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What Are Hinge Prompt Polls? Create A Poll Hinge, Hinge Prompt Poll Questions – Hinge Polls

Hinge prompt polls are the latest additions to a Hinge profile template. They are kind of like the written profile prompts but with 3 answers (options) that a user has to fill out in hopes that others will select once they see their profile.

These are 75 character space answers that you want others to answer when they see your profile. They are not mandatory but they can be ways to gauge interests, sense of humor or personality. Below are the profile poll prompts that are available and tips on which to use and how to answer them.

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Hinge Poll Example, Template

Hinge Prompt Poll

Hinge Pro-Tip:

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Hinge Prompt Poll List, Funny Hinge Polls, Best Hinge Polls, Hinge Polls Examples, Ideas

-Which do we have in common

-A dream home must include

-Pick our first getaway

-Pick the most underrated

-Guess my secret talent

-The best spot in town for pizza is

-Like for tips about

-If we won the lottery, let’s spend it on

-Which event should we time travel to?

-Two truths and a lie

-Would you rather

-Choose our first date / choose your first date

-Let’s break the ice by

-Ask me anything about

-Give me your honest opinion about

-Which is worth splurging on

-Instead of grabbing drinks, let’s (

-Pick the one that’s gotta go

-Pick the best one

-We’ll instantly hit it off if

-Let’s chat about

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Hinge Polls Examples

Does A Hinge Prompt Poll Replace Text Prompts? Are Hinge Prompt Polls Mandatory?

No, these are in addition to voice prompts, photo prompts and text prompts. You can still use 3 text prompts, 1 voice prompts and up to 6 photo prompts.

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Should You Use Hinge Prompt Polls? Good Hinge Poll Prompts, Ideas, Examples

Hell, to the F, no. Unless you want instant, lifetime membership to r/foreveralone. These are immature items added to Hinge profiles to make you less interesting and get you less likes and matches so that you are more like to pay for Hinge Premium

What do you learn from someone selecting 1 of 3 options? Especially if the initial question lacks substance. It’s always best to see how others answer questions on their own as a sort of background check, test. Prompt polls don’t reveal anything about someone’s uniqueness, creativity or effort.

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