Bumble Premium: Price, Features, Trial, Discounts, Is Bumble Premium Worth It? Bumble Incognito Mode, Bumble Premium Subscription Options, Bumble Boost vs. Premium

Bumble is one of the most popular apps on the market. Women love it because they can control who messages them which is a pain point on other apps where men from all over bombard women non-stop.

Some women also hate it for that matter because it’s hard to assess interest and intent based on one swipe (some guys swipe right on every profile for efficiency and focus on those they are most interested since they can’t send messages).

The basic functionality of the app is free and people can have great success without paying a dime but many people either opt into the paid service because of lack of likes or matches or because they want to utilize some features on the app.

Below is my Bumble Premium review and all the things you should consider before trying the product.

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Is Bumble Free? How Much Does Bumble Cost? Bumble Free vs Paid

Bumble is indeed free for the basic functions but there is a lot of anxiety and anxiousness and impatience that drives users to try to hack their way through dating which has resulted in monetization efforts by Bumble and other similar dating app.

It’s possible to like, get matches and go on dates for free on Bumble but it can take time as swipes are limited, it can take time to be seen by others, filters/preferences are limited and visibility is limited by those paying for exposure or new profiles getting boosted.


Bumble Premium Cost, Bumble Premium Subscription Price, Bumble Premium Payment, How Much Is Bumble Premium?

Bumble Premium is $39.99/month as of June 2022. It can get low as $19.16/month on a 6 month plan via credit card via the app store.


Bumble Premium Subscription Cost Price 2022

Bumble Boost Features


-Extend – Bumble Extend

-Unlimited Swipes – Bumble Unlimited Swipes

-Spotlight (1 per week) – Bumble Spotlight

-Superswipes (5 per week) – Bumble Superswipes


Bumble Premium Features, How Does Bumble Premium Work?

There are several main features of Bumble Premium. Many of these are offered a la carte while Bumble Premium capture most of these features all in one bundle. Those include all the items in Bumble Boost plus these features.

-Incognito Mode – Bumble Incognito Mode aka Invisible On Bumble

-Advanced Filters

-Travel Mode – Bumble Travel Mode

-Bumble Beeline



Bumble Boost vs Bumble Premium


Bumble Incognito Mode, Bumble Incognito Mode Matches, Invisible On Bumble, How To Be Incognito Mode On Bumble, Is Incognito Mode On Bumble Good

Incognito mode on Bumble is one of the most popular features on the app. It allows users to remain hidden from the public unless they right swipe on someone first. Even then, there is no guarantee that person will ever see you if they are super popular.

The downside to waiting to show yourself to people is that if other people are using Incognito mode, you won’t be shown to them either if you have it activated. Bumble Incognito users can’t see other Bumble Incognito users thus limiting their possible likes, matches.

Bumble Incognito mode can hide your profile from exes, colleagues, bosses, and neighbors – for the most part (unless people take screenshots of your profile and share them with others).

Bumble Incognito Mode Not Working – Does Bumble Incognito Mode Really Work? Bumble Incognito Mode No Matches

If Incognito Mode is not working, it’s likely because you are no longer a Premium user. If that is not the case, contact customer support to figure it out.

If you are not getting any matches while using Incognito mode, it means your photos are bad, prompts/bio need help, you are swiping outside your league too much (age, distance, looks, ethnicity, education, religion, politics, height etc.) or haven’t given it enough time.


Bumble Advanced Filters (Bumble Premium), Free Filters, Paid Filters

When you load up Bumble, there are several filters one can choose from however, not all of them are available to free (non-paid users).

Free filters on Bumble include: Gender interest, age range, distance range, language(s) spoken and verified profiles.

The filters that are available to paid users include: height, exercise, education, drink, smoke, cannabis, intention (relationship, marriage, something casual and don’t know yet), do they/want children, star sign, politics and religion.

While these extra filters seem great, not everyone selects all these items in their profile (not all are required). Similarly, not everyone is honest about their intentions, lifestyle choices or demographics (particular age, height). See most common lies on dating apps here.


Bumble Travel Mode

Bumble travel mode allows users to change their location in the app rather than rely on GPS and their phone’s location.

Some people use this to change their location if they are in remote areas, some use it in advance of traveling (i.e. hook-up) while others use it to remain hidden from locals i.e. their significant other or spouse. A few use it to assess local options if they are considering moving to a new city.


Bumble Spotlight, What Is Bumble Spotlight, When To Use Bumble Spotlight, Does Spotlight Work On Bumble? Bumble Spotlight vs Boost, Best Time To Use Bumble Spotlight

Bumble spotlight is a feature within Bumble Boost in which a user is boosted on the app for 30 minute increments. Bumble premium users get 1 spotlight each week (use it or lose it). It typically attracts more likes from people you are not interested in, are located far away or those outside your preferences.

There is a strategy on how and when to use it but that information is only available to clients of mind.


Bumble Spotlight Incognito

If you are Incognito, it’s pointless to use Bumble Spotlight since no one can see you.


Does Spotlight On Bumble Work? Bumble Spotlight No Matches, Is Bumble Spotlight Worth It? Bumble Spotlight Not Working

Spotlight is useless if you live in remote areas, have bad photos, awful prompts, are swiping outside your league, have a terrible bio or are swiping right on people outside of your league or with incompatible lifestyles. Bumble Spotlight doesn’t make you more attractive, or interesting, nor does it improve your smiles, prompts, wardrobe or bios.

Any additional likes are likely from those far away, traveling or people with different lifestyle choices and preferences

More here.


Free Spotlight On Bumble?

It is included with a paid Premium account on Bumble


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Bumble Superswipes – Do Superswipes Work On Bumble? Are Superswipes Worth It On Bumble?

A Bumble Superswipe is a feature to stand out from other likes. It allows users to show you that they super liked you. It is a rather desperate and cringy feature. It can work for some folks that crave attention and are insecure and shallow but most people ignore it as it means nothing without effort, action and sustained interest.

Read more on Bumble Superswipes here.


Free Bumble Superswipes

Bumble use to give away a few free swipes on older accounts but not anymore. You don’t need superswipes if you are not swiping outside your league or if your profile is optimized and you have realistic expectations.


Bumble Extend – Should You Extend On Bumble?

Bumble extend allows people to extend 24 hour periods other people have to respond to likes or matches. Typically, extending is a bit desperate as people who like you and are focused will respond accordingly. Those that are too busy or don’t take things seriously are those that are more likely to take action on these extensions.


Bumble Backtrack – How Do I See Someone Again On Bumble?

If you accidentally left-swiped someone, you can undo the lef-swipe and see the person’s profile again and change your mind and right-swipe on them.


Bumble Rematch – Is It Weird To Rematch On Bumble

In case matches expire, you have the ability to rematch with someone. Yes, it can be weird, desperate.


Bumble Beeline

This feature allows you to access your beeline sooner so that you can see how liked you right away. This is key because timing is important when it comes to matches. People who are in high demand get off the app quickly.


Bumble Unlimited Swipes

Pretty self-explanatory. Free version of Bumble limits your swiping but you can swipe as much as your heart desires with it. With that said, knowing good swiping etiquette is key so you can manage likes and matches efficiently and not get dinged by the algorithm for swiping too much, too quickly or too often outside your league.

Unlimited swipes is useless without optimizing your profile first, so keep that in mind.


Bumble Premium May 2022 – 25% Off Bumble Premium Discount Offer, Trial

Bumble Premium Discount 25% Off - Trial Offer

Noticed that the increase in likes is in bold but the fine print notes that it’s for the top 10% of users. If you are reading this, you are likely not anywhere close to the top 10% of users and so results will likely be significantly worst for the average user (boosts don’t make you more interesting nor attractive).

Similarly, more matches means nothing if you are being shown to people far away, outside your preferences and deal-breakers or those you are not interested in.

Bumble Spotlight – June 2022 Discounted Offer, Trial 1 Day, 30 Minutes

Bumble Premium - 1 Day


Bumble Lifetime Premium, Bumble Lifetime Subscription

Bumble offers a lifetime premium account for $229.99. It can be a waste of money if you need to reset your account with a new profile.


How To Cancel Bumble Premium, How To Cancel Bumble Subscription, How To Cancel Bumble Boost

Read this. Deleting the app does not delete your account now does it stop recurring billing from happening. Most subscriptions are handled in the app store on Google or Apple which is independent of the Bumble app.


Is Bumble Boost Worth It? Is Bumble Premium Worth It? Does Bumble Premium Work? Does Bumble Premium Make A Difference

That largely depends on you, your profile, your photos, your prompts, your lifestyle choices, your swiping strategy, your location, your self-awareness, your height, your appearance, your job, your education, your politics etc. Everyone is different.

It can be worth it in some scenarios and for some people but not for all. It can help you to see and connect with people sooner but only if you invest in your profile first and are strategic and have self-awareness. In my coaching sessions I break down all the features and recommended if it’s worth it or not for you and your situation.


Can You Tell If Someone Has Bumble Premium?

Yes, if they have travel mode activated, you can assume they have Bumble Premium otherwise, no you cannot tell.


How To Change Location On Bumble?

Get Bumble Premium to activate Travel Mode. There are other ways to do so but only clients get access on how to do so.

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Buy Bumble Premium Online, Bumble Premium Payment Options

If you log into your account on desktop or mobile browser, you can pay for Bumble with credit card, venmo or paypal.

How To Get Free Bumble Premium? How To Get Bumble Boost Free Trial, How To Get Bumble Free Trial

Find a sponsor.


Can You See Matches On Bumble Without Paying, Why Can’t I See Matches On Bumble?

Yes, depending on your filters. Sometimes if matches fall outside your filters, you won’t see them i.e. distance.


Why Do I Have To Pay For Bumble?

You don’t have to. Who said that? You don’t have to pay for Bumble.


How To See Who Liked You On Bumble Without Paying? Can I Match On Bumble Without Paying?

Swipe right on everyone. The people you matched with are those that liked you. You can match with people for free on Bumble – don’t need to pay to get matches on Bumble.

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