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How To Stand Out On Hinge: Hinge Profile Tips, Best Hinge Prompts & Answers, What To Put On A Hinge Profile

There is quite a bit of self-sabotage across dating profiles (photos come to mind) but profile prompts should not be overlooked. Similarly, the decision to comment vs merely liking a prompt can mean all the difference whether you end up matching with someone or not (more on that below).

There are many factors that determine online dating success and often times, effort in profiles can derail one’s chances drastically. Below are my favorite Hinge prompts to use in a profile, ones to avoid and tips on how to answer them to get the most out of your dating profile. For those seeking additional help with profiles, photos, app choice, introductory lines, timing and communication skills, take a look at my dating profile critique services.

What Are Prompts On Hinge? How Do Hinge Prompts Work? What Questions Are Asked On Hinge?

Prompts are interview type questions, conversation starters you can add to your profile that enable you to answer them to provide information about yourself as opposed to a blank free form bio. The idea is that these prompts provide ideas for people to write about themselves. These are usually a combination of witty, funny, anecdotal, insightful, playful and random thoughts, answers and observations.


Should I Use Prompts On Hinge?

Prompts help you tell your story when bios are a bit tough and ambiguous to navigate. Secondly, they provide conversation starters for individuals to engage with. They signal intent, lifestyle, personality, priorities and interests. If your photos are basic or if you hate writing about yourself, prompts are your best friend.

Unlike other apps that require you to answer questions, Hinge let’s you choose 3 prompts or questions to answer. Choosing the right ones are key as they can factor who is shown in your ‘Most Compatible’ feed.


Hinge Profile Tips: Best Hinge Prompt Answers For Girl (Example), Funny Hinge Answers, Best Hinge Answers


Hinge Prompt and Answer

Hinge Prompt and Answer to Question: Worst Idea I’ve Ever Had Good Question Response



Using good prompts can set you up to answer them in a way that makes your profile stand out. Using bad prompts can make it hard to answer them beyond a one word answer. This guide will show you all the prompts on Hinge and will feature my recommendations to help you answer them.


Why Prompts Will Help You Get More Matches, What Are Good Hinge Prompts?

While photos (particularly your main profile photo) will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios, prompts, and answers provide context, detail and signal sincerity, effort and intention.

Ignoring captions, prompts and thoughtful answers can offset good photos you might otherwise have instantly. Sure great photos can offset sub-par bios and prompts but not everyone has awesome profile photos that are great conversation starters and are flattering.

Addressing all aspects of online dating is the best way to improve success with dating apps. It could be that Hinge is not the best app for you based on your age, gender, lifestyle and location. It’s a great app but not recommended for everyone.

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Bad Prompts To Avoid On Hinge, What Not To Write On Hinge Prompts

Not all prompts are the same – there are quite a bit of awful ones you should avoid! These are typically ones that elicit one word answers or ask people to do something (more on that later in this article).

The best Hinge answers are ones that provide insight, tidbits about your life, what motivates you, what you are passionate about, who you are and how you spend your time. Choosing bad Hinge prompts makes it harder to offer up the best Hinge answers in your profile.

A good prompt on Hinge can inspire good creative answers as well as responses from potential suitors. An unpopular opinion can stir up good conversation and banter while a bad prompt and answer can offset your photos.

A good prompt can invite an opening to be random, quirky, unique, insightful, bold, humble if done correctly. Usually this is harder to do with other apps that have a bio but no prompts to provide a seamless introduction.

Hinge Question List / Hinge Full Prompt List (Complete List Of All Hinge Prompts)

Hinge offers over 75 different prompts for users to choose. Some prompts are easier to find than others while new ones are released over time. View the list below before creating a profile, so you can get the most out of your profile when it’s first created.

It’s important to start off strong since your profile will be shown the most within the first few hours, days and slow down after that. The list of prompts changes over time so back for updates to the list.

What Do You Say On Hinge? Do Hinge Prompts Work?

It’s hard to gauge information from photos especially if they are basic i.e. lack activities, locations, hobbies, interests, expressions and style. Prompts can’t make your photos look better but they can sure as heck sabotage your profile if you skip them completely or if you have bad grammar, boring answers or lack the ability to market yourself.


How Many Questions Can You Answer On Hinge? How Do I Add More Prompts To Hinge. Can You Have More Than 3 Prompts On Hinge?

The answer is 3 prompts max but you can change or edit questions at a later time.


What Are Photo Prompts? How Can I Find Them?

They are similar to normal prompts but instead of answering questions with words, you use photos. Scroll down to see the list of Hinge Photo Prompts.


How Do I Make a Good Hinge Profile? What Prompts To Use On Hinge?

Photos are a great place to start but using good prompts and answers that are insightful, playful, witty and honest will go a long way. This intro guide to writing a good profile is a must-read so you can understand what people look at and how they judge you.

Generally, you want to add some details, reference to a profile. Don’t answer prompts with one word or without context. Add examples. Short, vague answers are a sign of laziness and can offset your good dating photos.


Click on the prompts below to reveal what makes each prompt great and tips on how to answer each of them.

For more information on dating app FAQ’s including which photos to use, what are the best apps, monthly average user numbers, conversation starters, check out this comprehensive guide I put together.


I know the best spot in town for -

This shows your knowledge of local hotspots, ability to be in the know, hobbies, interests, lifestyle as well possible compatibility for similar taste. Knowing the either hot new openings or surprising a date with an under the radar place can show your similar tastes in food, drinks, culture, music or outdoors.

Pro-tip: Knowing about the best spot is great but if you have other places to compare the dish/item to in the city that will lend more credibility and expertise. People love to learn new things and being an expert can help you establish some credibility.

Sample Answer: Espresso martinis and hot winter cocktails. 


I get along best with people -

My greatest complement about people I have met, know and surround myself with are the type of people they themselves surround themselves with. Knowing the type of people you like to add to your inner circle is quite revealing and shows how you view others. Passions, priorities or lifestyles are the way to go here when linking such traits.

Sample answer: Who don’t walk slow or stand on the left side of escalators. Bonus points if you have Global Entry, know how to grab seats at the bar area of restaurants and have Eater as your homepage.

I want someone who –

This is a great prompt for those who are direct, know what they want and not afraid to ask for it. Focusing on character, personality, how someone views the world, what they prioritize will go a long way vs. listing dealbreakers which can be viewed as defensive language and inability to trust people.

Sample answer: Isn’t afraid to laugh at themselves, is passionate about the people in their lives and work that the day, is intersted to know where their food comes from and cares enough about their appearance before the leave the house but aren’t obsessive about it. 

I’m convinced that –

This allows for some open-ended answers and conversation as well as an unpopular opinion. It’s an opening to be bold, assertive, random. 

Pro-tip: Pineapple on pizza is the most cliche answer here. Don’t use this unless you want to get X’d/ For more cliche profile examples, check this bingo card: https://eddie-hernandez.com/cliche-dating-profile-bingo-card/

Sample answer: The cancellation of the Kardashians is the best news of 2020. I also am convinced that coffee cocktails are the perfect cocktails during quarantine.


Don't hate me if –

This is one of my favorite prompts. If done well can balance self deprecation and boldness with a possible humble brag. There is a fine line between having an unpopular opinion and being too obscure or weird. Generally having good photos can give you more leeway when it comes to these revelations. 

A life goal of mine –

Shows ambition, passion and priorities. You can take a less serious tone and offer something playful, silly or self-deprecating but too much can signal you are not looking for anything serious or just looking for something casual for the time being.

I geek out on -

Use this prompt to be a little quirky, random, or unconvential. Playing it safe will just make you blend in with the other cliche profiles. See: https://eddie-hernandez.com/hinge-most-cliche-answers-to-prompts/

I flip out over –

This provides an opportunity to voice guilty pleasures, trivial obsessions and passions. An ability to nerd out over something obscure is more effective than professing your love of The Office, Game of Thrones or something cliche that offers no insight into personality. See: https://eddie-hernandez.com/hinge-most-cliche-answers-to-prompts/

My biggest date fail –

This can show your ability to laugh at yourself but could also be TMI. Self-deprecating humor can show an understated sense of confidence in your own skin if done correctly. The ability to recognize failures and move on is quite an admirable quality in people on dating apps when the norm is to not reveal too much.

We’re the same type of weird if / I’m weirdly attracted to –

Things can get weird quickly or they can reveal something that is flattering but not obvious. Think hard before answering this but if you are able to nerd out and connect over something you are passionate about, that can be just enough to open the door.

A social cause I care about –

This might be easier to share this part of your life instead of through a cliche selfie/photo. This opening allows for a small humble brag about your unselfish efforts as well  as something near and dear to you. Sometimes this prompt is not necessary if you have a photo that captures you volunteering with your preferred non-proft.

Favorite holiday tradition –

You can definitely play it safe and show you are close to your family and have some great rituals or you can highlight some interesting, quirky traditions that give a glimpse of what one can expect if things go well between the two of you. Helpful if you family is local or lives in a cool part of world, not so much if it is somewhere where you or your partner don’t want to go 1-2x per year.

I’m overly competitive about –

Think carefully about this, answer wrong and you can get instantly ignored. Answer correctly and you may have found your “partner in crime”. By the way, don’t use that term on profile. Also listing ‘everything’ is not only cliche but boring and vague.

I’m actually legitimately bad at –

This can create an opening for admitting something embarrassing which can be viewed as a sign of confidence, comfort in your own skin. However, pick something like laundry, dishes, eye contact or something personal and you risk scaring off a potential suitor.

Worst fad I participated in –

Choose wisely on this. Pick the right fad and you might bond over something so terrible a decision that you can connect over your dorkiness, silliness. Choose wrong and you might be seen as gullible, seeking attention/acceptance from others or lame.

The award I should be nominated for –

A good humble brag about something unique can go far in describing something random about yourself but if award is mundane it can be a waste of space on your profile. Something self-deprecating here can also be quite effective as it shows confidence through vulnerability.

On my bucket list / Next vacation spot -

Is you bucket list or vacation spot interesting? Is it insightful? Is it more than 2 words? Explain. Avoiding cliche places like Iceland, Tulum, Machu Picchu and Taj Mahal are recommended.

I spend most of my money on –

For those looking to meet someone financially responsible, well off this could be a way of communicating your financial situation.

My most irrational fear –

Vulnerability is always a good thing when done right but make sure what you write is not revealing or TMI. 

One thing I’ll never do again / Worst idea I’ve ever had –

Something you did a long time ago, something people are curious about but never muster up the confidence can be revealing and a great way to show how you have grown up but if you come off as resentful, negative or too gullible it could hurt your profile. Done tastefully, revealing something clumsy can be quite endearing.

Hinge Prompt and Answer

Hinge Prompt and Answer

Weirdest gift I have given or received -

Can be a great way to reference something obscure and random that invites follow up questions.

My ideal fake sick day -

Show what you prioritize or truly appreciate in life…

My happy place -

Pick a good one, make sure its nostalgic, classic or somewhere unique and briefly explain why.

I'll know it's time to delete Hinge when -

Shows your intention, how you show trust and what you are looking for in life.

This year I really want to -

Have at it. Some self-deprecating humor during Covid is something that will give you sympathy points if you know how to spin it.

For the worst ways to answer Hinge prompts, check out these real examples of the worst answers to Hinge prompts. 

Sample Bad Prompts, Hinge Question List (Hinge Prompt Answer):

Worst Hinge Prompts and Answers

Worst Hinge Prompts and Answers Question Response


Funny Hinge Prompt Answers

-Random Fact I Love,

-Give Me Travel Tips To,

-We’ll Get Along If,

-All I Ask Is That You,

-You Should Not Go Out With Me If,

-Don’t Hate Me If,

-Pet Peeves,

-The Sign Of A Great First Date,

-How My Mother Would Describe Me,

-The Most Spontaneous Thing I’ve Done,

-Fact About Me That Surprises People,

-Try To Guess This About Me,

-A Shower Thought I Had Recently,

-The One Thing You Should Know About Me Is,

-I’ll Pick The Topic If You Start The Conversation,

-The Biggest Risk I’ve Taken,

-The Best Way To Ask Me Out Is By,

-Qualities I’m Looking For In A Plus-One Wedding Date,

-What Are You Looking For,

-Dating Me Is Like,

-I’ll Fall For You If,

-My Mantra Is,

-I’m A Regular At,

-You’ll Know I Like You If,

-Together, We Could,

-I’ll Know I’ve Found The One When,

-The Dorkiest Thing About Me Is,

-They Key To My Heart Is,

-The One Thing I’d Love To Know About You Is,

-The Way To Win Me Over Is,

-What If I Told you That,

-Teach Me Something About,

-If Loving This Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right,

-I Won’t Shut Up About,

-I Bet You Can’t,

-Best Travel Story,

-Do You Agree Or Disagree That,

-Let’s Debate This Topic,

-I Recently Discovered That,

-One Thing I’ll Never Do Again,

-You Should Leave A Comment If,

-Unusual Skills,

-Two Truths And A Lie,

-Never Have I Ever,

-My Greatest Strength,

-Typical Sunday,

-My Simple Pleasures,

How To Change Hinge Questions, How To Get New Hinge Prompts

To update Hinge prompts or replace Hinge prompts, you have to ‘x’ out one of your current prompts and then select update or replace. Update allows you to change the answer to that Hinge question while replace allows you to select a new prompt altogether.


Does Hinge Update, Change Prompts?

Hinge adds new prompts every so often and removes others over time. Check back here regularly for updates.


Is It Better To Like Or Message On Hinge? Are You Supposed To Comment On Hinge?

It’s generally recommended commenting in general. It’s also sometimes better to comment on prompts over photos. Read this guide on why you shouldn’t just like a prompt, photo or profile on dating sites.


How To Comment On Hinge?

The best strategy is to comment on a prompt or photo that is not super obvious and that everyone else has commented on (the person has likely heard it all). Starting with a comment/opinion and then following up with a question is recommended for a call to action (improve chances for a reply). 

Read: Conversation Starters on Hinge 

Hinge Photo Prompts List aka Hinge Photo Captions

In addition to these prompts, Hinge also has photo prompts. Below is the list of Hinge photo prompts (most you should not use especially the ones I call out, but a few can have promise if used correctly – highlighted in bold). I much prefer custom captions as these are overused, boring and unoriginal.

-How my friends see me

-Guess where this photo was taken (never use this, lamest photo prompt in the batch).

-Me in the wild

-My favorite thing to do while social distancing

-A special talent of mine

As seen on my mom’s fridge (only if the photo is of a photo on your mom’s fridge)

-B-side of my camera roll

-Caught in the act (bad photo prompt, if it’s good, no caption needed)

-Biggest risk I’ve ever taken

-Caption this photo

-Comment if you’ve been here

Dating me will look like

-Don’t judge me

-Don’t show this to my mom

-Felt cute might delete later

Found in my 90s time capsule

-Get someone who looks at you like

-Guess how many takes this took

-Guess the backstory of this photo (awful don’t use this)

-Help me identify this photo bomber

-How I fight the Sunday scaries

-How history will remember me

-I can teach you how to

-I feel famous when

-I thought I deleted this one

-I’m learning how to

-It was fun and games until

-I’m known for

-Leave a comment if you want to meet here

-Leave a one-word review for this

-Let me introduce you to my alter ego

-Let’s do this for our date from home

-Life outtake

-Lowkey flex

-Me and my best friend

-Me during Fashion Week

-Me In my blogging days

-Meme this photo

-Most exotic place I’ve been to

-My best blue steel

-My Instagram Story mostly contains

-My dog looks at me like this

-My funniest home video submission,

-My good side

-My life behind the scenes

-My life peaked when

-My proudest moment

My quarter life crisis looks like

-My submission to National Geographic

-My uniform

-My vulnerable side

-My weekends look like

-Never have I ever

-Plandid or candid?

-Post-coffee me

-Pre-coffee me

-Selfie #503

-Take me back to

-Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk

-That one dance trend I nailed

-The advertisement for my life would look like

-The moment I knew my modeling career was over

-The Way To Win Me Over Is

This could be us

-This should go viral

-You had to be there

-Write the sub-titles for this video

-Woke up like this

-Who wore it better

-Video most likely to win an Oscar

-Together we can be terrible at

Can You Skip Prompts On Hinge?

Once you choose prompts, you can’t delete them you can only replace/update them. On some occasions, if you never selected prompts to begin with, it’s possible not to have them on your profile. 


Most Cliche Answers To Hinge Prompts

Read this post to make sure you avoid sounding too basic, lazy, unoriginal or boring in your answers to Hinge prompts.


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