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When it comes to making a good Hinge profile, there are many things to consider such as photos, photo captions, questions, but prompts are usually the area that most women overlook. Some women get so much attention that it doesn’t matter what they write, as they will get enough likes and comments. While that is true, not all attention is wanted/good attention, and what you write in a profile can significantly alter the quality of men that contact you.

While Hinge does have some pretty awful, corny, lame and pointless prompts to choose from, some prompts are better than others in terms of allowing more depth and insight into answers. Keep on reading to learn about why prompts are important, how to answer Hinge prompts, which Hinge prompts you should choose and which Hinge prompts you should avoid.


How To Answer Hinge Prompts, What To Write In Hinge Prompts?

Hinge has several prompts to choose from, and yet there is no specific guidance on what to say in these prompts. Since there is no bio on Hinge, prompts are super important. Hinge prompts convey effort, show uniqueness and display talking points to spur comments and conversations. Without them, you signal that you might not be looking for anything serious, have no expectations or are possibly interested in looks only vs substance, character etc.

Ideally, Hinge prompts should capture a range of information from who you are, how you spend your time and what you seek. In a perfect world, you shouldn’t waste space on items that are implied or redundant like:

-location (there is a field for that already)

-monogamy (there is a separate field for that already)

-relationship intentions (there is a field for that already)

-my kids come first (if you have to state this, it might imply that you are a bad parent)

-no hookups (again, relationship type is a field, use it)

-age (if you put the incorrect age in your profile, fix it, don’t lie and state a real age in a prompt answer)


Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?

Do Guys Read Hinge Profiles? Empty Hinge Profiles, Blank Hinge Prompts, One-Word Answer Hinge Prompts

I understand why women answer prompts above. Many guys don’t read prompts. Many guys don’t even look at profiles and just look at photos. Some don’t even care what you look like and will tap heart on every women – so why should you waste time on Hinge prompt answers? Simple, your goal is not to care about the guys that you are not interested in or don’t read your profile. Your goal is to attract quality men.

Time wasters and losers will like you no matter what, but if you don’t take prompts seriously, you will miss out on quality guys that don’t take you seriously. 

Best Hinge Prompts For Women, Ideas, Examples, Best Hinge Prompt Answers For Girls, Funny Hinge Prompt Answers For Girls

The best prompts are those that are open-ended and ones where you can inject several answers into. Some of my favorite prompts are:

-I geek out on

-i go crazy for 

-I want someone who

-I get along best with people who 

-My simple pleasures (list 3-5 items)

The worst Hinge prompts are typically those that don’t convey any useful information about you, are cliche, are too muc of an insider tale that require people to know you or better off told in person or lack details. Typically prompts to avoid are:

-I recently discovered that

-A random fact I love

-Teach me something about (feels a bit lazy; prompts/profiles are as much about give/take rather than being lazy with requests for information)

-The key to my heart is (don’t make it easy for guys, it’s like giving them a playbook to say what you want to hear) 

-You should leave a comment if (same as above)

-Green Flag I Look For (same as above)

-First round is on me (same as above)

-You should not go out with me if (same as above; expecting guys to out themselves for you in not realistic)

-Dating me is like (very narcissistic, self-absorbed or likely biased)

-My best travel story 

-I’ll Pick The Topic You Start The Conversation (so structured, forced and interview-like; pretty lame prompt)


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Most Cliche Answers To Hinge Prompts, Generic Hinge Prompt Answers To Avoid, Bad Answers To Hinge Prompts

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