Bumble Travel Mode Red Flag? Bumble Nearby, Bumble Location Won’t Update, Wrong Location, Change Location On Bumble; Accuracy 

No single profile field has caused more confusion on dating apps like the Bumble location fields. Bumble is unique because it provides up to three location data points: location/distance, lives in travel mode and hometown.

It seems rather intuitive to understand what each represents, that is, until you understand things like ‘travel mode’ and missing location and lives in fields, and different locations across ‘lives in’ and location.

For those that are paranoid, have anxiety or are naturally distrusting, this app is not for you. I think Bumble did this intentionally to add confusion, sow doubt, and give people more reasons to unmatch.

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How Does Location Work On Bumble? Bumble Location vs Bumble Lives In, Bumble Distance

Bumble location is the city in which the device is drawing its data from. People often assume it’s where a phone or a person physically is. That not always true. It could be location of the wifi or VPN. While these scenarios are unlikely, it’s important to acknowledge the possibility, as anonymity on dating apps lead to more sketchy behavior and lies.

Bumble lives in is the field a user selects to indicate where they live. People on dating apps don’t always tell the truth about where they live.

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Do I Have To Enable Location Permissions To Use Bumble? Bumble Location Tracking

Yes, this is done to provide clarity and transparency around dating profiles. Of course, creepy guys will use VPN’s or something similar to hide their true location. If you do not have location permissions enabled, you won’t be able to use the app. You will get a pop-up asking you to always give location data, give location data when the app is actively used or never.

If you select never, you be asked where are you. “Your location services need to be turned on in order this to work.” Enable location. This screen won’t let you swipe on profiles, edit profile nor view matches.

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Bumble Precise Location vs Approximate: Bumble Location Settings

Upon loading up the app, you can select to always give Bumble location details or just for that session use. Similarly, you can let Bumble show precise data i.e. a couple blocks or approximate location which is more vague than that.


Is Bumble Location Real-Time? Does Bumble Show Location When Active? 

Bumble updates one’s location when the user opens the app. Whether it updates when the app is running in the background depends on the location settings you give the app. See Bumble help desk here. You can set it to update when the app is actively used or also when it is running in the background.


Does Bumble Show Your Location?

No, but that doesn’t mean people can get an approximate location. Ever since Bumble added the feature to share profiles, it makes it super easy to narrow down exact location.

If a person sees your location, they will get a radius. If that person shares your profile it will also share your relative location (distance) with two other people. They can calculate location more easily within a smaller margin of error by using three different calculations.


Bumble Location Not Updating: Changing Location On Bumble

Likely have to close the app, or turn off the phone or toggle off/on between wifi and cellular data (off-on).


Bumble Distance Now Showing, How To Hide Bumble Location

If that is the case, likely the user enabled Bumble Snooze Mode.

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How Does Bumble Travel Mode Work, Does Bumble Show Travel Mode

Bumble travel mode is a feature on Bumble where users can override their location with one of their choosing. Most people do this in advance of relocating somewhere, some people do this in advance of vacation travels while others do it to hide infidelity i.e. business trips.

Bumble shows when a user is using travel mode – there is text with a blue background at the bottom of the profile informing those seeing said profile that they are using travel mode. By default, users are placed in the center of the city and cannot select an exact location.

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How To Enable Travel Mode? How To Change Location On Bumble? 

Go to settings, location field at bottom of profile and select travel to. With that said, users who use travel mode are often looking for something casual, just seeing what’s out there or just dabbling with the app. Most women see guys using travel mode as a red flag (using it for hookups). Some would view it as an automatic left swipe as they don’t want to play games and figure out their location.

If you don’t want to pay for Bumble premium. Just walk. Walk far away.


Is Bumble Travel Mode Free? Do You Have To Pay For Bumble Travel Mode, Does 

Bumble travel mode is a feature exclusively offered with Bumble Premium. Bumble travel mode is not free, and you have to pay for it.


Bumble Travel Mode Disappeared, Bumble Travel Mode After 7 Days, Bumble Travel Mode Off

Bumble travel mode is typically enabled for about 7 days. After 7 days, Bumble will disable travel mode. You can always re-enable though after that period.


Turn Off Bumble Travel Mode, Cancel Bumble Travel Mode, Bumble Turn Off Travel Mode

Go to setting, travel mode and select current location.

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How Often Does Bumble Update Location, Does Bumble Automatically Update Your Location

It could be that the user or person they matched with lives right on the border of a rounding error. It could be as simple as someone moving from one side of their house to the other, or both people doing this. It could also be that someone is using a VPN service which bounces location based on availability, bandwidth etc.

Bumble will update your location as it changes relatively to others who view your profile alongside how often they move.


Why Her/His Did Bumble Location Disappear? Bumble Shows City But Not Location 

Likely snoozed their profile. People sometimes do this too because they want to limit visibility because they have too many matches or are overwhelmed and either want to take a break or focus on current matches. It could also be done to give a false sense of interest in someone, i.e. suggesting they are really into them and don’t want to talk to others.


Bumble Location Not Accurate, Bumble Fake Location, Bumble Current Location Is Wrong

It’s never wrong in that it uses the locations of the triggers of the phone whether it is the internal GPS, wifi location or VPN used. Bumble location doesn’t represent where the phone or person is but rather the connectivity source.


If A Person’s Location Doesn’t Change, Does It Mean They Didn’t Move Or Go Anywhere? 

No, it means they either didn’t open the app or they used their secondary account tied to another phone. Bumble location accuracy depends on wifi, movement, VPN used etc. Assume nothing/everything.


Does Bumble Incognito Mode Hide Location? Bumble Hide Location

No, it does not. It just hides your profile from those you have not liked first. It doesn’t hide your location.


Bumble VPN, Bumble Fake GPS, VPN For Bumble, Bumble Travel Mode Red Flag

People use VPN’s to change their location but the truth is, people will look you up on LinkedIn, social media and people search sites. Even if there is contradicting information about your location, lack of details can make you look dodgy at best, sketchy and weird at worst.

Using travel mode on Bumble can be seen as a red flag as it suggests you are trying to change location.


What Is Nearby Mean On Bumble? How Far Is Nearby On Bumble?

It can vary but assume around 20 miles. Rather than focus on who likes you, focus on finding those that like you.


Can You Hide Your Location On Bumble?

Anything is possible when it comes to hiding your location on Bumble. Assume nothing/everything.


Why Is Bumble Showing Me Guys Far Away?

Because of your filters or the other guy’s movement, travel mode enabled or VPN used.

Can You Change Your Location On Bumble?

Absolutely, all you have to do is get up and walk somewhere, drive somewhere or fly somewhere. Brilliant!

Bumble Search Area

To change it, select the sliders in the upper right (next to the timer) while browsing profiles


Is Bumble Travel Mode For Hookups?

It definitely can be. Some people might use it to assess people in a new area they are considering moving to.

Some might use it to find a tour guide.

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Does Hinge Update Your Current Location? Can You Change Your Location On Hinge For Free? 

No, Hinge does not automatically update your location, unless you give it access all the time to use your GPS for location (precise or approximate).

Yes, you can change your location on Hinge by settings. This is a free feature.


Hinge Travel Mode

Hinge does not have a travel mode, but users can change their location.


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