hinge profile, there are several components needed to ensure you seem interesting, are social and have enough information and conversation starters to make it easier for others to start conversations or reply to your messages.

Hinge has more opportunities than most other apps to help describe who you are, what you are about and how you spend your time, but most men and women make the mistake of skipping over vital information.

Hinge is one of the apps I recommend most to clients depending on their age, location, lifestyle etc. but creating a good profile is not as easy or straightforward as you think.

There are lots of boring prompts, cliche photos and lack of effort that can sabotage success on the app – don’t make those mistakes. Below are my Hinge tips to get the most out of the app and some helpful Hinge profile ideas to help you separate yourself from the competition.

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How To Make A Hinge Profile: How To Make A Good Hinge Profile – What Should I Put On My Hinge Profile? Sample Hinge Profile, How To Set Up Hinge Profile

A Hinge profile is made up of 6 items – photos, prompts, photo captions, photo prompts, voice prompts and biographical information.

Not all fields are required, but omitting some fields or items can suggest you are lazy, not that motivated to date, are hiding something or are being mysterious (pro-tip: being mysterious is not recommended if you are looking for quality over quantity).

As a dating coach, I can say that a lot of frustration with the app is due to self-sabotage.

As soon as a profile is created, it is shown immediately to others and shown often, so it’s important you don’t dabble with dating apps otherwise lazy, incomplete profiles with unflattering photos can really hurt your visibility and make it hard to make a good first impression.

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Hinge Bios: Hinge Vitals, Virtues & Vices – Hinge Dating Tips, Hinge Advice, Hinge Bio Examples (How To Make Your Hinge Profile Stand Out), How To Make A Good Hinge Profile Guys, Girls

Hinge’s bio is unlike most apps. It is divided into three sections: Vitals (demographics i.e. age, height, ethnicity, family plans/situation, location, sexuality, pronouns), virtues (jobs, education, religion, hometown, politics) and vices (drinking, smoking, marijuana and drug use.

Yes, these items can feel a bit intrusive, but they are important because these items not only signal effort (i.e. are you taking dating seriously) but also help to screen profiles.

These are items in which people can search for when they open the app. If you don’t select an item, it’s possible you won’t get picked up by the app’s filters, thus it’s essential to fill out if you don’t want to be filtered prematurely.

If you don’t smoke but don’t say you don’t smoke, it’s possible to not show up when someone searches for non-smokers. One should always be honest, forthcoming when it comes to profiles as you can be reported for lying about yourself.

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Hinge Profile Prompts, What Are The Best Prompts On Hinge – Good Hinge Prompts, Hinge Profile Guide, Help With Hinge Profile, Best Hinge Profile Tips

Instead of asking questions like on Okcupid or having a free-form bio like Match or Bumble, Hinge relies solely on profile prompts (you can see the list here along with new ones added). Hinge offers several dozen options to choose from but requires you to fill out three prompts.

You might notice some people don’t have 3 prompts selected and that is likely because they have new profiles and/or never bothered to fill them out (once you, you can’t delete them, only replace them).

Profile prompts are like setups or conversation nudges. These are meant to act as casual, natural conversation starters so that people feel more open to talk about themselves, given how much people hate doing so.

Some profile prompts are very open-ended while others are rather narrow in terms of ability to answer them in a detailed, meaningful way. Keep in mind that the character limit of 150 can be tricky to navigate, so be concise.

The problem with Hinge profile prompts are that there are so many and many of them are quite immature, while others are very specific and don’t offer an opportunity to talk about yourself.

Answers to prompts should cover some or all of the following: who you are, what you are about, what you seek, how you spend your time, what you prioritize or what you value in life. Often times people answer prompts in a joking manner, which suggests they are not looking for anything serious.

Be honest, be vulnerable and be detailed. Avoid these joke, cliche answers to prompts.

Best Hinge Prompts (Hinge Prompts That Get The Most Responses)


Hinge Captions, Hinge Photo Captions: How To Add Locations And Captions To Hinge Photos – Hinge Profile Ideas

Hinge captions (not to be confused with photo prompts) are free form fields attached to photos. They are not visible on the profile unless one taps the photo to get more details.

Often times photo captions contain basic info like location but other times they are aimed to provide context (event, mood, feeling). Hinge captions are optional.

Most people leave these items blank but when possible, captions should be added to show effort and add conversation starters to facilitate opening lines but also make it easier for others to reply to messages they receive.

I highly recommended avoiding generic, boring or obvious captions i.e. at the beach, happy hour or hiking. If there is nothing interesting about your photo, leave it blank otherwise it can feel even more boring.

After a photo is uploaded to a profile, tap the circle with the three lines in the upper left of the photo. Two boxes will appear – one for location and one for a caption.


Hinge Photo Prompts – Good Hinge Profile Examples

The prompts on Hinge photos are another component of a Hinge profile but like captions, are optional. Hinge photo prompts are meant to kick off conversations with viewers, but I am not a fan.

Unlike captions or answers to the regular prompts, you can’t edit or customize photo prompts. This results in very boring, generic, repetitive photo prompts that get tired after a while.

Such photo prompts include me at fashion week, as seen on my mom’s refrigerator, etc. Unless you are super clever and resourceful, I don’t recommend using Hinge photo prompts as they definitely feel forced most of the time.

If the photos on a profile are done well, photo prompts are not needed to add context.


Hinge Voice Prompts – Hinge Profile Advice, Setting Up Hinge Profile

Hinge voice prompts are a rather new aspect of a Hinge profile. They are meant to make profiles more three-dimensional by adding one’s voice to answer a prompt.

Hinge voice prompts are optional and most of them are rather boring, generic like offering how to pronounce their name, life soundtracks, guess the song etc.

My recommendation is to skip Hinge voice prompts. They rarely add any sort of value and in many cases, feel forced and unnecessary and possibly a bit desperate.


Hinge Photos (Tips, Ideas & More) – Hinge Dating Profile, How To Set Up A Good Hinge Profile, Great Hinge Profiles

The last set of items, and arguably the most important, in a Hinge profile are the photos. Hinge requires six photos for a profile (which is what I recommend for other apps as well).

If you find that a profile has less than six photos, you can assume they have been on the app for a long time. Prior, Hinge allowed fewer than 6 photos (albeit with fewer functionality) but the requirements have changed.

If one has an older profile, they likely never were prompted to add more photos to get to six photos. Hinge photos will likely make or break your dating efforts, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the above items.

Prompts with few words or joke answers can easily offset great photos in a profile. Unfortunately, the opposite is not always true. A great written profile (even ones written by ghostwriters) can’t overcome bad photos.

Photos should be a mix of close-ups, full body as well as hobbies, activities, lifestyle and locations to maximize conversation starters and talking points. Photos should be well lit, clearly ID you and show your face (limit hats, glasses and shadows).

Avoid too many group photos and make sure to avoid them in your first photo. Remember, you will be judged by your worst photo(s), so choose them wisely.

Best photos for women.

Best photos for men.


How Do I Get Better At Hinge, Hinge Profile Tips For Women, Men, Hinge Profile Tips For Guys, Hinge Profile Tips For Girls

Improving your profile will help with performance on Hinge but profile optimization can only take you so far. Offline efforts like exercise, eating well, smiles, wardrobe selection, interests, hobbies, job, lifestyle choices, location can make or break you.

Similarly, good swiping etiquette goes a long way on Hinge as the algorithm uses swiping behavior to signal intent, effort and realistic expectations.

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Are Hinge Profiles Public? Hinge Profile Setup

Not in the way you think they are. People have to be on the app to see your profile unless someone screenshots your profile and shows it to friends or posts it on the internet.


Can You Hide Your Hinge Account? 

You can’t hide it but you can pause it or set it to a remote area where fewer people are likely to see you.


What Should You Not Do On Hinge: Boring, Generic Cliche Hinge Profiles

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How To Use Hinge As A Guy (Tips For Hinge), How To Be Successful On Hinge, Hinge Advice For Men – Hinge Profile Helper

A lot of strategy to having success on Hinge is around building a great profile but also swiping strategy as well as writing skills. Hinge’s algorithm is really stubborn and judging you immediately after a profile is created. If you don’t know what you are doing, you could be shown less, be shown worse profiles and struggle to stand out on the app.

Read this on proper swiping etiquette, how to write a good dating profile, and the best dating profile photos to use on the app.


Hinge Profile Review, Hinge Profile Help, Help Creating Hinge Profile, Hinge Tips For Guys, Hinge Tips For Women, Best Male Hinge Profiles, Mens Hinge Profiles, Perfect Hinge Profiles

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Hinge Dating Intentions; How To Make A Good Hinge Profile Woman, Man, Best Hinge Profiles Female, Male; Best Hinge Profiles Man, Woman, Female Hinge Profile Examples

Hinge has recently launched a new section called intentions that will aim to clarify user intentions on the app. Sometimes people lie, so don’t ignore red flags, use good judgment, learn to screen profiles and know how to read people. Don’t expect people to be honest to seek a relationship after hooking up with you.

This is likely an a/b test or on certain operating systems, versions of the app so be patient.


Hinge Prompt Poll – Hinge Poll (Should You Use Them)? Hinge Dating App Tips – What To Put On A Hinge Profile, How To Improve Hinge Profile, Best Way To Use Hinge

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