Unable To Log In to Hinge, Tinder, Bumble. Phone Number vs. Facebook Registrations, Likes & Messages Not Sent. Ban Reasons, Ban Appeals, Get Unbanned, Solutions

Dating app algorithms and lopsided gender ratios on dating apps has led to an increase of creative ways guys look to gain an edge on dating sites. Some have gone overboard in their dating profile resets or have violated terms of conditions, which have led to bans from dating apps like Hinge, Bumble and Tinder.

In other cases, deception in profiles can lead to a suspension or ban from dating sites if one uses misleading profile photos that lie about height, age, marital status, weight or appearance.

Swiping right too much or too quickly can lead to worse profiles being shown to you as the algorithm might interpret that activity as being disingenuous, not thoughtful or being a possible bot.

Below are some helpful tips to make sure one adheres to rules for each app, understand what exactly can get a person banned, tips on how to get unbanned in the rare occasion the ban was accidental or didn’t violate terms of service, and an overview of what a profile reset can provide and when it’s ok to do so. For shadow ban info, scroll to the bottom.

Also, I just added a link below for an article list all the activities that can get you banned on Hinge like creepy behavior on and off dating apps as well as catfishing on your profile (filtered photos, old photos, age, height, marital status etc). Keep scrolling to learn how to contact apps directly and to appeal bans.

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Banned Hinge Profile – Your Account Has Been Removed, Why Did Hinge Remove My Account? Why Did Hinge Log Me Out?

Hinge Ban

Banned From Hinge, Your Hinge Account Has Been Removed

Can You Get Unbanned From Hinge, Tinder & Bumble? Tinder Ban Appeal, Tinder Appeal

The short answer is yes, it’s possible but not likely for most folks. It will require you to record screenshots, provide explicit documentation on what might have been taken out of context or misreported and contacting customer service for the respective app.

I recommend one tries to resolve all issues first with customer support before creating a new profile to avoid permanent bans.

Before I dive into the aspects of alleged shadow bans, getting banned from Hinge and Tinder it helps to understand where each app comes from.

Even though they are both owned by the Match Group, they operate in completely different ways and have different terms of services and expectations.

Tinder is traditionally viewed as a hookup app or for younger crowds but depending on where you live and what your options are, it can be used as a legitimate dating app with those seeking relationships.

For additional posts on all things Hinge related including prompts to use, photos, liking v. messaging, prompts to advoid and how to make a good Hinge profile check out my other Hinge blog posts.

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Hinge Ban Appeal Contact Email: How Do I Get My Hinge Account Back? Can You Appeal A Ban On Hinge? Hinge Terms Of Service, Hinge Ban Appeal Success

Email Hinge (click here for email address) ; subject line ‘Hinge Appeal Submission’

Please describe the nature of your appeal, specifically why you believe your account did not violate the Hinge Terms of Service.

Additionally, please include the following criteria:

1. Your Name (as it appeared on your Hinge Profile

2. Your Email

3. Phone number used to log into your Hinge profile

Please note, you will only be able to submit an appeal once, and incomplete submissions will not be considered— you must include a description, your name, email, and phone number used to log into your Hinge profile in order for our team to accept and review your appeal.

Furthermore, please feel welcome to include any attachments that may be relevant to supplement your request.

Email Hinge (click here for email address) if you didn’t receive a confirmation email), subject title ‘appeal submission’

Do not delete this case ID; it is necessary to proceed your appeal!


<case id>


I would also send a few more items as well but that information is something I won’t publicize here.

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Tinder Keeps Logging Me Out Of The App

If you don’t verify your email on Tinder, it will likely keep logging you out. To avoid this, just verify your email and avoid using a fake email account that you don’t have access to. If still having an issue, contact Tinder directly with phone type, operating system, screenshots, account info.

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Unable To Log In To Hinge – Why Can’t I Log Into Hinge

One of the most common issues Hinge users face is an inability to login to accounts. What’s worse is that Hinge rarely gives the reason behind the errors and when it does, it is often vague in details.

Some of the most common reasons for this error are that 1) users no longer have access to a phone; 2) users no longer have access to Facebook account; 3) users made more than 1 account; 4) users deleted and re-started account too many times; 5) users were reported by someone on the app 6) users violated terms of service.

If still having issues, contact Hinge support directly with operating system, phone type, screenshots, account info.

Best photos for women.

Best photos for men.


Unable To Access Phone or Facebook Account, Bumble Login, Hinge Login

Some people cite reasons like they don’t want to be tracked or don’t want to create a Facebook account. Those are perfectly fine reasons but oftentimes people lose login information for Facebook or use a burner phone to create an account on Hinge.

If you lose this information, this can be problematic as you need this info to retrieve passwords and log back in. If you are unable to do this, the logical step is to create a new account but this is not always a great idea. Creating multiple accounts can get you banned.

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Multiple Accounts on Hinge: Can You Make A New Hinge Account? How Does Hinge Detect Multiple Accounts?

Creating multiple accounts on Hinge falls underneath the trying to game the system. When you create a new account on Hinge, users experience a significant increase in likes, comments and matches on the platform.

Hinge does a great job trying to give new users the best experiences, so they get hooked early on and eventually slows down showing profiles and showing your profile to others so that they can focus on monetization efforts.

Many users know this and will create another account to improve their matches but do this enough and Hinge will find you and possibly ban you. There are a number of ways Hinge can detect multiple accounts but I will not list them here.

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Hinge Profile Tips!

Great Hinge profiles are more than just witty prompts and good photos. Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, how many prompts to use, what information to put in a profile, whether or not you should photo prompts and photo captions, and if you should link your Instagram account to your profile.


Reporting Users and Profiles on Hinge: Lying and Misleading People On Dating Sites

With such a low bar for registration on dating apps, one can expect a few bad apples to enter the platform.

Aside from the internal measures Hinge has in place to detect users with multiple accounts and those that try to restart their accounts often, Hinge relies on user feedback to help identify users who harass folks in the app or offline.

Unfortunately this is not a perfect system. Some people may not feel comfortable reporting users for small infractions or larger, serious ones.

If a date lies about their age, appearance, height or weight then it is perfectly acceptable to report the user to the app. If someone harasses you in the app or offline, make sure you are able to keep notes, screenshots, evidence in case you need to report them to the app or to authorities. Unfortunately some harassers may try to elude being reported and report you (the victim) instead.

Even if you are not abusive or threatening, you can get banned on Hinge if your profile and communications suggest you are not seeking a relationship but rather something casual or a hookup.

Similarly, using old photos or photos from high angles to deceive people of your current appearance or looks can lead to a ban on dating site.

You can get banned for making false reports on Hinge! This includes but not limited to: gender identity, gender expression, race, color, religion, or disability. Similarly, you should not report someone because of their weight, looks etc.

See: Hinge Customer Service Email.


What Happens When You Report Someone On Hinge? What Happens When Someone Reports You On Hinge, What Happens If You Get Reported On Hinge?

The person could be banned instantly but Hinge doesn’t reveal reasons nor people. With that said, people can put two and two together and assume someone reported them if they didn’t behave badly often/recently with others.

Typically proof is needed to move forward with a ban but if multiple people make claims against you, that can be enough to ban you as well.

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Burner Phone Accounts, Facebook Logins, Tinder Login With Phone Number, Tinder Sign In

Every so often, bans are executed erroneously. There are a few cases like this that can occur when using burner phones and Facebook logins. Burner phone numbers are recycled and are used by people who get banned so if you use a burner phone, your chances for getting banned increase as it’s possible the number was used prior.

Similarly, if you create a dummy Facebook account, you can get banned for seemingly doing something deceptive. Don’t create a 2nd Facebook account – not needed. Most apps allow you to register with a phone number.

If you are not comfortable with data privacy from apps and phones perhaps dating apps are not for you.

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Tinder Bans, Tinder Login Issues, Appeals & Getting Unbanned from Hinge, Tinder Error

Creating fake profiles, misrepresenting yourself or lying about yourself will get you banned. There are times when apps make mistakes so it is important to take screenshots, create timelines and keep communication on the app to make it easier to review cases in which a ban was erroneously activated. I would say less than 10% of bans are overturned.

Go onto Reddit or any other forum and the common complaint is that users were banned for nothing – it’s always something. Rarely is it a bug or accidental report.

“Tinder banned me for no reason” is repeated often on Tinder Reddit. There is always a reason for the ban – you may not like it nor agree with it but there is always a reason.

Tinder has less stringent rules around terms of service and as such it is harder to get banned from Tinder than Hinge for things around being relationship focused.

Creating a new profile is not always the best approach. Using a new email, burner phone is not enough as Hinge has very sophisticated ways to detect new profiles created by users previously banned. I will not get into the details here as to encourage bad behavior.

Bumble Profile Tips!

Great Bumble profiles are more than just witty prompts and good photos. Learn how to make a good Bumble profile, how many prompts to use, what information to put in a profile, whether or not you should activate Bumble 'Best Photo' and what interests to list in your profile to attract the type of person you seek.

Tinder Warning – Inappropriate Behavior (Tinder Terms and Conditions, Tinder Terms Of Service)

Tinder Banned Warning

Tinder Banned Warning

Tinder Terms and Conditions


Can You Get Banned From Bumble? Are Bans Permanent? Why Did I Get Banned From Bumble? Moderated On Bumble, Name Changed To Moderated On Bumble

Every dating app has its own terms and conditions. While there is a large overlap in unacceptable behavior, some apps have their own rules to monitor users, improve user experience and regulate interactions.

So many people complain about getting banned for no reason but there is always a reason, you may not agree or like it, but there is always a reason.

Bumble is unique because it offers specific examples of inappropriate behavior and etiquette including copying and pasting introductory lines. “We (Bumble) strongly advise against copying and pasting the same message to every connection.”

Spamming users with lazy lines or offers for inappropriate services will get you banned. Be original, thoughtful and creative. Similarly sexting can get you banned even if you think your match is attracted to you. Continuous uploading of moderated photos on Bumble can also get you banned.

Similarly, people who have been reported may their named changed to moderated on Bumble. Use your real name.


Tinder Account Banned – How To Get Unbanned From Tinder

Contact Tinder directly with evidence to the contrary about accusations about you including conversations, texts, screenshots etc.

If you didn’t violate their terms of service, you should have nothing to worry about.


Too Many Login Attempts With This Given Phone Number, Hinge Signed Me Out

If you get this notification, it could be you are using the wrong verification code on Hinge. It could also be because of a Hinge error.

Hinge has been down a few times (August 20, 2020 and August 25, 2020) and subsequently locked out all users with the above message, warning for a period of time – you are not alone. You might also get this message after inputting the verification code:

“Oof! We’re having issues on our end! Try back soon!”

If you manage to get logged in, you might encounter a new message:

“We ran into a problem loading new people, sorry about that!”

How To Contact Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel Customer Support, How To Report Someone On Hinge, Bumble, Tinder

Hinge makes it incredibly annoying to contact them directly. They have no phone number nor email address (for good reason) but their customer support page is filled with pre-loaded questions and answers.

Check out my customer support page with step by step ways to get to their submit a ticket page. Hinge Support. Bumble Support. Tinder Support.


Hinge Transaction Error, Hinge Payment Error

Check your Apple ID or mobile payment to see if it’s connected to another account.

Check your card to see if the expiration date changed or was updated.


Banned From Grindr: How To Get Unbanned From Grindr

Similar to other apps, don’t violate community guidelines, don’t misrepresent yourself and don’t violate terms of service. If you think there was a mistake or misunderstanding, contact Grindr with evidence.


Online Dating Coaching For Men, Women

Help w/ swiping etiquette, timing, app choice, first messages, filters, deal-breakers, paid features, screening profiles, reading people, ID'ing red flags/liars, date planning, cutting-off time-wasters and using dating apps more effectively & efficiently.

As seen in the NYT, Bumble & More.

Reporting Spam Accounts On Bumble: Banned From Bumble For Instagram Accounts

Posting one’s Instagram handle can lead to a ban from Bumble. While not every report leads directly to a ban or direct warning, enough reports will lead to a direct warning and possible ban.

Using the proper reasons in the report will go a long way to get rid of people with empty profiles, Instagram handles or obviously seeking followers on social media.

Bumble Banned Account Removed Spam

Bumble Banned Account Removed Spam

Why Did My Tinder Account Get Banned? Are Tinder Bans Permanent?

Most bans are permanent, but some can be undone if there is a legitimate reason why the ban was done in error (in most cases, there was not a mistake).


How To Delete Tinder Account When Banned

By definition, your profile (account) is deleted when banned.


Getting Banned Across All Match Group Companies (OkCupid, Tinder, POF, Hinge)

If an offense is serious enough, it’s possible for you to be banned from all of Match’s properties.

There is reason to believe data is shared across entities, so if you think having a joke Tinder account is ok, think again. It can hurt your chances on other apps you value, take more seriously.


Can You Report Someone On Hinge For Standing You Up? Can You Report Someone For Ghosting You On Hinge, Bumble?

Sure, you can make any report you want. Whether anything will come of it is a different question. It’s hard to prove. What is there to gain by it anyways? Move on. Don’t overly invest yourself in strangers.


Can Tinder Ban Your Phone?

Absolutely. I won’t say how as to alert creeps, weirdos though.


Tinder Account Banned For No Reason

There is always a reason. You may not be made aware or don’t agree, but there is always a reason for a ban. Don’t be creepy, don’t be mean and you will have nothing to worry about.


Hinge Banned Me For No Reason, Are Hinge Bans Permanent?

There is always a reason. Most men lack self-awareness. Don’t do shady stuff. Don’t be creepy. Don’t do bad things offline. From the Tab, all the innocent behavior that can get you banned from Hinge. Yes, Hinge bans are permanent.


Fake Number For Tinder, Tinder Device Ban Workaround

Don’t be a creep, weirdo.


Online Dating Etiquette Guides

Dating App Swiping Etiquette  |  Online Dating Message Etiquette  |  Online Dating First Date Etiquette  |  Dating App Rejection Etiquette


Hinge Match Removed, Hinge Match Disappeared, Hinge Match Lost

Having an email connected to your account is important as Hinge sends some communication via email only like that below.

Hinge Match Removed

Hinge Something Went Wrong, Hinge Messaging Down, Hinge Oops Something Went Wrong, Hinge We’re Having Issues On Our End, Hinge We Ran Into A Problem Loading New People, Hinge Too Many Login Attempts With Given Number, Hinge Too Many Verification Requests

Hinge is a buggy app. Wait a few minutes to see if things work again after the Hinge app is down.

I will sometimes post updates here: https://twitter.com/EH_Photos 


Is Bumble Down? Bumble Not Working, Bumble App Not Working, Hinge Randomly Logged Me Out

Wait for it.


Off Hinge Behavior Meaning

Off Hinge behavior meaning is everything that happens outside the app including but not limited to texts, social media dms, dates, phone/video calls, whatsapp messages and more.


Hinge Account Hacked, Bumble Account Hacked, Tinder Account Hacked

Contact the app in question and provide:

-email/phone number used

-last date you had control of account

-operating system (android or apple)

-reasons why you think your account was hacked 

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-As seen in the NYT, WSJ, AskMen, Women's Health, Bumble, SFGate, ABC7News-

Hinge Shadowbans, Tinder Shadowbans, Bumble Shadowbans; 

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