Bumble Template: Bio, About Me, Prompt List & Interest Badge List, Bumble Question List, Bumble Opening Questions, Opening Move

Below is a Bumble profile template which contains a list of all the items that compose a Bumble profile, dating profile questions, with tips on how to answer and answer options for each question.

At the bottom of the page, you will also find Bumble reviews on the app itself but also the premium features. Must read if you are seriously considering using the app and want to know pros and cons of upgrading your account.

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Bumble About Me Section Character Limit, Bumble Bio Character Length

How many characters in a Bumble profile?

Bumble bio character limit (Bumble bio length) – 300 characters maximum.


What Should I Write In My Bumble Bio? Bumble Tips For Guys, Girls

Bumble bio ideas, Bumble about me ideas, tips here.


How To Set Up A Bumble Profile: How Many Photos On Bumble? 

6 photo maximum, 4 minimum recommended.

Best photos for women.

Best photos for men.


Creating A Bumble Profile: Best Photo Feature (Bumble Dating Profile Template)

Randomize photos and selects top photo. Read more about that here.


Bumble Template: Verify My Profile. Bumble Profile Verification, How To Verify Bumble Profile

Recommended as people filter by this. Less likely you will be filtered for having a possible fake profile. For steps on how to verify your Bumble profile, read this post.


Bumble Profile – Basics, More About Me, Bumble Profile Questions, Bumble App Questions

Height – drop-down menu

Work – free form field

Education – free form field

Covid Dating

-Meet virtually, meet IRL (in real life), ok with virtual or IRL.

-I’m happy to meet outdoors only, indoors, open to any setting.

-I’m comfortable meeting in: uncrowded places only, uncrowded or more crowded

-When meeting: I want to be socially distanced, Happy to distance, can be relaxed

-What about wearing masks: Happy w/ or w/o masks; masks are a must; I’m exempt from masks


-Man: Intersex Man, Trans Man, Transmasculine, Man and Non Binary, Cis Man

-Woman: Intersex Woman, Trans Woman, Transfeminine, Woman and Non Binary, Cis Woman

-Nonbinary: Agender, Bigender, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Gender noncoforming, Gender questioning, Gender variant, Intersex, Neutrois, Nonbinary man, Nonbinary Woman, Pangender, Polygender, Transgender, Two-Spirit

Location: Where you live (more on Bumble location here)

Hometown: Where you were raised

Exercise: Active, Sometimes, Almost Never, Skip

Education Level: High School, Trade/Tech School; In College, Undergraduate Degree; In Grad School, Graduate Degree, Skip

Smoking: Socially; Never; Regularly, Skip

Cannabis: Socially; Never; Frequently, Skip

Drinking: Socially; Never; Frequently, Sober, Skip

Looking For: Don’t Know Yet, Relationship, Something Casual; Marriage; Skip

Kids: Want Someday; Don’t Want; Have & Want More; Have & Don’t Want More; Not Sure Yet; Skip

Politics: Apolitical; Moderate; Liberal; Conservative; Skip

Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?

How To Set Up A Bumble Profile – Bumble Genders: What Is Cis Woman On Bumble?

It’s the naming category when a person’s gender at birth matches their current gender identification. This is the case for most people.

Bumble Interest Badge List (Bumble Values, Traits)

Select up to 5 interests from the Bumble interest badge list to put on a dating profile. Read more about interests & hobbies, what’s attractive, fun and interesting here.


Bumble Self-Care Interests; Sex-Positivity On Bumble, What Does Sex Positivity Mean On Bumble?

Updated: Bumble has introduced a new category of interests called ‘self care’. Options include:

  • Deep Chats
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Sex Positivity
  • Sleeping Well
  • Therapy
  • Time Offline

What does sex positivity mean on Bumble?? It can vary by user. For many men, this can mean being sexual early on, being ok with multiple partners or focusing mostly on sex in a relationship. For women, it can be something deeper, more intimate.


Creating A Bumble Profile: Bumble Ethnicity Options (Select Up To 5), Bumble Profile Template


Bumble Ethnicity Filter, Bumble Race Filter, Bumble Ethnicity Preferences, Bumble Filter By Race

Although people can input their ethnicity on Bumble, you cannot filter by it in your settings or filters.

Online Dating Coaching For Men, Women

Help w/ swiping, timing, app choice, messages, filters, deal-breakers, paid features, screening profiles, reading people, ID'ing red flags/liars/time-wasters, date planning, & using dating apps more effectively & efficiently.

Bumble Profile Prompt Character Limit, Length

Select up to 3 prompts.

How many characters in a Bumble profile? Bumble prompt answers carry a maximum of 160 characters.


Are Bumble Prompts Required? How To Delete Bumble Prompts

These prompts are not required, however, once you add them, you can’t delete them (only update/replace them). Bumble prompt tips here.

Bumble Profile Prompt List, List Of Bumble Prompts, Full List Of Bumble Prompts

My Summer In Three Words

If I Have A Superpower It’d Be…

The Summer Plan I’m Looking Forward To Is…

Perfect First Date…

We’ll Get Along If…

Let’s Break Dating Stereotypes By…

I’m A Real Nerd About…

After Work You Can Find Me…

A Fun Fact I’m Obsessed About With…

Something I Learned Way Later Than I Should Have…

I’m Still Not Over…

I Quote Too Much From…

My Personal Hell Is…

The World Would Be A Better Place With More…

My Zombie Apocalypse Plan Is…

Favorite Quality In A Person…

I’m Known For…

I Guarantee You That…

My Summer Motto Is…

As A Child, I Was Really Into…

It’s Meant To Be If…

I’m Hoping You…

My Real Life Superpower Is…

My Summer Obsession Is…

I Promise I Won’t Judge You If…

A Non-Negotiable…

I’m A Great +1 Because…

This Summer, I’m Looking For…

My Most Useless Skill Is…

A Review By A Friend…

I Will Never Shut Up About…

What Makes A Relationship Great Is…

Old Dating Traditions Are Out. My New Tradition Is…

A Pro And A Con Of Dating Me…

I Get Way Too Excited About…

The Quickest Way To My Heart Is…

Two Truths And A Lie…

My Favorite Way To Spend A Summer Afternoon Is…

New Bumble Prompts

My favorite fact is:

My mental health game changer was:

What I think about relationships

I’m prioritizing my mental health by…

What holds my attention

My hidden gem in the city 

My daily haunt

What gets me out of bed in the morning

What makes me feel grounded

My current obsession is…

My international dream destination

Something I’m optimistic about


What Makes A Good Bumble Profile: Good Bumble Prompts, What Prompts To Use On Bumble

Read this.


Bumble How To Remove Prompts

You can’t, you can only update existing prompts or swap out prompts once add them. If you don’t want them, don’t add them to begin with.


Dating Coach Services - Men & Women

First date ideas, wardrobe, places to meet singles, body language, conversation/social skills, grooming, hygiene, hobbies, lifestyle choices, reducing biases, weeding out time-wasters and more. As seen in the NYT, Bumble.

Bumble Profile Template (Optional)

-Languages I know

-Connected accounts (Instagram – last 27 posts, Spotify top artists based on stream count)


Cliche Bumble Profiles, Worst Bumble Profiles, Bios, About Me

Don’t make these mistakes! Click to see the worst profiles on Bumble.


Bumble App Review – Is Bumble Worth It For Men, Women?

Bumble app review here.


What Is Bumble Premium? Is Bumble Premium Worth it? Bumble Premium vs Bumble Boost

Read this.


Bumble Profile Tips For Men, Women, Bumble Profile Examples

Read this.


Bumble Pronoun Options (Optional) – Bumble Profile Template

Best Bumble Profiles For Men, Women, Best Female, Male Bumble Profiles; Most Successful Bumble Profiles

The best Bumble profiles will be exhaustive, unique, provide insight, fill out, and specific and focused.

Read this: Best Bumble Profiles



Bumble Height Filter Removed

The Bumble height filter is not removed, it’s just located under advanced filters which you have to pay for. 


Bumble Opening Questions, List; Bumble Opening Question Feature

Bumble opening questions are a new feature in the Bumble profile. They are optional and most are garbage in terms of telling you anything insightful and others require you to answer them thoughtfully to make them worth using.


Bumble Opening Move – Bumble Profile Template

Bumble now allows users to send a canned line to all matches. This is a pathetic move by Bumble and encourages more trash behavior by all users. Answers/moves are limited to 160 characters.

Bumble Opening Move: Cute, Funny; Bumble Opening Move (Men, Women)

As you can see from the options below, these moves are trash. Rather than look for shortcuts, create custom opening lines.

Dating Profile Critique, Review Services

App Choice, Photo Critique (Order, Captions), Bios, Prompts; Wardrobe, Hobbies, Grooming  Recommendations, Body Language, Facial Expressions, Lifestyle Choices (Men & Women).

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Eddie is a dating coach for men & women in San Francisco (clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, & beyond ), as seen in the NYT & Bumble). He helps w/ profiles, photos, wardrobe, messaging, date ideas, red flags, lifestyle choices, hobbies, grooming/hygiene, communication, social skills & offline efforts.