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Online dating apps have grown in popularity over the years even across older demographics and with that increase in popularity comes an increase in sex offenders and predators looking for their next target.

If you thought misleading dating profile photos whether from weird angles or outdated photos were your only concern, this could come as quite the shock.

Below are an exhaustive set of tips to do your own background, learn what to look out for on dating apps, how to protect yourself and your privacy as well as how to find out if your partner is using dating apps. Online dating identity verification tools are not all the same, so be sure you do your research before thinking about any of them.

For help with running a dating background check on someone you are seeing or curious about, use the contact button to inquire about personalized online dating background checks.

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Do Online Dating Services Do Dating Background Checks? Do Dating Apps Have Background Checks? Do Dating Sites Do Background Checks? Do Dating Apps Do Background Checks

Online dating apps have been known to attract a number of introverted, shy and even depressed individuals making them targets for predators looking to make money, exert control over others, assault victims and blackmail targets.

Some dating apps offer some simple check verifications for identity but none offer exhaustive background checks that look into criminal activity and the like.

This guide will help you to ID red flags more easily and provide tools to help verify profiles on dating sites.

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Online Dating Scammers and Predators: How To Recognize Them? How To Screen Dating Profiles, Best Dating Background Check, How To Do Background Check On Someone You Are Dating

Google online dating scam and you will come across lonely folks wiring 6 figures from their retirement funds and home lines of equity, individuals who are being blackmailed for photos sent or videos captured to matches as well as physical assaults from first dates.

There are plenty of fake profiles on dating apps even in 2020.

Recently, Match Group (owner of Match, Hinge, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish) made it into the news as it announced that only one of their properties ( screens for sex offenders (the others do not). Even then it is not exhaustive.

The data is incomplete and profiles are removed in extreme cases. This marketing ploy gives users a false sense of security when using the app which is rather unfortunate.

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Hinge Background Check

Don’t Expect Dating Sites To Remove Predators, Prevent Criminals From Being On The App

Everyone should know that a significant portion of rape and sexual assault cases go unreported and when they do, they rarely result in a conviction and mark in a permanent record. Apps do not check criminal records, lawsuits, nor ban people with convictions.

As a result, these background checks only catch a handful of predators.

Other apps like Bumble require a photo verification for new users but it is not clear what additional (if any) screening they conduct.

Online dating apps have long been known to provide anonymity but now more than ever, cases of rape and sexual assault have made it easier for victims to come out publicly. For a list of automatic left swipes on dating apps, check out my guide to avoid creeps.

I typically take the stand as saying online dating apps are an extension of meeting people. Same rules for contact, flirting, scheduling dates, honesty should apply online as they do offline.

The thing is, people have been training for years to spot red flags in person but dating apps and technology have given folks a false sense of security.

Should you expect a first date to be screened before going on a first date if you were to meet him/her at a bar, café or museum? My guess is no.

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Verified Profiles On Dating Apps Like Tinder, Bumble – Online Dating Protection, Online Dating Check,

Apps like The League go through extra steps to verify profiles that enter the platform by verifying other social media profiles and photos. Bumble offers a verification method for users to prove identity and receive a blue checkmark on their dating profile.

OkCupid asks an insane number of questions upon registration and is one of the apps that has banned my skeleton accounts created for reviewing client profiles on the site.

Sites like Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Tinder and Bumble have allowed me to create fake profiles without any problem thus far.

Please note these steps do not confirm age, height, location, gender, intention but merely verifies you are a real person. If you fail the verification process your profile will be turned off meaning you can’t see anyone and no one can see you.

Typically, this is a feature done at will by the user but can be required if your profile is reported as fake. 

Tinder also has a verification process where it validates a profile is real but again, does not verify age, height, location, intent etc. – only a user can do this.

Hinge uses a phone number and Facebook for authentication, which means absolutely nothing. Anyone can get a burner phone and create a dummy Facebook account in seconds.

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Online Dating Should Be Treated Similarly To Offline Dating – Online Dating Checks, Dating Sites That Do Background Checks

Online dating demands a unique skill set to analyze photos, profiles, messages and bios that few people possess. Even if you are an expert, it may not be enough as predators and sex offenders are professional con artists – they are experts in their field and are masters of deception.

Online dating requires users to be as if not more vigilant when meeting strangers offline. Just because you have someone’s name, photos, bio and messages doesn’t mean they should be trusted.

Using the same tools and framework for assessing character offline should be applied online to protect oneself.

Should dating apps offer background checks? I am surprised to hear does given that their registration process last time I check did not offer a comprehensive screening process for new users.

If dating apps were to offer backgrounds checks or screening services, it could open them up for liability as it is impossible to screen 100% of users 100% of the time.

I don’t think these screening services should be a requirement BUT if a dating app did offer screening services, that would go a long way of building confidence and trust across users who are skeptical of dipping their toe in the online dating waters.

For safety reasons I will not alert predators and offenders on the ways they can avoid detection by listing the ways here but I will provide some advice on how to protect yourself.

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Use Good Judgment, Take Things Slow, Ask Questions, Be Emotionally Available, How To Vet Online Dating Prospects

Take things slow, ask questions, ask for last names and emails, check social media sites, do Google searches, look up sex offender registries (not full-proof as there is a lag in updating records), meet in public places, alerts friends when going on dates, avoid getting picked up in strangers vehicles, disregard unattended drinks, don’t provide private financial information and review your own information online.

If someone is unwilling to meet your friends and family, plan trips down the road, doesn’t have any social media presence, doesn’t introduce you to their friends, family or always seems mysterious about their past, their life then take that as a clue to be extra cautious.

If someone is giving you too many compliments, too quickly (especially before meeting), take that as a red flag. (Check out the term love-bombing).

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How Can I Find Out If My Partner, Spouse, Wife, Husband Is On A Dating Site? Best Background Check For Boyfriend

Ask him or her. If you can’t have this dialogue, why are you together? If you can’t trust each other, what is the point of finding out if they have a profile or not?

Just because you have the Bumble app doesn’t mean you are using the dating function of the app – could be using the bizz networking portion of the app.

Similarly, just because someone has a profile on a dating app doesn’t mean they are active nor does it mean they created the profile. Many profiles are created by public photos in an attempt to catfish users.

Others likely use dating apps because their relationship is on the rocks and have given up. If caught, cheaters often blame the victim for being too busy, being unavailable etc. These are classic manipulation tactics – don’t fall prey to them.

Requesting forgotten passwords or usernames via email is an effective tool. It doesn’t proof anything. It could have been an old account. The dating site could just use the lookup to cause more doubt and try to get you to sign up for the app to see for yourself.

The best thing you can do is not be in a relationship where you cannot trust your partner. Simple as that.

Most dating apps require users to create an account to browse profiles. Most people who use dating apps to cheat on their partner might only use the app while traveling, hide the app on their phone or only use the website version of the app.

Having a friend see if she/he can match with your partner, spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend is the only way to find out for sure. In some jurisdictions, cheating in a relationship can nullify a pre-nup only if that condition is stated explicitly so in a contract.

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What To Do If You Suspect Your Partner Is On Dating Apps

Rather than confront someone at the first sniff of cheating, document behavior, travel activities, photograph phone notifications, listen to notification sounds when he is on the toilet, occasionally ask to use his phone to make a call or take a photo.

Have friends create an account and try to match with your partner and screenshot messages, profiles etc. Ask specific questions when your partner has last minute travel plans or get togethers with friends. Don’t be direct. Ask about where they ate, photos from the trip, who did they go with, etc.

Build up a case so you have undeniable evidence in the case a legal matter arises.


My Boyfriend Is On Tinder To Make Friends

No he is not. Don’t believe this. Sure Tinder’s tagline is “Dating, Make Friends, Meet New People” but no one uses it to make friends especially when in a relationship. People might use it to find tour guides, friends when traveling but only if they are single.

You can check for charges on credit cards, check notifications on the phone or see if/she gets promotional emails from dating apps. 


Online Dating Scammer Photos, Online Dating Scammer List

There is no database. Occasionally you can Google someone’s name or reverse image search them. That is not exhaustive nor should it give you certainty someone is not a scammer.

Things take time, you cannot rush things or jump into relationships, especially if you are vulnerable.


Social Catfish, BeenVerified and TruthFinder Reviews

These are paid services advertising background checks for people on dating sites, social media pages and those seeking information on the people they are dating, spouses etc. These are not comprehensive offerings as professionals know how to avoid detection online.

If you cannot trust your spouse or person you are dating, why are you still with them?


Tinder Backgrounds Checks, Match Group + Garbo Partnership

On March 15, 2021, Tinder announced that it will soon offer background checks on would be dates through parent company Match and non-profit Garbo. More on this here.

Online Dating Background Check – How To Reverse Image Search Tinder Profiles, Scammers & Fake Profiles, How To Vet Dating Prospects, Reverse Image Search Hinge, Reverse Image Search Bumble

Screenshot photos of the profile, save them to a desktop and upload them via Google Images and run a search using the camera icon. Make sure to use full photos and not cropped thumbnails. Just because you get no hits back doesn’t mean the profile isn’t fake.

Free Background Checks For Online Dating Profiles and Users, Free Background Check For Dating

Linkedin, Instagram, Yelp, Google, Facebook. If someone lives in San Francisco and goes by the name of Joe Anonymous. Use these terms and search strings on Google:

-“Joe Anonymous” “San Francisco” (searches exact matches for name and city)

-“Joseph Anonymous” “San Francisco” (name variation)

-Joe Anonymous San Francisco (in case they use a variation in their name i.e. middle name, middle initial)

Using social media platforms with date stamps allows you to see when photos were uploaded (possibly taken).


Can Felons Use Bumble, Hinge,, Tinder etc.? Dating Apps Without Scammers?

It’s possible. These apps do not and cannot filter profiles based on past criminal activity. Some apps do a better job of banning profiles that are reported, but one shouldn’t rely on dating sites to remove every one. Use good judgment when using dating apps.


Online Dating Background Check Controversy

Background checks are exhaustive, but not complete and thorough. Don’t assume someone who comes back clean is does not have a criminal background. Similarly, just because someone has not criminal background doesn’t mean they are not dangers.

Conversely, there are people who have criminal records from their past and are completely safe, law-abiding citizens now. These backgrounds checks are merely marketing gimmicks to get people to use dating apps more often. There are no criminal background checks when you go to a bar so why rely on one for dating apps?


Can You Search To See If Someone Is On A Dating Site? Can You See If Someone Is On Tinder? 

It’s possible, but most apps don’t let you do searches, they only display profiles one at a time. If you are concerned about your privacy, assume your profile is visible to everyone.

Similarly, if you are trying to find someone on a dating site, ask them to show you their profile. If you can’t do that, you either a stalker or you can’t trust the person.


Can You Find Out If Someone Is On Bumble? Can You Find Someone On Bumble With A Phone Number? Search Dating Profiles By Phone Number

Yes, just ask them next time you see them or text/call them.


Hinge Verification – How To Get Verified On Hinge, Hinge Selfie Verification

Not available on all markets, phones. If you can do it, go to your profile and look for the grey checkmark underneath your name. If you can click it, you can then start the verification process.


Stalking People On Dating Apps, Linkedin

It’s not uncommon to hear of people stalking people at their place of business. Be vigilant about your routines, information you disclose on dating apps.

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Are Felons Allowed On Dating Sites?

Yes, they are. No app checks for criminal history.


Can You Find Out If Someone Is On Hinge? Can I Search For Someone On Hinge? Can You Find Out If Someone Has A Dating Profile?

Yes, download the app, create a profile and swipe away until you come across their profile?


Can You Find Out If Someone Is On Tinder Without Joining? Browse Dating Profiles Without Signing Up

Yes, just borrow someone else’s phone who has a profile.


Do Any Dating Sites Do Background Checks? Dating Sites With Background Checks

No, if they did, they would be incomplete and provide a false sense of security.


Selfitis: Using Instagram To Screen For Selfitis

Instagram feeds on dating profiles and public accounts are a great way to screen for narcissism and psychopathy.


Google Yourself, Why You Should Google Your Name, Phone & Address

Make sure your social media accounts are private. Use a Google Voice number. It’s way too easy to find your address with just a name and/or phone number these days.


Bumble Verification – How To Get Verified On Bumble

Bumble will ask you to copy a pose through your front facing camera. It must be well lit and you have to copy the action. You can delete the photo later from your profile if you don’t want it anymore but it will have to match an existing photo on your profile.


Best Background Check For Online Dating

That is easy. It’s you. It’s up to you to be patient, ask questions, get to know people, analyze how they treat you, take note of how they act in difficult situations.


Should I Do A Background Check On My Date?

It’s not a bad thing to do, especially if it’s quick and not obsessive. Phone numbers, social media, cities and age are ways to check on someone. It can save you some heartache, cost of a babysitter, a few hours out of your life or more.


How Can I Find Someone’s Dating Profile Online? How To Find Out If Someone Is Registered On A Dating Site For Free? How To Find Someone’s Online Dating Profile

Ask them, otherwise create a fake profile. Some apps have private or incognito mode that won’t allow you to view some profiles so unless you have a hot friend you can bait to liking them, it won’t be an exhaustive method. Similarly, some people only use apps when traveling for work.


Why Would A Married Man Join A Dating Site? Husband Has Online Dating Profiles

Some people are in open relationships, or some people cheat on their spouses. Some guys use lame excuses like using Tinder to meet friends, which is total bullshit. Despite the best intentions of online dating background checks on dating sites, none are perfect.


My Wife Is On A Dating Site, Found My Girlfriend On A Dating App

It’s possible some profiles are created by scammers, bots or exes using public photos or personal photos from when they were together (possibly cropped out).

Rather than jump to conclusions, there are several methods to filter out possibilities and find out if profiles were created by said person or if they are old/stale or if they are created by others.

All the more reason to limit privacy on social media sites.


Why Do Husbands Look At Dating Apps? My Husband Is Addicted To Dating Sites

The more important question to ask is “Why is he still your husband?” or “Why do you let him treat you like that?” There is no reason a married man should be on a dating app or site.

There are a few reasons why he might have a legimitate case but even in those cases, he would tell you ahead of time why and chances are he has no business doing so.


How Can I Find Out If My Husband Is On Dating Sites? How To Find Out If Boyfriend Is On Dating Sites? How To Find Out If Your Partner Is On A Dating Site?

Ask him, get creative with help of friends or hire a specialist to do a background check on him.


Hinge Profile Search, Bumble Search

There is no search function on apps like there exist on

Tinder Verification

Tinder will ask you to record an action on your phone and compare that action and image with an existing image in your profile.

Final Thoughts – Background Checks On Bumble, Hinge & Other Dating Apps, Best Background Check Service For Dating

If you cannot trust someone completely for any reason, then perhaps you should be seeing the person. Anxiety, doubt will wreak havoc on your life even if the person has no evidence of leading a double life or cheating.

Don’t assume apps like Bumble that have verified profiles are screening folks beyond identity, if that. Assume all risk when using dating apps.

Most profiles on dating apps can be created in a matter of minutes without any verification of identity. Similarly, most dating apps provide options to hide profiles, block friends from Facebook or work or allow users to use photos that are not their own.


Find Dating Profiles By Email Address, Find Dating Profile By Phone Number Free, Find Someone On Dating Sites By Email, How To Find Someone On A Dating Site By Their Email, Search Dating Profile By Phone Number

Good luck, stalker. Most people don’t use their email (they use a phone). Additionally, many people use a spam email or secondary phone number.

There is no way to search dating profiles by phone numbers but there are ways to possibly know if a number has a dating profile attached to it.


Search Dating Sites Without Signing Up, Registering; Search Online Dating Profiles

Use a friend’s account.


Hinge Background Check, Bumble Background Check, Best Background Check For Dating, Relationship Background Checks, Background Check App, Best Background Check Site For Dating, Online Dating Identity Verification

The best background check for dating is you, your patience, your ability to use good judgment, you ability to screen profiles, read people, ask questions and ID red flags.


How To Find Out What Dating Sites Someone Is On? How To Find Someone’s Dating Profile By Email, Phone Number

There are several ways to possibly figure this out but if the methods are mentioned here, it will be harder to find said people. There is no perfect way but some creative methods can be used. In my background check services, I work with victims of cheating spouses and attorneys to identify these individuals.

Keep in mind, just because you find a profile of a person, doesn’t mean it’s active or actually them. People use public photos and create profiles of exes, enemies just to mess with them, bring them shame or cause them harm


How To Verify Your Accounts On Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, Tinder Blue Check, Photo Verification, How To Verify Yourself On Dating Apps, Should You Verify Yourself On Dating Sites

You should always be filtering profiles by verified accounts if you have a hard timing screening profiles, reading people or ID’ing bots, scammers, and catfishes however this is not a definitive way to stay safe, just another tool. Only verify yourself on apps directly, don’t use 3rd party apps/services that are likely phishing scams.

How to get verified on Bumble:

Tinder blue check, photo verification:

Hinge has no verification system but there are ways to make your profile more authentic so that people don’t mistake you for a bot, scammer etc.


How Accurate Is Tinder Verification? Tinder Catfish Check

Tinder verification is rather useless. It might prove you are a real person but that doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean you are lying about your location, marital status, age, height or weight. It doesn’t mean you are a criminal, sex offender or anything like that.


Are We Dating The Same Guy – Facebook Groups

Local groups (based around cities/metros) on Facebook dedicated to ID’ing creeps, liars and players.

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