Bumble Compliments Per Day (How Many), Examples, Ideas, Best Bumble Compliments, Limit, Cost, Can Guys Message First On Bumble?

Bumble has always proclaimed to be a woman first dating app, giving them the power to decide who can message them on the app. Other apps were notorious for bombarding women with too many messages and too many unwanted/crude messages. Bumble aimed to improve the experience for women, in turn, improving the experience for all.

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Can Guys Message First On Bumble?

Yes, guys can now message first but only through the compliments feature.


What Are Bumble Compliments? Bumble Compliments Feature

Bumble has launched a new feature called ‘Compliments’ whereby men can send a compliment along with a like (similar to how you can send a comment with likes on Hinge.

This tool, in theory, should help make it easier for women to weed out low-effort guys by focusing on those that send compliments on the app (vs likes alone). It’s common knowledge that men, on average, swiped right on more profiles on Bumble because 1) they couldn’t send comments to stand out, 2) weren’t penalized by the app for sending out too many likes, and 3) know that not all matches send messages to them.

This shift was a long time coming for Bumble as women would often complain that guys don’t reply or guys put in low-effort on the app. Hopefully, with compliments, that will change or at least improve slightly.

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Bumble Profile Tips!

Learn how to make a good Bumble profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile (photos, interests, bios, and more). Additional help w/ boosts, compliments, first messages, best photo/photo order, Bumble premium available.

How Do Compliments Work On Bumble? Character Limit? How To Send A Compliment On Bumble? 

Once you tap the heart button on a photo, bio or prompt on Bumble, it will take you to a new screen where you can scroll the carousel of photos and prompts and choose which one to compliment on. This allows you to provide more context on what exactly about their prompt or photo jumped out to you. 

Character limits for Bumble compliments are 150 characters, so not much to work with. Be creative, unique. Focus on prompts and photos that resonate most with you, but also those that are likely not being overly commented on by others (repetition is boring). Sending a compliment is basically the equivalent of a right swipe on the app.

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Do Women See Compliments On Bumble? How To See Compliments On Bumble? 

When a user comes up in the queue, the person will be able to see any compliments attached to the like. Women can either respond to the compliment or start a new conversation. Unfortunately, this may not cut down on the hi/hey opening lines women use on Bumble, lol.

Go to the beeline and see the compliments there.


Bumble How Often Do You Get Compliments? Bumble Compliments Per Day, How Many Free Compliments On Bumble

One compliment per day is how much someone can send on a free plan (when it was first introduced). Some people have up to 5 compliments in their bank but as soon as that runs out, you will have to pay to send them.

If you are not getting many compliments relative to likes alone, take a look at your profile. Is your bio vague? Are your prompts cliche or boring or lack insight about who you are, what you seek and how you spend your time?

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Should You Send Compliments On Bumble? Do Bumble Compliments Work? Bumble Compliments vs Superswipes? 

Yes, on average, compliments show effort, however they can backfire if your complement is weird, gross, harassing, generic, or lame. Similarly, they can be effective if you are not swiping outside your league or ignore others preferences or deal-breakers. Compliments cannot make up for boring life, lack of hobbies/interests, poor grooming/hygiene habits, living far away or having different religious or political affiliations.

Likes and Superswipes can be lazy and effortless but some women respond to this type of behavior. It really boils down to who you want to attract. Some women want to be swept off their feet and be told sweet nothing’s, some like effort, sustained interest, vulnerability, communication etc. Everyone has different love languages.

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Bumble Compliment Ideas, Examples; Good Bumble Compliments, Best Bumble Compliments

Sample Bumble compliment: I love that spot, they have a fantastic spicy margarita. What’s your favorite item on the menu at (insert place from photo). It doesn’t have to be deep, vulnerable or complicated. Just put in effort. The best Bumble compliments are unique and show that you read their profile (but more so that you preferences/intentions/lifestyle matches with theirs otherwise the best compliments will not work at all).


How To Respond To A Compliment On Bumble? How To Reply To Bumble Compliments

The same way you would respond to a compliment on Hinge. If it’s gross, weird, harassing, harassing, etc, you don’t need to respond. Screenshot, block, report. The worst way to respond to a compliment on Bumble is to ignore it and/or send just a Hi or Hey.


Bumble Super Swipe vs Compliment – Which Is Better? Bumble Compliments Feature

Generally, compliments are better unless they are cringy. Super swipes are low-effort signs of desperation.


Do Guys Get Compliments On Bumble? Should You Compliment Guys On Bumble? 

You can, if you want to stand out but sending a like and a decent first message when matching is enough. 


Bumble Compliments Not Showing, Can’t See Bumble Compliments, Bumble Compliments Not Working

You will see compliments when you encounter said profile that sent it in your swipe queue or when you have Bumble Premium activated.


How To Compliment A Girl On Bumble, Bumble Compliments Ideas, Bumble Compliments Examples

If you want to know how to compliment a girl on Bumble, just be unique, be interesting. Show that you read their profile, aim to make a connection. It also helps to be realistic. Even the perfect compliment will fail if you are ignoring her preferences, filters etc. 


How To Compliment A Guy On Bumble, Funny Bumble Compliments

It can be hard to figure out what to say to a guy without sounding corny, desperate or lame. In my coaching sessions I highly ways to get a guys attention based on your comfort level.


How Do You Get More Compliments On Bumble? How To Buy Compliments On Bumble,  Bumble Compliments Refresh

You can pay for Bumble premium to get more compliments per day.


Bumble Compliments For Girl, Bumble Compliments For Guy, Bumble Compliments Best

In my coaching sessions, I will tech you how to form compliments, which item in a profile to focus on, best days/times to send compliments, how to be unique as well as how to increase response rate from compliments.


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