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If you are looking to tell your business’ story through casual corporate headshots, employee headshots, office headshots, business headshots, office space interior, company culture, corporate events & conferences, conventions, team building outings, creative corporate group shots, volunteer days, community involvement, about us section of your website, let’s talk about your corporate photography needs!

My style focuses more on personal connections and getting individuals to feel comfortable, confident rather than overly structured, stiff headshots.

Why Your Company Needs Professional Headshots And Casual Corporate Photos, Company Headshots

Communicating a vibrant, rewarding, fun, team and work environment through images, headshots and about us sections can set you apart from others companies here in the San Francisco Bay Area competitive job market.

When people look for reputation, professionalism, culture – they browse your website, LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other social media platforms.

I am available to capture office and lifestyle environments, employee headshots, volunteer days, and off-site team-building events and more. Read about why you should invest in employee headshots at your company.

Team-Building Photos, Company Outings, Recruiting Photos | San Francisco Corporate Culture, Corporate Lifestyle Photography

The best recruiting tool you can have for your company is communicating what it’s like to work your company. Visual representation of teamwork, office space and team-members do just that.

Privacy, Confidentiality & Personal Touch: Office Headshots On Location, Professional Photo Shoot

Unlike other photographers, I don’t outsource my work, including photos, editing. You always get me. My approach is to get people to feel comfortable, confident and relaxed working with me rather than overly compose, structure stiff headshots with ‘perfect lighting’.

I maintain strict privacy when it comes to competitive intelligence, growth, internal documents and anything learned through the engagement.

This is particularly good to know with respect to start-ups who can’t afford to trust anyone with internal, confidential information.

Company Culture Photography: Company Culture Images, Team Outing Images, Professional Work Photos, Company Culture Examples, Ideas To Improve Company Culture, Fun Office Culture Ideas, Fun Company Culture Ideas, Company Volunteer Opportunities

Company Volunteer Opportunities San Francisco, Corporate Team-Building San Francisco Ideas

1AM Graffiti Art Team Building, San Francisco – https://1amsf.com/graffiti-art-team-building/

Foodwise (formerly CUESA) Food Sustainability – https://cuesa.org/get-involved/volunteer

More ideas for existing clients.

Corporate Headshot Tips – How To Take Corporate Headshots

It’s important to understand what is needed for your headshot day at the office. Choosing a background in the office and using black and white photos creates more consistency while reducing the need to rely on a photographer you are not terribly happy with.

Color photos are recommended for liveliness and culture, but black and white is more consistent across the board.

Expanding headshots beyond just top level executives can enable a better branding experience for your company as photos can be used for press releases, Linkedin profiles, conferences, Meetups, speaker series and social media.

Photos should be taken in landscape and portrait mode to provide most versatility for all possible use cases.

Company Headshot Day Photos | Office Headshots On Location | Fun Company Headshots – Candid Office Photos, Workplace Photos | Team Headshots, Corporate Team Photography

Most employees hate headshot day and how they look – usually these photos are taken quickly, obscure locations like the kitchen and hardly used outside an ID badge or internal directory.

Make sure you get cool company photos employees love and will use on websites, press and social media to promote your brand and attract candidates.

Don’t let stale, stiff and lethargic headshots sabotage your company’s image to investors, clients, partners and customers. View examples below for inspiration on how to tell your company’s story.

Employees from Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Glassdoor, Workday, Macy’s, Sephora, YouTube, Apple, Stripe, Andreessen Horowitz, Waymo, Yelp, Uber, Lyft, LinkedIn, Tesla and NetApp come to me when they want something beyond a generic, boring corporate headshot.

Advance Notice For Employee Headshot Day, Office Headshots On Location

Not everyone is comfortable taking headshots. It’s important to give your employees advance notice so they can prepare for the headshot day (makeup, haircuts etc.).

As an employer, you want your team to represent you well, so make sure to give your team members the opportunity to showcase your company well.

What To Wear For Headshots: For women’s wardrobe tips, read this guide. | For men’s clothing tips, be sure to read this guide.

For additional LinkedIn employee headshot tips including cropping, sizing, posing, spacing, attire etc, read this: https://eddie-hernandez.com/linkedin-headshots/

Company Wall Art, Office Photo Decor, Buy Fine Art Printshttps://fineartamerica.com/profiles/eddie-hernandez

Employee Photo Wall Idea, Professional Photos For Office

Could be hometown maps, by department or by seats. If you want something random, it could be candid photos from events, volunteer opportunities.

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie is a professional photographer based in San Francisco clients in NYC, LA, Chicago, London.

His photography style balances approachability and professionalism while focusing on personality by consulting on wardrobes, appearance, location scouting and what the client wants to signal, attract. His photos are natural, organic and free from artificial filters and photoshopping seen with other photographers. 

Clients include VC's, CEO's, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Therapists, Government Officials, Shy Men, & Women, Actors, Models, Solopreneurs, Small Business Owners, Creative Professionals from Google, Apple, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Tesla & more.

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