Bumble Bizz Tips: How To Create A Profile, Opening Lines, Bios, About Me, How To Network Effectively. Getting The Most Out Of Bumble Bizz For Your Career.

If you have spent anytime on dating apps, it should come to no surprise that networking apps like Shapr and Bumble Bizz can feel like a waste of time. Often times these introduction apps are laced with push salespeople or those wanting to grab coffee or do a video chat or hop on a call right off the bat without providing any insight into their intentions.


How Does Bumble Bizz Work?

Similar to dating apps, users are show profiles and must decide to swipe left (reject) or swipe right (approve) of profiles they are interested in. Two mutual likes will create a match. From there women have the right to make a first move or initiate the conversation (just like on the dating app version of the app).


How To Switch To Bumble Bizz

Click the settings icon in the upper left corner of the app (there is not separate app). The top selection should have the mode that is currently used – ‘dating mode’, ‘bff mode’ and ‘bizz mode’


Bumble Bizz Bio & Bumble Bizz Headline

Your bio and headline should state positions, industry, companies and what you are on the app for. Those that have incomplete bios will not be taken seriously. Sample headlines should state that you are looking for a new job, looking to network with people in an industry, or looking for partnerships. If you are looking for sales leads, this is not the best app. Most people hate pushy salespeople. The most effective sales efforts have been when others have inquired about one’s services first rather than trying to pitch right off the bat.


Bumble Bizz About Me

This should contain info such as background, where you grew up, other side jobs, gigs, passions, or something about yourself that can highlight you and your personality. This is a more-ended space for you to add something unique and interesting about yourself. You should also be honest about what you are looking for. Most people don’t read this or fill it out but taking the time to be complete will help out in the long wrong.

Be sure to have links to your resume, website, examples of your work so people can take a look upon seeing your profile. Any ambiguity, confusion or lack of transparency will lead others to skip over you as extra hurdles kills momentum. Make it easy for others to learn about you and what you can offer them.


Bumble Bizz Photos

Your profile should have at least 1-3 good photos that clearly display looks but also professionalism. Photos that are too casual might suggest you are not serious about your career or are looking to use the app to date. Although Bumble Bizz is not a dating app, people need to have a photo (just like for LinkedIn) so they can know who they are dealing with. There are a lot of bad, sketchy photos and profiles out there. Photos can be either more professional, lifestyle or branding angles.


Bumble Bizz Etiquette

Just like with dating apps, people plow through any introductions or make things all about themselves. If you get such hard sales efforts, it’s recommended you report the profiles. Just because you match, don’t assume someone read your profile or is interested in what you have to say. Most people swipe right mindlessly without regard.


Bumble Bizz Opening Lines & Messages

Hi, hey & hello. These are the most common messages on the app. They are rather lazy and show a lack of respect. Additionally copied and pasted messages are worthless, All messages should be customized to show you read the other person’s profile and have some type of connection to make it worthwhile to engage in conversation. Skipping to meetings, calls, video chats or coffee is a major red flag. It takes time to exchange info, see if there is some opportunity to work together before initiating and investing time and effort into a match, connection.

Use the person’s first name, mention something about their profile. Show some interest, curiosity, enthusiasm about their career or current/past job. Launching straight into a pitch or about yourself shows people you are not worth their time. It can not only get you unmatched but reported for being too pushy. It can take a few days to build some connection and feel comfortable to launch into a chat or call. Be patient, be direct but don’t be forceful.

It’s recommended to set a radius to 30-45 miles as people tend to network with people closer to them but it is possible to try to connect with those outside that range especially if your services are more remote.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to list skills, clients or other notable aspects of your job that aren’t evident in the company, title and industry parts of your profile.

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