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Most companies spend a tremendous amount of time hiring agencies, luring coveted marketing executives and developing a presence offline and online in an effort to communicate their brand to their customers, business partners, potential investors, press releases and job candidates.

These attempts are great at differentiating your company from others but there is one channel that is often ignored by companies and that is company headshots.

About Us Company Profile, Photos & Picture Ideas

Most companies opt to capture headshots of their executives or senior leadership only while ignoring employees. Other companies may opt for headshots of their entire company but those photos are often regulated to ID badges and internal directories only.

The main reason for this is that companies often hire corporate headshot photographers who blast through headshots quickly and at a discount thus resulting in unflattering photos. This approach is a waste of money in my opinion. 

Why Are Headshots Important For Business? Benefits Of Professional Headshots

Individual profiles are an extension of your brand and sad, tired, or lethargic profiles can hurt in your recruitment efforts, brand perception and  brand awareness. Ideally the photos you take of employees will be displayed publicly on LinkedIn, conferences, speaking engagements and more – these images help to bring a human element to often faceless companies.

Importance Of Employee Photos For Recruiting, Diversity 

To get those inviting, approachable and professional photos, you need to hire a photographer that will takes into consideration individual stakeholders – your employees! 

There is more information about companies available than ever before. LinkedIn provides public  individual profiles as well as first impressions for job-seekers. It’s almost certain someone will look for a LinkedIn connection on Linkedin when researching jobs.

Do you really want someone who looks miserable or unprofessional representing your company? Do you really want to signal that your start-up has no funds to provide a small investment in their employees?

Individual headshots can not only be expensive but hard to schedule during the busy work week. Hiring a photographer to come on site, assist with headshots and capture your brand optimizes for costs, time as well as brand consistency and professionalism.

Most people hire a photographer last minute based on an unexpected timely deadline. Remove that frustration for employees seeking current headshots and hire a professional photographer today. 

Photos can add an approachable and professional side to your company through LinkedIn profiles, About Us sections, speaking engagements, press releases and conferences. Learn more about capturing photos for your company culture here: https://eddie-hernandez.com/company-culture/

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About Eddie Hernandez

Eddie Hernandez is a professional photographer based in San Francisco, servicing clients in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago. His speciality is approachable, professional photos and focuses on outdoor headshots, branding photos, lifestyle images and those seeking something custom rather than a boring, stiff studio headshot.

His locations scouting is second to none. He factors outfits, hairstyles, hair colors, skin tones, industries, inspiration and availability to customize photos for LinkedIn, branding efforts, press releases, company websites, speaking conferences and personal websites.

His clients include VC firms, CEO's, Founders, Attorneys, Tech, Non-Profits, Medical Professionals, Coaches, Engineers, Government Employees and Creative Professionals from companies like Google, Apple, Salesforce, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp & more.

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