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Hinge is a free dating app that is one of the dating apps I recommend most to clients, depending on their demographics and lifestyle choices. It offers users an option for a paid premium version for additional features beyond the free Hinge membership, including advanced filters.

While these tools are helpful, they won’t make you more interesting, or attractive or land you more quality likes, matches and dates. In most cases, these paid tools help people who are having success already and doesn’t do much do those that get no likes nor matches on Hinge.

The free version of the app is pretty effective (more so than other comparable dating apps) but for those that want great efficiency, more selectivity, additional filters and are more in a rush to contact users, the preferred membership is here for you.

Below are some tips on who should pay for the upgrade, pros and cons, what it can and can’t do as well as how you can get more likes and matches on your own through a number of improvements on photos, prompts, messages, appearance, style, facial expressions, grooming habits and more.

Before you consider purchasing Hinge Preferred Membership, be sure to optimize your Hinge profile first to see better results.

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Is Hinge Free? Can I Use Hinge For Free? Is Hinge Free To Message? Hinge Dating App Cost?

The basic functionality of the app requires no cost, and doing well on the app doesn’t mean you have to pay for results. One should always focus on building a better profile, improving photos, and optimizing facial expressions, hobbies, and lifestyle choices before paying for any app.

With that said, paying for Hinge will allow you to more effectively manage matches and allow you to swipe more than the 8 allowed per day on the free version. You can send messages on Hinge without paying after like someone.

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Is Hinge Premium Worth It? Is It Worth Paying For Hinge? Can I Use Hinge For Free?

Those who don’t have the patience or have specific deal-breakers might be interested in upgrading their membership. If you are merely looking to get more matches, it’s best to invest in your photos before spending money needlessly.

To overcome the challenging gender ratios on apps, boosts alone may not get you as far as better photos, better profile and better strategy.

Below are some tips on who should consider upgrading their Hinge account, who should avoid paying for it, how to get the most out of the premium service and what exactly one gets with the membership including costs, discount offers and more.

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Hinge Preferred Membership Features: Hinge+ vs HingeX, Hinge X Review, Hinge Plans

The main advantage of Hinge Preferred Membership is advanced filters. Weeding out people based on height, religion, wants kids, politics, drug use, education etc. are what people typically look for when searching for a partner.

This is perhaps the best reason to upgrade, but with any advanced filtering options on dating sites, make sure not to be too restrictive. Many people make the mistake of applying too many filters, more so than they would offline or if meeting a friend of a friend.

My advice is to keep the filters less restrictive at first, and then adjust accordingly after you assess interest in your profile. Also, don’t rely on apps to filter people for you – many people lie on dating apps about age, height or other items.

For a list of filters (paid vs free), read this.

Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?

Hinge Preferred Membership Features: Unlimited Likes on Hinge, Hinge Plans

It means you are a paid subscriber and have access to certain benefits over those in the free version of the app. The other main advantage of Hinge Preferred is the unlimited likes feature. Hinge limits how many likes you can send a day, but the upgrade will remove that limit.

One thing to note is that Hinge does not show you all the available people based on your criteria, regardless if you pay for the subscription or not.

You will notice repeating profiles before you get to someone new. There are ways around this, and I go over how to navigate seeing profiles over and over again with clients of mine. Don’t get up in this volume approach. All too often, men will send out more likes thinking it will result in more matches.

This volume-based approach is flawed. Paying for more likes will not change your appearance. If you want more matches, work on your smile, style, location, body, interests, conversation skills, education, career etc.

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How Many Free Likes A Day On Hinge? When Do Hinge Likes Reset, Unlimited Likes

8 Likes a day with counts resetting at 4am daily. With Hinge Preferred/X, you get unlimited likes.

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Hinge Preferred Membership Features: See Who Likes You First, Hinge Pay To See Who Likes You?

For those that are shy or have many likes queued up, Preferred Hinge Membership offers a feature that allows users to see who has already liked them.

Many people upgrade for this feature alone to know if a colleague at work likes them, or to focus on those profiles first that have expressed interest.

One should note that just because someone is not on the list does not mean they would not like you – perhaps they have not seen your profile or are waiting on you to make a move (as I mentioned before, it’s possible to see repeat profiles before new ones).

Also, during covid, people are taking things more slowly, talking to people longer, and dating more in a sequential manner than in parallel (several at once).

Waiting for someone to like you can be inefficient, especially for guys waiting for women because women are more selective and efficient in swiping than men, so they may not get around to your profile if you wait too long.

Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, and don’t let others run your dating life. Many people on dating apps never meet because each is too afraid or scared to make the first move. Dating requires patience, leap of faith and thick skin.

(If you are not getting likes, matches at all on Hinge, read this).


How Much Does Hinge Preferred Membership Cost? Hinge Pricing, Hinge Subscription Plans

As recently as 2019, the cost of the membership was $4.99 to $9.99 per month depending on the terms selected but then doubled the rates to $9.99 to $19.99 per month depending on the subscription term. As of 2021, it’s $14.99 to $29.99 per month, depending on the term length.

This is a good deal compared to sites like Match.com however, don’t assume paid features will significantly improve your dating woes. It’s not unheard of to get additional likes but from less desirable people (location, age, appearance etc.) after activating the product.

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How To Get A Free Hinge Trial Membership, Hinge Free Premium Trial, Hinge Free Trial Code

Hinge does offer a free trial membership upgrade for most users (typically given about 1 week after creating a profile). You should really give this a shot first to see if it is even worth paying for it later.

Again, once you decide to use the app, ensure your photos are good and bios optimized, otherwise, the trial boost (if any) will go to waste.

Hinge has launched 50% discounts in the past. It’s a rare discount offered, and if you have been on the fence, this might be your chance.

This promotion will not likely come back soon, so it might be worth it if you are curious. When it does, though, I will post it here on my blog. Come back to check for updates.

With that said, be sure to read the fine print, the discount applies to the first month only, so I would recommend signing up for 1 month and canceling right away before you get auto-renewed. Many people forget and trying to get a refund from Hinge can be quite a pain.

Once you select the term you prefer, click ok and then on the subsequent page of the checkout process, you will see the discount applied if any is available.

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Is Hinge Preferred Worth It? Will I Get More Matches? Is Paying For Hinge Worth It?

I typically recommend users work to improve their profiles (bios, photos, and prompts) before spending any money on upsells. The reason for this is that most folks rely too much on apps and forget to work on themselves.

I equate premium memberships similar to paid ads on Google – you might get extra views and a few extra erroneous clicks, but having a great product will maximize results much better.

Plenty of people do just fine with free versions of the app. It’s expensive because Hinge is viewed as the best app out there. Want a free app? Use other apps and see what kind of luck you have there.

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When Is Hinge Preferred Membership NOT Worth It?

If you live in a remote area, or you are unable to get any matches, nor are you able to progress existing matches into conversations or existing conversations into dates.

This feature will not improve your profile nor will it help your situation, expect to get more of what you are getting but possibly slightly fewer quality people you are seeking.

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This feature is not a miracle worker, it is not going to change your experiences nor improve funnel conversions!

The Biggest Benefit of Hinge Preferred Membership? Hinge Premium Benefits

One of the most popular features of this subscription is the ability to see who likes you.

Online Dating Advice For Women

Screening Profiles, Why Don't Guys Reply, Low-Effort Messages, Overwhelmed w/ Matches, Signs He's Not Into You, What Your Dating Photos Signal, Coffee Dates, Lying About Age, 'No Hook-ups' In Profile & More

Best Hinge Prompts And Answers To Use On Your Profile

For tips on which prompts and answers to use on your profile, check out this post here. Yes, photos are the most important aspect of one’s profile, but it’s not the only thing. Lazy one-word answers to prompts can self-sabotage one’s effort on dating apps.

Adding detail and substance while balancing brevity and helping provide hooks and conversation starters for the other people viewing your profile. For tips on how to write a dating profile, check out this post.


What Is Hinge Boost? Does Hinge Show Boosted? Hinge Boost Cost? Hinge Boost Price?

Hinge Boost is a feature that makes your profile more visible to users for a period of time.  Users will not know that you have purchased Boost.

With that said, more views and likes are likely to come from users outside your desired location, age or looks. Be cautious about using this feature. The quality of additional views, likes is usually worse on average.

Hinge boost is offered in 1, 3 and 5-pack boosts ($9.99, $8.99 and $7.99 per boost, respectively).


Hinge Superboost – What Is Hinge Superboost, Hinge Superboost Cost? Do Hinge Boosts Work?

It’s like Hinge Boost but unlimited for 24 hours. This costs $19.99. It claims you can be seen by up to 11x more people.

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Hinge Transaction Error, Hinge Payment Error

Check your Apple ID or mobile payment to see if it’s connected to another account.

Check your card to see if the expiration date has changed or was updated.


How To Cancel Hinge Preferred Membership Subscription? How To Cancel Hinge Subscription

Hinge will continue to auto-renew your membership even if you don’t use the app or even if you delete the app. You have to cancel through the app settings or through Google Pay or Apple Pay (whichever method you selected).

Check out this handy customer service FAQ on how to cancel and additional customer service-type questions on Hinge and other dating apps.


Hinge Preferred Membership Cost For Subscription: How Much Is Hinge Premium?



Hinge Preferred vs. Hinge Premium: What Does Preferred Member On Hinge Mean?

It is the same thing. Just a paid subscriber referred to by both names.


Does Hinge Show You Are A Preferred Member?

No, it doesn’t show membership status to other users.


How Can I Ge Free Hinge Preferred Without Paying?, Hinge Preferred Free Trial

Find a sponsor.


Can You See Who Likes You On Hinge Without Paying, How To View Hinge Likes For Free

Yes, sort of. If you right-swipe on everyone, those who match with you also liked you. But if you do that too much, it can lower your visibility on apps.


Why Is Hinge So Expensive? Do You Have To Pay For Hinge? Is Hinge Free Worth It?

It’s the most popular dating app for most demographics. It has fewer spammers than Tinder, and allows guys to send messages first unlike Bumble.

Do you have to pay for Hinge? No, you don’t have to pay for Hinge if you don’t want to. It’s not needed to have good success on the app. Most people self-sabotage their profiles, efforts through bad photos, answers to prompts, unrealistic expectations, aiming outside their league and are looking for shortcuts, and hacks.

If you have patience, self-awareness, good timing, great writing skills, good photos, and are strategic, you can do just fine on Hinge without paying.


Do You Get More Matches If You Pay For Hinge? Is Paying For Hinge Worth It

It’s likely, but that’s more so based on likes sent. For most likes and matches, it’s a better investment to get better photos and a better profile. Chances are, with premium accounts, more likes are likely from people outside your age range, and radius.

Premium upsells don’t make you more attractive. It just helps you manage likes and matches more easily.


Best Time To Boost On Hinge? Hinge Premium Features

After you optimize your photos, improve your prompts, add captions to photos, and fill out your profile. For specific times and days of the week will depend on who you want to attract. This and other FAQ’s will be discussed in coaching sessions (more on that below).

Hinge Enhanced Recommendations

This is an exclusive feature from Hinge. It prioritizes profiles Hinge thinks are more compatible for you.


Hinge Priority Likes, Does Hinge Prioritize Likes? What Do Priority Likes Do?

Hinge priority likes are a new premium feature whereby your like is on top of a user’s queue. Hinge priority likes look like the same as regular likes but a user may notice you sent one as they stick to the top. Similarly, Hinge priority likes expire with subscriptions.


Hinge Skip The Line, Hinge Skip The Line vs Hinge Boost

Another premium feature of Hinge whereby a users profile is boosted and shown to people sooner. Boosts last for 24 hours whereby Skip the Line is more gradual over time.

Online Dating Coaching For Men, Women

Help w/ swiping, timing, app choice, messages, filters, deal-breakers, paid features, screening profiles, reading people, ID'ing red flags/liars/time-wasters, date planning, & using dating apps more effectively & efficiently.

Hinge X Premium, Subscription, Hinge X vs Hinge +Plus, Hinge Preferred Gone, Hinge X Cost, Tiers

HingeX is a subscription tier that will soon be rolled out (currently in beta mode). More info here.

February 2023 Update – Here is the new structure for Hinge premium accounts. Hinge + is $30/month (down from $35 – rebranded from Hinge Preferred; Hinge X is $50 per month)

Hinge free basically does not have any of the items below.

Is Hinge X Worth It? Is Hinge Plus Worth It? Is Hinge Worth It Without Paying? 

Experiences will vary depending on your location, age, patience, realistic expectations, filters/preferences, photos, prompts, bios, lifestyle choices, looks, height, wardrobe, intentions etc. I would optimize all these things first before wasting any more on any app. Sending too many likes out on Hinge even with Hinge X can result in poor experience on the app.

In most cases, Hinge + is all you need assuming you did the above correctly, optimally. Heck, even those who don’t pay for anything can do just fine if they really focus on themselves rather than try to hack their way through.


Hinge Travel Mode

Hinge does not have a travel mode, but users can change their location.

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