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Bumble is one of the most popular dating apps on the market and, over time, has managed to claw market share from Hinge. In order to get the most out of the app, it’s important to make sure your profile stands out from others. When it comes to making a great Bumble profile, there are several components needed to ensure you seem interesting, are social and have enough information and conversation starters to make it easy for others to message you or reply to your messages.

As a dating coach, it’s one of the top apps I recommend to most clients depending on their intentions, gender, orientation, location and effort. As soon as your profile is created, it is shown immediately to others and shown often, so it’s essential you don’t start off with lazy, incomplete profiles with unflattering photos that can really hurt your visibility and make it hard to make a good first impression.


What Is In A Bumble Profile? How To Make A Bumble Profile?

A Bumble profile is made up of 7 items – bio / about me field, photos, basic info, prompts, interests, verification and lifestyle information. This information is used by others in their preferences, deal-breakers and decision-making process. Despite its straightforward design, many men and women make the mistake of skipping over vital information. 

Not all fields are required, but omitting some fields or items can suggest you are lazy, not that motivated to date, are hiding something or are being mysterious (pro-tip: being mysterious is not recommended if you are looking for quality over quantity). In addition to the profile, there are options to sync Instagram and Spotify accounts, so people can see your recent photos and favorite songs.

Bumble Photos: How Many Bumble Pictures Do I Need, How Many Bumble Photos Should I Have?

Bumble is rather ambiguous with its photo requirements. In a previous report, they suggest having at least 3 photos to increase the chances of matching by 31%. When setting up a profile, it suggests adding at least 4 photos to a profile to increase a user’s profile completeness meter. The maximum number of photos a user can upload is 6 photos (there is a trick to add more, keep reading). Despite these suggestions, I recommend users have 6 photos in a profile to increase conversation starters and opportunities to connect with others.

Despite my guidance, people should not upload more photos for the sake of filling up slots. You will be judged by your worst photo(s), so it’s important all your photos are good enough to do you justice. With that said, the bare minimum I recommend is 4 photos for most people. Three is the absolute minimum I could recommend but only if they are awesome photos (clear, show your face, body, style and approachability).

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Bumble Photos Tips

What Are You Trying To Signal Through Your First Photo On Bumble

Assume people will swipe left on your profile based on a bad first photo including those with hats, group photos, sunglasses, lack of smiles, dimly lit photos, distant photos and photos with lifestyle choices incompatible with those viewing a profile.


Bumble Photos Requirements, Restrictions & Guidelines

Unlike most other apps, Bumble has some strict guidelines for what kind of photos should be used in a profile. You can read more about them here.

Bumble Biographical, Basic Data

Bumble’s biographical basic information includes work, education, covid dating preferences, gender, location and hometown. While some of these items might feel private, they are crucial in maximizing visibility and signaling lifestyle, behavior, aspiration, intelligence, location and safety. Even though Bumble uses GPS to tell others where you are located, this information is rather ambiguous at best. Many people travel, work and visit areas different from where they live, making location tough to figure out.

Leaving out location can make it less obvious you are where you say you are and could result in getting left-swiped more often. I advise clients to swipe left on profiles if their location is not set manually, and especially so if photos and prompts don’t offer local insight about where they are and where they spend their time. Don’t make this mistake, otherwise people might assume you are passing through town. Similarly, just because someone sets their town, doesn’t mean they are here permanently. It’s one of the classic lies people are known for on dating apps.


Bumble Additional Info

In addition to the basic info Bumble groups data fields into, there are other fields under the ‘more about me’ section of the profile. This includes height, exercise, education level, drinking, smoking, cannabis, looking for (intention), kids, star sign, politics and religion. These fields provide additional insight into lifestyle, background and more.


Bumble Bio: Bumble Bio Tips For Men, Women, Character Limit

Bumble has a free-form section of the profile for your bio or about me section. Ideally, this fills in the gaps of the profile that are not covered in the fields above as photos. People make the mistake to include their height (duplicative info), location (there is a separate section for that) and what they are looking for (again, there is a field for that).

Some people leave this blank or put jokes or list Instagram handles to get followers or bypass the requirement to send messages first. Leaving the bio blank signals lack of effort and sincerity.

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Bumble Bio Tip, About Me Section

Bumble Interests

Bumble interests are emojis and words used to select hobbies and interests. See list below. They are used to help determine who to show you. 

Bumble Interest Badges

Bumble Profile Prompts: Answers To Prompts

Bumble offers users to talk about themselves using profile prompts, which serve as a nudge to start a conversation. They can be random, personal, insightful or a waste of space. How you use it will be how you will be judged by others. Being cute might mean you are perceived as lazy and boring. There are a list of prompts to choose and you can select three prompts to answer. Once you answer them, you can’t delete them (only update or replace) so it’s crucial you fill this out carefully upon creation of your dating profile to take advantage of new user boosts.

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Bumble Instagram: Should You Link IG Or List Instagram Handle. Adding IG To Bumble Profile

Syncing Bumble will show the most recent 24 photos including private photos, photos of possible exes, unflattering photos and real-time information. If you do this, be careful of stalkers who might track your location, schedule and life. Similarly, some people just add their IG handle to their profile and force users to follow them in order to see photos (they can control who sees their profile by making Instagram private). Even if your IG account is private, users will see the 24 most recent photos if you sync IG accounts.


Bumble Spotify: Should You Add Spotify To Bumble Profile

If you enable Spotify integration, you can show users your top artists based on # of times you listen to said artist.


How To Complete Bumble Profile 100? 

Syncing all apps and filling out all items in the profile along with adding 6 photos to a profile will get you to 100% profile completion.


Final Thoughts: How To Make A Good Bumble Profile, How To Get Better At Bumble

Creating a profile to stand out requires self-awareness, effort, patience, testing, timing and luck. This should help you understand what to expect and how to prepare. For those that are struggling, I offer profile critiques and coaching services. Info below. Getting better at Bumble goes beyond profiles, photos and prompts. Timing, photo order, are needed. Being responsive and approachable will set you apart from others.


Personalized Online Dating Profile Critique

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Eddie Hernandez is a dating consultant & professional photographer based in San Francisco, servicing clients in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and beyond as featured in the NYTimes, SFGate, ABC7News, East Bay Express, Salon; contributor to Good Men Project, Plenty Of Fish and Meddle.

In addition to photos, he provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice, date planning, screening profiles, ID'ing red flags, offline techniques for meeting people organically, naturally. 

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