What Is Bumble Premium Plus, Bumble Premium vs Premium Plus, Bumble Premium Plus Cost, Is Bumble Premium Plus Worth It? 

Bumble is testing out a new VIP feature called Bumble Premium+. It’s not widely available but below are some screenshots, details, prices on the newest feature from Bumble.


Bumble Premium+ What Is It?, Bumble Premium+ Features, Bumble VIP Invite

Bumble Premium is the newest tier of Bumble premium (paid accounts). It offers additional features beyond the core premium product.

  • Fast track your likes
  • Stand out every day
  • See who’s trending

The other features are also included from the Bumble premium core service:

  • Unlimited likes
  • Beeline
  • Advanced filters
  • Incognito mode
  • Travel mode 
  • 5 SuperSwipes a week
  • 1 Spotlight a week
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Rematch
  • Unlimited Backtrack
  • Unlimited Best Bee likes 

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    Bumble Premium+ Cost, Bumble Premium Plus Price, Bumble Premium Rate

    Bumble Premium+ costs $39.99/month of $79.99/3 months. Regular Bumble premium costs $27.99/month or $54.99/3 months. Bumble premium plus pricing will likely increase over time as prices rarely drop.


    Bumble Premium Plus: Bumble Trending Profiles, Bumble Trending Tab

    Along with Bumble Premium Plus, Bumble introduced trending profiles. These are profiles that are gaining traction on the app and assumedly are the ones getting the most likes on the app. They are not necessarily the most attractive as lots of people have bad taste, but it could be due to artificial boosts. 


    Is Bumble Premium+ Worth It? Bumble Premium Plus Review

    Bumble Premium can be worth it for the additional filters but don’t rely on it for boosts, super likes etc. Fast track likes can help but likely will not if you are swiping outside your league too much. It’s a better ROI to work on yourself, exercise, expand hobbies, get better photos, be more strategic with likes vs hoping Bumble Premium+ will solve your problems.


    How To Get More Likes, Matches On Bumble

    You don’t have to pay for premium, boosts nor be a model. To get more likes and matches on Bumble without paying for Premium, read this.


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