Syncing Instagram Profile To Dating Apps Like Hinge, Should You Add Your Instagram Handle and Spotify Accounts To Your Online Dating App Profiles – Hinge, Bumble and Tinder

Many dating apps today are eager to obtain as much data about you as possible in an effort to understand you better and match you with more compatible people (or, so they claim). Providing a glimpse into your lifestyle can provide intrigue and encourage conversation but it can also invite stalkers and also result in a self-sabotaging effort.

Additional Photos
Many dating apps out there limit the number of photos you are able to display and so linking your Instagram can expand the number of photos displayed. With that said, there is a saying on dating apps that goes something like this “You are only as attractive as your worst photo.” Typically, 4-6 photos are enough photos for someone to effectively convey appearance, style, personality. Using more than 6 photos result in duplicative, repetitive photos either in wardrobe, poses, environments etc.

Aside from self-sabotaging efforts, it helps to leave a bit of a mystery and not pour every detail of your life upfront to a stranger before you meet. The more you share upfront, the harder it might be to carry a conversation or have enough to talk about on a first date.

Even though people are unable to view your Instagram account regardless of its privacy settings, it does provide people real-time access to your routine and whereabouts. This is great for thieves, stalkers and scammers who want to know when you are not at home, what your daily commute routines are and are trying to piece together answers to online accounts. Always limit oversharing real-time location, details of your life and your routine. Check out this post on online dating safety tips to keep in mind while meeting strangers. 

Many people are uncomfortable posting photos with friends without their permission on dating profiles. Others don’t know which photos to keep and which to delete. Linking your Instagram account solves these two problems.

Instagram (when done correctly) can provide a glimpse into how you spend your time, what you find inspiring and interesting and provide a creative outlet. It can also hinder your chances for success. If you take a bunch of selfies, post nothing but inspirational quotes or are seen partying 24/7, it can give pause to potential suitors.

The rule of thumb for this is to ask yourself what would your parents or work colleagues think if they found your profile online?

Musical Tastes, Connecting Spotify To Bumble Profile

I generally feel more comfortable and confident in recommending connecting Spotify to dating profiles so people can see your top ten list of artists. It’s more efficient as you don’t have to waste bio space and it is less lazy than if you were to list artists. Also, there is a validation in terms of deferring to a 3rd party for whom you listen to the most vs stating who you like.

The more random the better. Showing versatile tastes in music but also an ear for awesome independent or local bands is a great way to spark up a conversation with your match.

For the most part, your top artists should be displayed (those you listen to the most). If it looks outdated there are a couple things you can do. Binge listen the artists you want to appear at top, disconnect your Spotify account from your Bumble account and/or log out of your Spotify accounts and log back in.

Conversation Starters
Additionally, some apps don’t have captions for photos so adding photos that do from your Instagram account provides context. Additional photos also provide additional talking points and additional conversation starter points.

Many folks are bad at talking about themselves so photos can assist with helping folks with bridging that gap. (check out this guide on additional tips on conversation starters to help transition from matches to dates).

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Weigh what you can gain from revealing aspects of your life vs. what you are willing to divulge to the public. 

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