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When it comes to dating apps, people make the mistake of downloading the app and filling it out as they go. While dating profiles are pretty straightforward, people often make huge mistakes that can cost them down the road.

For example, new profiles are boosted upon creation and so if you launch a profile that is poor, lazy or not much thought was put in, you will lose out on possible matches right away. Also, by sabotaging your profile, you will get less views over time as algorithms show you less over time. Below you will see all the components of a Tinder template (profiles) and how to build your own profile.

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What Is A Good Profile For Tinder? Tinder Template, Dating App Profile Questions Tinder

A good Tinder profile is one that is filled out exhaustively, has enough photos, shows you and your appearance, personality and provides details about who you are, what you seek and how you spend your time.

Tinder profiles that have good photos as well as a thought out bio that is unique, informative will get the best results as long as people have realistic expectations when it comes to swiping. Copying and pasting profiles is a great way to get left-swiped easily, quickly.

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Tinder Profile Template – Tinder Photo Tips

Tinder allows users to upload up to 9 photos in a dating profile and forces you to upload at least 1 photo. People often make the mistake of uploading 9 photos and while more is good generally, you will be judged by your worst photo.

What does that mean? It means you should upload photos that are not cringy. It also means you need to show yourself off entirely i.e. close-up, full-body etc.


Is 3 Photos Enough For Tinder? How Many Photos Should You Have For Tinder

That implies you have at least 3 photos. Unless you are a supermodel, 3 photos is not enough, I generally recommend 4-6 photos for a dating profile.


What Should Your First Picture Be On Tinder?

The rule of thumb is that the photos are well lit, consistent in looks, are all recent and show you entirely, i.e. limiting hats, sunglasses, hiding behind phones and other objects.

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Best Tinder Photos For Guys, Tinder Profile Photo Tips

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Best Camera For Tinder Photos?

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Tinder Dating Profile Template – Tinder About Me, Tinder Bio Questions, Tinder Bio Character Length, Limit

When it comes to the profile questions, Tinder asks several questions. While not all are required questions, the more you fill out about yourself the more information people have to make decisions about you. Dating profiles provide an opportunity for users to convey themselves in a flattering light.

Tinder provides users with 500 characters from which to create a bio or about me and users have been know to use emojis to save on space.

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Should You Use Tinder Smart Photos? Pros And Cons Of Tinder Smart Photos?

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Tinder Profile Template – Tinder Interests List – Which Interests To Put On Your Tinder Profile? Tinder Questions

Tinder offers users a plethora of interests from which to choose from, which can be used in the algorithms to decide who to show you and when. There are better interests than others to get more likes and matches and clients get a breakdown of how to carefully select these interests.

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Tinder Profile Questions, Tinder Anthem, Tinder Spotify, Should You Link Spotify To Tinder, Show Instagram Photos On Tinder?

Tinder offers users the ability to sync Spotify and Instagram profiles to accounts. While this provides more info about you, it can also sabotage your efforts if said profiles are unflattering.

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Tinder Customer Support, Tinder Contact Customer Service, Tinder Uploading Photo Errors?

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Tinder Relationship Types: Tinder Polyamory, Tinder Ethical Non-Monogamy, Tinder ENM

Tinder recently launched relationship types where people can select what they are open to. These options are:


-ethical non-monogamy

-open relationship


-opening to exploring

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Tinder Video Verification April 2023, Tinder Selfie Video Verification, How To Verify Profile On Tinder

Tinder has introduced new video verification to reduce fraud and fake profiles given the ease of filtering photos through AI but videos can also be altered (just a bit more time and effort is needed). Read more about video verification here.

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