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As an online dating photographer and profile consultant, I have spent more than 5 years helping folks (here in the San Francisco Bay Area), across the country (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City) and internationally with their dating profile, app choice, bio, photo and appearance makeovers (think of me as a real-life version of Hitch).

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My goal is to help relationship-focused individuals improve their chances of meeting that special someone online and offline. In addition to photos, I work on all aspects of a profile to make sure your photos will be used effectively alongside your app choices, bios, etiquette, prompts, answers and other existing photos. As a dating profile expert, I provide guidance on realistic expectations based on your demographics, opportunities for improvement and highlight the areas for improvement to minimize self-sabotage.

Over 70% of clients, friends and strangers I have met randomly over the years have admitted that they have never sought out feedback on their dating app choices, photos, bios and messages. That is a startlingly high rate considering most people seek out feedback on their resumes, wardrobe, furniture, and even brunch options. Some folks are embarrassed, some don’t have friends they trust, while others don’t know people who have actually succeeded using dating apps to meet quality people.

For those interested in an online dating review and critique that covers photos, bios, prompts, app choice, app strategy, appearance, wardrobe, poses and more, scroll down to the page to learn more about my offerings. Read this for an intro guide on online dating frequently asked questions.


There is a lot of bad advice and conflicting recommendations out there regarding dating profiles, bios, messages and dating app options. Many articles (like the apps themselves) are focused on engagement metrics (argument, discussions, likes, matches etc.) and not results (meeting quality people, having good dates).

Some of this advice is written by people who are or have been single for a while. Other advice comes from biased sources that either want to be sensitive to your feelings or come from different circumstances and demographics (looks, height, weight, energy, wardrobe, socioeconomic factors, location, outlook etc.).

One example of this bias is advice from attractive friends. An attractive person who is in shape has much more wiggle room in terms of being judged with respect to self-deprecating photos than the average person. Also, friends usually have context with your photos that strangers do not (are you marketing yourself to friends or strangers?)

While self-deprecating photos show confidence, ability to laugh at oneself and ability to show a raw, candid side to you, if not done properly it can backfire. This coupled with a small sample size bias, is enough to set people down the wrong path.


For those seeking exhaustive feedback on their entire profiles (not just photos and bios), are new to online dating and need help to create a profile or those that are unable to meet me here in San Francisco or during my travels to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, Mexico City, Tokyo and Boston I offer online dating profile critiques virtually. (You can read more about me in the news as well as reviews here).

This offering is an exhaustive review of your online reputation, photo quality, photo order, app choices, bios, prompts, answers, wardrobe, appearance, lifestyle, communication strategy (likes vs. commenting) as well as an honest, candid assessment about your ability to succeed given your demographics, preferences, deal-breakers and first impressions. It also includes photo editing of existing photos:lighting, shadows, cropping, sharpening.

I will provide structure around profile bios (rough but customized dating profile templates), prompt choices based on lifestyle/personality, answers to prompts (anecdotes, details to mention), photo captions and first message examples.

To get started on a critique please prepare the following items to be answered in a quick questionnaire for me to review after you contact me:

Existing photos, screenshots: of existing dating profiles. If you have links to LinkedIn, Facebook etc. send those over as well. (Many folks self-sabotage their efforts by using bad photos or neglecting photos I would recommend using on profiles). I recommend creating a Google Drive folder with screenshots of your dating profiles and any/all photos of yourself from the last 2-3 years.
Bios, Headlines, Captions, Filters, Preferences: Make sure to include bios, prompts, headlines answers and photo captions, deal-breakers, preferences etc. in your screenshots.

Demographics: location, age, height, ethnicity, religion (if that is important to you). Any major changes to your lifestyle or appearance?

Personality: hobbies, interests, guilty pleasures, school, locations traveled and lived, job, volunteer activities, favorite foods/dishes, local places to explore (hikes, restaurants, museums etc.). Please be specific, don’t be vague.

Dating Preferences & Orientation: deal-breakers, what do you seek (heterosexual, gay, bi, lesbian, open relationship, poly, monogamous relationship). How are you looking to attract?

Dating  History: (online: where do you struggle? Likes, matches, 1st dates, getting 2nd dates; offline: meeting people, eye contact, conversations, date ideas, initiating conversations).

Dating App Usage: What apps have you used? For how long for each? Profile re-starts, banned accounts, duplicate accounts, paid subscriptions.


All this information is confidential and is used solely to help with your dating profile. Please be specific, use examples or review process can be significantly delayed behind all others who have followed the above instructions. 


Limited Time Offer:  $125 for up to 2 dating profiles ovia Venmo, Paypal, Square Cash or Zelle.

About Eddie Hernandez 

Eddie Hernandez is a professional photographer (based in San Francisco, travels to Los Angeles, Chicago, New York etc.) specializing in natural, candid online dating photos. Featured in the SFGate, ABC7News, East Bay Express, Salon; contributor to Good Men Project, Plenty Of Fish and Meddle. In addition to photos, he provides guidance around app choice, bio optimization, messaging techniques, wardrobe advice and date ideas.

For other helpful online dating tips check out my blog for more helpful advice: 

Online Dating Frequently Asked Questions (Photos, App Choice, Wardrobe, Messaging, Bios and More):

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