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Although photos (particularly your main profile photo) will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios and questions should not be ignored. Incomplete bios and one-worded answers to questions can signal lack of effort, creativity or sincerity. 

Having a great bio and prompts may not make up for poor photos, but they can definitely provide an edge over others with similar quality photos and also provide more openings to respond to opening lines.

Cliche references to Jim looking for his Pam (The Office reference) will make you appear dull and boring. If you are serious about meeting quality people, don’t skimp on your questions and answers. Less obvious references, more risks and deeper connections will go a long way to improving your success with dating apps (click here to read up on how to optimize your bio).

An unpopular opinion can stir up good conversation and banter while a bad bio can offset your good photos. Bios and prompts provide insight into sense of humor, personality, wit, intelligence and confidence.

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A good bio complements your photos, adds context and does what your photos are unable to do. Bios can invite an opening to be random, quirky, unique, insightful, bold or humble brag which would be otherwise harder to pull off in the header section with no prompt. Incomplete bios or lazy bios can stir up the wrong first impressions from others. First impressions are everything so don’t self-sabotage your efforts by ignoring the details that make a profile stand out on Bumble. Every little edge counts when trying to improve the match count and quality on dating apps. 


Bumble Bio

Bumble Bio

Bumble bios are especially important for guys as most women are not comfortable or experienced making the first move and thus having good conversation starters, illustrating fashion sense, providing a glimpse into your lifestyle and revealing your passions and values will lead to more inbound messages from matches.

For tips on Bumble Prompts and Answers, read this. 

Good, Witty Bumble Dating Profile Bio Examples For Women, Men

Here are some examples of formats and structures to use in your Bumble profile ‘About Me’ section that allow for creativity, randomness, controversy, insight and personality. Remember, Bumble bio character limit is currently at 300 characters, a balance of brevity and insight is key. Don’t repeat anything that is not inferred from your bio unless you can add some context, lightheartedness, humble-bragging etc.

SF>LA>NYC>SF, Spend way too much time thinking about my next/current/most recent meal. Prefer handwritten notes and wired earphones to texts and AirPods. Avid hiker (love Alamere Falls on a weekday without the crowds). Too many unread New Yorkers by my nightstand but learning to embrace audiobooks.

Guilty obsessions, specific hobbies are great at providing comfort in your own skin as knowledge about particular places.

My week ends with John Oliver on Sunday nights and starts off with Ira Glass on Monday mornings. On the hunt for the best espresso martini in the city. Have a slight obsession with colorful dress socks. Prefer big cities and rustic towns to resorts and lazy vacations. Bar seats > booth and table seats.

Shows your routine, type of drinks you enjoy, and shows that you have some fashion sense.

Last/next trip: Oaxaca/Bulgaria. Expert seat grabber at Nopa. Seeking someone w/ a Netflix as I lost access to my brother-in-law’s brother-in-law’s account. Professional protester since 2017. Google sheets for all my travels. I use any excuse to visit NYC for Kyoto Negronis at Kobrick Coffee.

Shows you travel to fun, unique places vs cliche, Instagram-centric destinations with little cultural substance.

Mathlete turned photographer. Always looking for an excuse to use my camping gear up/down HWY 1. Former salsa dancing instructor. Slight fashion obsession <— spend too much time on Pinterest. Enjoy my time getting lost on Mt. Tam trails. My worst fear: being featured on IG: MidtownUniform

Shows that you have the same type of humor by following the best Instagram account ever. Also shows specific knowledge of something you are an expert at vs a casual explorer.

New to the city, have too many EaterNY bookmarks to explore. Know the best hotel lobbies, public spaces and cafes to work from in the city. 5-star rating on couchsurfing/Airbnb. Carry-on packer, Global entry account holder, 5’11” in heels, old-fashioneds in hotel lobbies are my happy place.

Guys love to help women with suggestions. Ask for dates get advice, seek advice get dates. Also shows you like to get dressed up to nice events especially if you have event photos to complement this style and personality. Also, many guys love a girl that can break the girly-girl mold and add intrigue to their personality whether it be whiskey drinker, guilty obsession for an unhealthy food item, or clumsy demeanor (damsel in distress).

Looking for someone who enjoys the outdoors, traveling at the drop of a dime whether overseas, across the country or last minute roadtrips. No pets but I do spend my time volunteering at pet adoption agency. Prefer shared plates, sitting at the  communal tables, people-watching at the bar and catching up on This American Life, Freakonomics podcasts.

Gives a glimpse of your lifestyle, passions and priorities helps to paint a picture with a few short words.

Intro guide to dating profile writing.

Worst Bumble Profiles: Things To Avoid In Your Bumble Bio 

As many good bios that exist on Bumble there are also some things you want to be careful of. Filling out your bio a certain way can sabotage your profile or make you seem not so interesting, weird, or creepy. 

Too Many Emojis / Being Too Cheeky

Too many emojis can let your maturity level be known to all. It’s fine to use 1-2 emojis to save space but using them with reckless abandonment will likely drive away people who are serious about meeting someone special. A love of avocado and taco emojis is not only cliche but does not offer any insight about who you are. Too many emojis will corner you into one of those people with another generic, cliche dating profile.

Empty Bios, Lazy Profiles

Redundant bios and incomplete bios signal lack of sincerity, laziness, not that serious, just casually browsing or possibly looking for a hookup. If that is what you want to signal, by all means go for it.

Bumble Bio Example

Bumble Bio Example

Laundry Lists / Empty Adjectives / # Of Countries Visited

Limited character counts on Bumble and other dating apps has led to people trying to maximize their profiles and bios with laundry lists. Listing adjectives, preferences does very little to describe in detail what you like. Simply listing hiking does not provide how often you hike, what kind of hikes you like (urban, nature) or length of hikes (<2 miles, 8 miles or camping/backpacking 15+ miles). Similarly, stating how many countries you have visited is not only tacky but also super cliche.

Friends say I am thoughtful, generous blah blah blah… This generic intro has no weight. People don’t know your friends and friends are unlikely to be brutally honest. People tend to be biased or lack self-awareness when it comes to listing laundry lists of empty adjectives to describe themselves. Use examples, short stories to communicate who you are and what you are about. Using fake celebrity reviews is also not original i.e. “Beast in the Kitchen” – Gordon Ramsey.

Sounding Negative, Jaded

Swipe left if, do not message me if, no XYZ’s etc. These are all negative language in a profile. It makes you look bad. You might think you are avoiding false positives, but you are likely driving away more people than intended (automatic left swipe). Instead of listing deal-breakers, talk about you are seeking, what will prioritize.

Another related and cliche phrase used in profiles is “my kids come first.” Again, this is not only cliche but obvious. If you need to state this then perhaps you are telling the world you are unable to filter such people out easily. It is a major turnoff. If you fill out your profile correctly and list that you have kids (how many and ages) – this is suffice. Using defensive language is a turn-off. Actions speak louder than words, especially in this case.

Inspirational Quotes, Profile Headlines 

Listing a show or a quote from a show may show your interests, but it is not a standalone quality. There are plenty of people that watch Game of Thrones and The Office that are people I would never date nor hang out with. These vague and cliche quotes do absolutely nothing when used in isolation. Ability to copy and paste shows you lack originality and creativity. The only thing worse than repetitive movie and TV quotes are inspirational/motivational quotes. *Vomit*

Keep In Mind…

With all this said, if you are attractive enough you can get by breaking some, most or all of these rules (particularly true if you are a female but that doesn’t mean you should). If your goal is to attract as many people as possible be vague, be cute, be unoriginal.

If you want to weed out folks, use your bio to show how you spend your time, what tolerate and what you prioritize. You attract who you are not what you seek so if you manage to attract people that you are not attracted to, review your photos and bio to see what they communicate.

Also, make sure to fill out the fields in your Bumble bio as much as possible. Leaving things blank and people will assume the worst or make the most likely assumption (including that you are not that serious, lack creativity, are dull or are merely looking for a hookup or just seeking attention).

Bumble Love Language Profile Badge

The latest addition to the profile is the Bumble My Love Language Badge. If you are not familiar, the 5 love languages are: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and physical touch. I think this helps to filter out people who are not good at taking hints and/or being good at fulfilling your love language but with that said I think this is overkill. What’s next? Is Bumble going to ask if you like to be on top or bottom? What about if you like to be spanked? Or maybe there should be a badge for E.D.

I am in the camp that some things are better off to be discovered in person like they would if you were meeting people offline, the traditional way.

For additional tips on all things Bumble including photos, prompts, conversation starters, replies check out my other Bumble blog posts: https://eddie-hernandez.com/category/dating-apps/bumble/

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