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When it comes to dating profiles, many people get stumped on what to write about themselves. Bumble bios and about me sections can be tough given the limited space the app provides to talk about yourself. Many people are afraid to be honest, vulnerable, insightful or thoughtful and would rather try to be cute, witty, direct or ambiguous.

Read this for better Bumble tips on Bumble bios and Bumble about me sections. For train wreck answers that are jaded, negative, dismissive, untrusting, lying or lack effort, keep on scrolling through the examples below.

For more on how to decode profiles, bios and prompts, read this.

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Bumble Bans – Reporting Accounts For Posting IG Handles On Bios

Posting Instagram handles on bios is one way to get banned from Bumble. Attention seekers, narcissists, and those with empty profiles should be warned that their behavior can get them banned from the app. I should know, I have gotten people banned.

In an effort to create more authenticity and genuine connections on the app, it’s important to eliminate those that are making online dating worst for all. If you see such profiles on the app, feel free to report the users.

Fill out your profile completely, be honest, be detailed and put in some effort.


Bumble Banned Account Removed Spam, Report Bumble Account

Worst Bumble Profiles, Dating Profiles To Avoid, Entitled Dating Profiles, Bumble Bios For Men, Women

If you want a tour guide, hire a one directly.

Negative tone, suggests this person is unable to use good judgment on dates and lacks the ability to effectively screen people thus has a history of attracting bad people. You attract who you are, not what you seek.

Ambiguous bios are the worst. Good times for you may be different from someone else i.e. hookups. Yes, some people use Bumble for hookups.

Always better to state what you want rather than what you don’t want. Don’t sound jaded, it’s not attractive.

No hookups means you lack the ability to use constraint and get to know people. It suggests you have fallen for hookups mistakenly repeatedly in your life. We all make mistakes but don’t come off this negative right off the bat. Bios like this read “Challenge Accepted” – How I Met Your Mother

If someone invites you over for a first date, use that as a red flag. Don’t give someone a blueprint to figure you out and ID your blindspots in dating. Better to let these people out themselves rather than lie and be misled down the road.

It’s pretty hard to have a bad Uber rating, that doesn’t reveal much. Listing countries is tacky – doesn’t say what kind of traveler you are i.e. immersing yourself in cultures or taking Instagram highlights in 36 hour stay in cliche, touristy spots. Listing your IG suggests you are looking for attention, followers and are rather shallow.

Going on adventures is one of the most cliche phrases in dating profiles. It’s so ambiguous and vague. Hookups are adventures are as threesomes with those in open-relationships – is that what you want?

Assuming no one reads your bio suggests that you only like and match with such people.

You like tacos? Great, so does the entire human population.

Lying about your age on dating apps even by 1 year is bad. Lying about it twice before your 2nd photo is pretty awful.

Does this need to be stated? Do you have nothing else to talk about? This is why one is likely to receive more cliche, generic lines or comments on looks because profiles lack substance.

Bumble won’t let you edit it because it assumes you won’t lie about your age. That’s why!

Ask for a clown, receive a clown.

Challenge accepted.

Why would Facebook think that? Last time I checked, Facebook doesn’t guess ages, it’s a manually inputted field by the account owner.

It’s 2022. Stop living in the past. Anyone can ask out anyone. Matches mean nothing as some guys swipe right on everyone and focus on those they are most interested in.

The above bio suggests you get ghosted often or attract low effort people regularly. Sure there are lonely people on apps looking for pen pals but you can reduce such occurrences with good judgment.

Dating Profile Bingo! Cliche Phrases, Lines & Photos

Dare to see how generic your profile is?


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