How To Create A New Dating Profile Account On Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid. Tips On How To Make A New Account. Profile Refresh. 

As an online dating photographer and profile consultant, I have helped men and women, straight, gay and lesbian individuals with their dating profiles, offline appearances and approaches for over 6 years here in the San Francisco Bay Area, across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City) and internationally.

Addressing all aspects of their online and offline footprints, behaviors, content, 1st impressions including dating profile, app choice, bio, photos, appearance, body posture, wardrobe, eye contact and vocal intonation are ways to improve chances for success to attract the person you want.

“You attract who you are, not what you seek…”

There are times when a person, no matter what they do will have a hard time improving their likes to matching conversions, getting more replies from messages, turning messages into conversations, conversations into 1st dates and 1st dates into 2nd dates. 

There are two things called profile fatigue and algorithms that hinder one’s ability to have more success than they currently have. Understanding these two concepts are important before you decide to even think about resetting your Tinder, Bumble or Hinge profiles. A new account or profile may work well initially but the benefits can quickly go away if you don’t address the core issues.

Dating Profile Fatigue

If you spend too much time on dating apps, months or years, you can suffer from profile fatigue. Dating profile fatigue is when others either easily recognize your profile (cringe main profile photo), see multiple likes and messages from you or just see your profile often in the app (or across other apps) and are tired of seeing you repeatedly. This is important because even if you improve your profile, people tend to remember cringy profiles and photos which is why I tell all clients not to start using dating apps until you have decent photos.

Changing the main profile photo helps a little (especially if it’s a good one) but if you have photos or bios that are hard to forget, people will easily put 2 and 2 together and realize this is the same profile they swiped left on before. 

Dating App Algorithms

Algorithms take time to process new accounts and will give new accounts benefit of the doubt as to train it effectively but also leverage monetization efforts down the road once likes and matches stop rolling in.

Even if you successfully create a new account and the elo score resets and you get a bump in likes initially, it will likely diminish quickly. People will recognize your profile and swipe left accordingly (and possibly more often than before because those that might have liked you previously likely won’t do so again). The more left swipes you experience (and less time people spend reviewing a profile before swiping on you) will impact how often you are show to people and to whom your profile is shown to.

Shadowbans, Getting Banned from Dating Apps

If you have done something to insult, ridicule someone else on the platform, expect said person to not only swipe left on you but also report your for being back on the app. A profile reset can escalate the number of complaints against you leading to more immediate and permanent bans on your profile. Trying to game the system or hide your previous activities is not going to helped by a profile reset here.

When Should You Reset Your Dating Profile On Tinder, Hinge and Bumble?

A profile reset is not something that should be taken lightly nor should it be something you can do more than once, effectively. It’s a one-time event and you should deploy it once you are completely ready to unleash a new, fresh profile. Merely making a few changes to your bio or photo order will not help. Don’t expect another reset to work as effectively as your first one or even at all.

The best times to reset your account is after a long pause, change of appearance, wardrobe update, new photos (multiple, not just 1-2), and a profile overhaul (captions, bios, prompts and answers). A profile is not meant for minimal profile iterations or improvements but rather completely new profiles. Your dating profile should always reflect the current you (hairstyle, interests, biographical and geographical data etc.). It’s best you take some time off whether its several weeks or months in between deleting an old profile and creating a new profile.

Deleting Your Dating Profile – Tinder,, Hinge & Bumble; 3 Month Reset

Before you can reset your profile you must delete your account, not just delete the app. It is imperative that you retain all the accounts and phone numbers used to create your profile otherwise you may have a hard time resetting your account. Using burner phones and fake Facebook accounts is pretty shady and I don’t recommend doing this. Also, creating a fake Facebook account will remove all your friends and all the benefits of having mutual friends in common used in some algorithms.

I recommend planning to delete your account and staying off apps for a period of 3 months to cool off and allow people to forget the bad profile you had. Tinder’s privacy policy states it can keep your info for up to 3 months unless you are permanently blocked, in trouble with the law, under investigation etc.

How To Reset Your Dating Profile On Tinder, Hinge and Bumble

-Delete your account (make sure you confirm this as most apps have many layers to the cancellation process).

-Make sure you cancel all subscriptions in the app or through the appropriate paid channels i.e. iPhone, Google Wallet, Paypal, Credit Card etc.

-If you used Facebook to login to your online dating profile, open up Facebook settings > Apps & Websites > Select Logged in w/ Facebook > Select the dating app i.e. Tinder > Select Remove App > Confirm the request.

-Creating a new profile may require a new Facebook account, payment option, phone number and/or email.

-Using the same phone number, payment options, ip address, phone number or email are the easiest ways dating apps can detect duplicate accounts. Using the same photos as before is the other way dating apps can make the connections.

Additional Steps To Keep In Mind

-Do not link previous Instagram accounts

-Do not link previous Spotify accounts

-Do not link previous Snapchat accounts

-Do not use the same payment info, file names, exif data on the photos, same photos,

How To Improve Your Elo Score on Tinder

Volume swiping yes on every profile is the easiest way to sabotage your dating profile once it is reset. You should only swipe right on people you are interested in and have a realistic shot with. Swiping right on someone across the country, 25 years younger than you, someone taller than you or swiping on a profile where he/she lists an attribute that is a dealbreaker that you don’t meet will only hurt you down the road.

Choose your photos wisely but also order them appropriately. Having photos that look too different from each other (age, hair color, hairstyle or weight) will give users pause and when in doubt cause them to swipe left. You want a great first main profile photo but you will also be judged by your worst photo.

Avoid modeling photos, filters, skin softening, high-angled photos, photos with just a headshot, photos from a distance, photos looking away etc. Avoid selfies, intense photos, low-energy photos and photos that lack any conversation starters.

Understanding what your photos suggest is a valuable assessment to avoid self-sabotage and avoid sending mixed signals about what you seek.

Make sure you have a good profile and bio. Yes, photos are the most important thing and the first thing people notice but incomplete and lazy bios suggest you are looking for something casual, you are indifferent about profiles or are just lonely and looking for a penpal.

Tinder Account Reset Hack

If you reset your profile too often like Alex Hammerli does, you risk getting banned outright. Don’t risk it. Profile Deletion, Reset

The above apps operate with algorithms and while uses algorithms as well, it has a search function whereby you can sort by date created profiles. If you move cities or pause your subscription, your creation date remains in place.

Often times users sort by new profiles and browsing. For this reason, you may want to consider this option to bubble up to the top but also remove suspicion for being on dating apps for a long, long time if you appear at or near the bottom when sorted by newest first.

For this reason alone I recommend clients not default to looking at new profiles only as some people move, reactivate an old account and are hidden gems buried in the search results.

How To Get Unbanned From Hinge, Tinder, Bumble etc.

Read this post on learning more why it happens and how to get unbanned Tinder, Hinge etc.

Final Step To Reset Your Dating Profile Account

The above steps are recommended for users but there is one more step that is recommended to complete the reset process. This is only available to clients of mine to ensure that only the process remains its integrity and that it doesn’t get abused by those who were banned justly or who have behaved poorly or dishonestly.

Contact Tinder, Hinge, Bumble etc.

It’s rare, but it happens. Dating apps do make mistakes and ban people by accident. It happens less than 5% of the time but if you feel this is the case with you, contact the apps directly with screenshots, details, timestamps, email accounts, phone numbers etc and see if they agree. For the most part, bans are for a reason – you may not agree or like the reason but there is always a reason.

About Eddie Hernandez 

Eddie Hernandez is a professional photographer (based in San Francisco, travels to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York etc.) specializing in natural, candid online dating photos. Featured in the SFGate, ABC7News, East Bay Express, Salon; contributor to Good Men Project, Plenty Of Fish and Meddle. In addition to photos, he provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice and date ideas.

For other helpful online dating tips check out my blog for more helpful advice: 

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