Examples of Conversation Starters: List of Good Bumble Profile Prompts For Your Dating Profile, Questions to Ask & How To Respond, Answer Them. Tips for Men and Women.

As an online dating profile consultant in San Francisco, I have reviewed and improved countless dating profiles, photos and bios over the years. While photos (particularly your main profile photo) will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios and questions should not be ignored.

An incomplete bio or one-worded answers to questions can signal lack of effort, creativity or sincerity. If you are serious about meeting quality people, don’t skimp on your questions and answers. Creativity and humor are excellent ways to separate you from the masses and improve your status as someone who is interesting, unique and worth getting to know. Sarcasm can seem cliche and be taken as a way to shy away from being original or putting out an unpopular opinion.

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Bumble About Me Section

Bumble about me section is the free-form bio section of your dating profile. Since there are only a handful of prompts out there and most people are rather limited in their creativity to answers them uniquely, the headlines section of your profile is the best way to separate yourself from the crowd.

PRO-TIP: Use the prompts below to open up a humble brag or something random that is harder to do in the headline section above.

Bumble Profile Prompts And Answers

A good profile prompt on Bumble can inspire good creative answers as well as responses from potential suitors. An unpopular opinion can stir up good conversation and banter while a bad prompt and answer can offset your good photos. A good prompt can invite an opening to be random, quirky, unique, insightful, bold, humble if done correctly.

A good profile prompt and answer will make it easier for women to start a conversation and more likely to do so beyond a hi, hey or what’s up. Meeting them halfway with good photos with conversation starter environments and outfits as well as insightful answers will help immensely to kick off messages. Avoid these bad introductory lines.

Bumble offers many prompts to users on the app. Some are easier to find than others while new ones are released over time. Here are some of my favorite questions to use on your profile that allow for creativity, randomness, controversy, insight and personality.

How To Change, Delete & Re-Order Bumble Profile Prompts And Answers

You can’t delete profile prompts but you can replace them by editing profile, selecting ‘X’ next to the prompt. Select update to change the answer or replace to change the prompt. Similarly, if you want to re-order your Bumble profile prompts you have to change the prompts one by one and select the ones you want in the order changed i.e. change first prompt to new prompt but you can’t duplicate prompts so think about the order or change to a placeholder.

Click on each of the prompts below to see why I recommend each one and how to answer each prompt.

For more information on all things Bumble (photos, app strategy, introductory messages and how to get replies, check out my other blog posts) or scroll down to see my list of best Bumble opening lines.


Two Truths, One Lie-

A rather safe prompt that can be silly, lame or truly interesting. The best answers are ones that are truly hard to figure out AND are not weird, cliche, uninteresting, dangerous, reckless, hateful or horrible. A balance of self-deprecating humor, cringeworthy trends, amazing experience all are good ways to make the most out of this prompt.

Most Recent Act of Kindness -

A great way to provide a humble brag. The problem here is that most people are not so humble nor is the act of kindness that kind. Think carefully about this one and balance being insightful and leaving a little left to be discussed in person.

Beach or Mountains -

Don’t just list one answer. Don’t say both. Definitely don’t say neither. Provide some examples of why you prefer one of the other and provide some of your favorite places, experiences or views. 

Nightclub or Netflix –

Answers to either or questions don’t have to answered using either or. Providing situational preferences, in addition to answers or commenting on why you prefer one of the other can provide some insight. Again, being specific with examples helps here but avoid cliche, obvious answers.

If I Could Have Only Three Things On A Deserted Island –

Open ended questions like this provide a great canvas for being creative. Being strategic and/or self-deprecating are ways to show people about you state of mind.

If I Could Donate A Million Dollars, It'd Be To –

A prompt like this can share a cause you are passionate about, what you prioritize in life or what you would do if money was not an issue for you. Questions like this can spark a great conversation where you can learn the most about people rather quickly. Don’t take this for granted.

My Favorite Quality In A Person –

Prompts and corresponding answers are my favorite. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they answer a question like this. Lists, one-worded answers don’t reveal anything. A great answer can really impress your date.

I cannot provide exact examples here because people will just copy and paste it diluting the uniqueness and effectiveness. Only select clients will be given suggestions to use one my favorite prompts like this.

I'm Most Grateful For –

This prompt provides an opening for users to open up about the important things in their lives. It also provides an opportunity to show how vain or trivial they are about mundane interests.

I cannot provide exact examples here because people will just copy and paste it diluting the uniqueness and effectiveness. Only select clients will be given suggestions to use one my favorite prompts like this.

My Ideal Night Out –

This provides a glimpse about what you think a good date can be. Providing a range of options can show your interests, hobbies and lifestyle as well as your insight into creativity for date planning (places, hidden gems etc.).

My third grade teacher described me as...

This provides a glimpse about what you were like as a kid but also a way to show how early behavior has stuck with you via a distant humble brag.

My perfect Sunday...

Bios on Bumble can be rather stiff and read like a resume. This prompt provides an outlet to show who you are, how you spend your free time, what you prioritize and what you find fun, relaxing or exciting. Use examples when possible rather than generic 1 word answers that signal low-effort, low energy.

If I were famous, it would be for...

This prompt sets the stage for a humble brag or something rather humiliating. Either way, prompts like this help to set the stage for you with listing it randomly in a free form bio.

If I were president...

Mixing in aspirational views as well as some silly observations is a good way to balance seriousness and humor i.e. I would make chewing loudly with your mouth open or talking on speakerphone in public with your cellphone held to your mouth illegal.

The world would be a better place with more...

This is a free prompt. It is one of the more wide open possibilities for a response. Don’t let this go to waste with a response you can use on another prompt. You can convey passions, ideologies or something silly like more places to order espresso martinis, or more places to go salsa dancing outdoors. Using specifics can show effort as well as stronger connections over more ideal wishes.

Equality to me means...

You can do a two for one here – list something you think is honorable and aspirational and then layer it is with a tasteful joke. Need help with specifics? That is available for clients only.

After work you can find me...

What is your passion? What can’t you wait to do? Who do you spend your time with? Are you a homebody or do you have a social life? These are the things people want to know!

I'm known for...

Using concrete examples is recommended over vague, hard to prove qualities or attributes. I’m known for being an expert at finding seats at the bar as well as having a hard time saying no to servers is they ask if I would like to see the dessert menu.

My dream dinner guest is...

This prompt can open up about whom you admire in life. It’s a great way to talk about something random that you couldn’t easily to so in your about me section.

The person/thing that holds me the most accountable...

This prompt can highlight someone special in your life, something you are working towards whether professionally, physically or other.

The most inspiring person I've met...

Another humble brag opportunity to talk about a celebrity encounter or similar.

If I could guest-star on a show, it'd be on...

It’s one thing to list your favorite shows, podcasts, etc. It’s another to list your favorite and why. Details, anecdotes and reasoning will make a better impression on others than a lazy one-worded answer.

I'm hoping you...

Outlying some bare minimums can display a tone of expectations without being over demanding i.e. have good manners, like to dress up for a night out have TSA pre-check.

My secret skill...

Unleash your humble brag here… Korean food cooking skills, dance moves, bartending skills, trip-planning resources etc.

If I could travel to any time in the past...

This prompt is a bit more introspective as it touches upon intellectual knowledge, a nostalgia of an era, as well as curiosity and awe if done correctly.

I'm a real nerd about...

Nerdiness is great, but everything within moderation. Conventions, costumes, science or math related aspects of your life are great it shows a range of interests that are also a bit more common and appreciated by the masses. I’m a nerd about robotics but I also like Millionaire Matchmaker (Patty is great by the way). 

If I could eat only one meal for the rest of my life it would be...

Bonus points if it is a dish that is served a restaurant, hidden menu or contains details as to location, ambiance, drink pairing or if it is a place you traveled to and not local.

If you could teleport to anywhere this weekend it would be...

Sharing a place, event, or lifestyle choice and provide a good conversation starter than something confined to the about me section without fear of sounding random or wasting valuable space.

I'm a great +1 because...

I love to dress up, I look sharp in a suit, I am great at talking people up and I have a knack with making friends with people at parties easily.

I promise I won't judge you if...

Put ice cubes in red wine but only if you do so at home. For those that like beards or moustaches… I won’t judge you if you started Movember early this year.

A pro and a con of dating me...

This is one of my favorite prompts as it is the perfect setup for some self-deprecating humor. Pairing skills (not height or ability to kill spiders) but actual skills (i.e. light packer with impeccable travel preparation skills) as well as a con like I have a tough time ordering items at restaurants – we’ll likely have leftovers to take home regularly.

My mist useless skill is...

I love randomness when it comes to personality and skill – these add dimension and separate people from others. Underappreciated skills are unique and invite people to add-on or convey similar skills.

Brutal self-awareness is attractive. Some great useless skills are guessing the shortest lines at Trader Joe’s UWS location, knowing which subway car will be easiest to enter, how to catch a cab during rush hour, how to get my order in asap at a bar or how to get people to let down their guard with my humor.

If I could only solve one world problem, it'd be...

Identifying things that you are passionate about and care about can show your true colors.


As many good prompts that exist on Bumble there are also some questions you want to be careful of (some examples of Hinge answers to avoid can be seen here on this Bingo card). Answering a certain way can sabotage your profile or make you seem not so interesting, weird, or creepy. One-worded answers or cliches answers are likely to be ignored as they suggest low-effort, lack of creativity, inability to engage in witty banter or low energy.

Here are some questions and the ways they can go wrong quickly. Click on each prompt below to see why they can self-sabotage your efforts in online dating.

Consider updating your profile photos, bio, captions, prompts and answers during this time with a dating profile critique and makeover: https://eddie-hernandez.com/online-dating-profile-critique/ 

Choosing a great set of prompts and having good answers to those prompts is a great way to get noticed on dating apps like Bumble but if you find messages largely ignored or get unmatched quickly, you may need to work on your opening lines and texting skills: https://eddie-hernandez.com/best-opening-lines-on-bumble-for-girls/

If I Had An Extra Hour In The Day I Would –

Listing something like laundry or gym is pretty unoriginal and lazy. It suggests you either don’t enough laundry or are out of shape. Give this some thought to spark some discussion when you meet on your date.

What makes a relationship great is...

Displaying goals, objectives and aspirations and validate some traits others seek in partner. Putting this out there is one less thing people have to guess about when matching. Add some humor as well if you want to add some flare i.e. Ability to complement each other’s strengths, share passions, teach other new things and know what foods we crave when we get hangry after a long hike.

My go to Karaoke song is...

Not the worst question but listing a single song is not insightful. It’s more of a waste of space. List your favorite karaoke lounge, list a few songs/genres instead.

Swipe right if...

A mix of long-term goals mixed with silly short term qualities is a good way to balance brevity and playfulness along with intention i.e. someone who will give me their olives from their martinis as well as someone who has balance of career focus and family-oriented values.

We’ll get along if –

Boiling down compatibility to one trait, hobby, passion, interest is a bit overly eager and presumptuous. Also, matching on one trait is a bad way to filter dates. They are great to have in common but relying on them for defining traits is not recommended for relationships.

I feel most empowered when -

Not a terrible question but using some dull or cliche like eating spinach is pathetic. Focus on the things that lift you up, give you energy.

_______ seeking ________.

A solid prompt but don’t just list short 1-2 worded answers to fill in the blank. Avoid automatic left-swipe answers like Pam seeking Jim (so cliche and meaningless). Add some detail, examples, anecdotes i.e. 

My Go-To Song Is –

Chances are millions of other people have the same answer. Would you date all million such people because you have one thing in common? Don’t waste your prompts on this.

If I Could Only Eat One Dish The Rest Of My Life It Would Be –

One worded, generic answers are boring. Specific items from specific places near or far can spark a common interest and lead to a conversation about travel, cuisines, experiences and more 

Example: tough call, it would have to be the lobster spaghetti from Joe Beef, Dear Inga Dip Sandwich or Espresso Martini and Fries from Nopa.

Perfect First Date

There is no such thing. Also, saying one that leads to a second date or one where we both lose track of time is super cliche and a sign you can’t come up with a unique idea.

My Pet Peeve Is -

Most experts will say to avoid sounding negative in dating profiles and I typically tend to agree but using this to introduce a playful yet thoughtful unpopular opinion might be enough to connect your unique mindsets.

The Three Things That Make A Relationship Great Are -

This seems like an easy and safe prompt but many people self-sabotage their profiles by not taking this serious or taking things too serious. A blend of humor and brutal honesty can help you avoid this.

My Greatest Travel Story

The best travel stories typically are best told in person. When trying to communicate such stories on dating apps, they either don’t sound that interesting, epic or lack the punch that in person storytelling provides. One of the most cliche and boring answers to this is saying “I bought a last minute ticket to XYZ”. 

If I could have a superpower it'd be...

Creativity is on display here. Think carefully.

After work you can find me...

List where you could be found pre-covid. Illustrate varied interests, social validation i.e. 2x a week running along the water or playing on a team softball league or xyz dance class. 

During covid, find me taking daily walks – running out of places to explore. Any new, hidden gems you recommend?

Must-see movie...

Reducing your answer to a single movie can be a waste of space especially if it is a widely popular movie that everyone likes. Selecting a less obvious answer is better, especially if you go beyond just listing the title and add some context or trivia.

I'm still not over...

Don’t reference obvious, cliche answers like GoT ending. Instead, use references that are a little more obscure, distant or personal i.e. still not over Anthony Bourdain’s passing – could definitely use some more new shows right about now during Covid-19.

As a child, I was really into...

This is a tough one, any traits from childhood may not be relative today or hard to project to your current self but it can be a way to gently warn someone about bad habits or just general weirdness i.e. As a child, I was really into bringing home stray animals and secretly trying to care for them without my parents finding out. 

The person I text the most...

Most answers will reveal a waste of space if it includes answers like a friend, bff, co-worker etc but you can improve upon this generally ineffective prompt by being creative, unique.

A review by a friend:

Most friends are biased and don’t really give an accurate portrayal of friends or if they do, people don’t convey that brutal honesty in dating profiles. Rather than list just qualities your friends find admirable, mix in traits that are a bit embarrassing, self-deprecating or borderline unusual. 

I quote too much from...

Bonding over one movie or show can be tricky. It will either be cliche or too obscure. Depending on what else is in your about me section and other prompts selected, this can be viewed as an inefficient waste of space. With that said, if you choice is good and you are able to add some context or detail to pivot from the reference, you can improve your answer rather than just a single title form a movie or show.

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