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For many, Tinder is the first stab at online dating. It’s the most popular dating app on the market and it’s the most widely known and referenced in pop culture. It is the dating app that started the left-swipe, right swipe era.

Funny Tinder bios have become such a cultural phenomenon that the app itself is hardly used as a dating app but rather content for r/Tinder reddit posts to see who can get the most votes. Tinder conversation starters are likely to be screenshot and shared with others, beware.

However, just because it’s the most widely downloaded dating app, it’s not the best dating app for everyone nor most people. There are many bots, primarily for users 18-25, those looking for something casual or for those without other dating app options in their area. For an exhaustive review on the Tinder app, read this.


Tinder Profile Tips: Tinder Profiles, Bios, Prompts, Tinder Conversation Starters

Nearly every dating app out there has copied their innovative approach including Match and OkCupid which were largely desktop first platforms that eventually gave into mobile apps such as How About We, Hinge, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel and many others.

When it comes to creating a good profile, Tinder bios for guys can be brutal. Below are some tips to crafting the best Tinder bios and profiles for guys and girls as well as some guidance on Tinder openers.

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Best Tinder Opening Lines, Icebreakers, Bios & Tinder About Me Section For Guys, Girls

Collectively, these dating apps have launched online dating into the mainstream. They are no longer used by introverts, geeks, artsy folks and those with fetishes.

In fact, many attractive, popular and even famous folks use Tinder for meeting others. You need good photos to do well on dating apps but your bio and opening lines will set you apart from the competition.

It’s not a matter of copying and pasting lines from the internet as it it improvising, good timing, flow and awareness of pop-culture, being able to identify trends, suggestions and references to things like tv, movies, food, music, podcasts etc.


Biggest Struggles People Face On Tinder – How To Make A Good Tinder Profile

Despite its straightforward design and structure, there are many, many folks who struggle with the app.

Most fail to get matches, some fail at initiating a successful conversation, others fail at taking the conversation offline and meeting IRL. Many guys end up spending lots of money of various bells and whistles to help their case with minimal success.

There is no better ROI than investing in good photos, selecting the best bio example based on your lifestyle, and knowing your audience to use the best pick up lines based on their personality and what they communicate through their photos and bio.

The best Tinder bio for guys won’t matter if your photos, facial expressions, and expectations are all in sync.

For additional tips on all things Tinder regarding photos, premium features, bans, shadow bans and more, read my Tinder blog posts.

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Eddie is an image consultant in San Francisco with clients in NYC, LA, and beyond. He assists clients w/ fashion sense, social skills, hobbies & interests, etiquette, being more approachable around others & making friends.

Is Tinder Advice on Reddit Any Good i.e. r/Tinder, r/RoastMe? Tinder Bio Ideas

Most advice is geared toward those that are looking to hookup, finding pen pals, need help themselves or are looking to make fun of people’s photos, profiles, and communications (as evidenced in all the screenshots of communications with matches).

For those looking for general online dating apps around photos, bios, prompts and more, read this guide to online dating.

Similarly, using copy and pasted pickup lines and bios from the internet are way to cliche. Men outnumber women on dating apps and men outnumber women in terms of dating apps used per person – you do the math.

That clever bio or pickup line you saw on that website listed on Google – well she has seen that and heard that dozens if not hundreds of times. Unless you cater your intro lines to her profile and your personality, your effort will fall flat.

r/RoastMe is more brutal but more honest. Most people don’t have thick enough skin to be told things that their friends and family were nervous to tell them. Again, with any public feedback, know your audience.

The feedback  I would give to clients for their profile critique varies by their age, location, lifestyle etc. Most forums on Reddit offer advice from those that spend time on Tinder and struggle with online dating.


Good Dating Profile For Tinder, Best Tinder Bios, Tinder Bio Tips, Best Tinder Bios For Guys

Like many men who throw away instructions and start to put together furniture or building items for the house, men of Tinder often opt for this approach – trial and error. While that may work for other projects, Tinder is a little different.

There are some irreversible or at least hard to overcome actions when you venture off into the world of online dating.

As soon as you create your profile and go live (regardless if you start swiping or not), you are being judged. This is why it’s important to start off strong because your profile is shown most widely early on to get you hooked but also teach the algorithm.

Unlike profiles on where you can browse, sort and filter profiles and view them all at once on the same screen, Tinder serves up profiles one by one to users as soon as the profiles are created. Sure you can change your radius, age and select other preference but Tinder will decide who and when to show your profiles to others and vice-versa.


How Does Tinder Decide Who To Show You? ELO Score

Tinder has what’s called an ELO score which is its way of scoring and ranking users. The idea behind it is that it tries to guess your attractiveness – the more you are swiped right on, the more your score goes up, the more often you are shown to others.

This general framework seems straightforward but people often try to game the system. Using someone else’s photos and then switching back to yours may help initially but since it’s done too often, folks have gotten banned.



What About New Profiles With No Or Little Swipe Activity? Tinder Algorithm

Good question, new profiles are treated well for a couple of reasons in that they are shown many profiles and attractive profiles.

This is done for two main reasons – 1) this entices users to the platform to get them hooked on the idea that are many desirable people around them and 2) it helps to kick the algorithms off by showing you to many folks so it can quickly collect how they respond to your profile.

Soon enough, Tinder has enough data on your experience will regress to the mean – if you are viewed unattractive by others, you will be shown less desirable profiles and fewer profiles in hopes that you will pay more to view more profiles and better profiles.


Tinder Profile Pictures, Best Photos For Guys, Girls To Get More Likes

Dating apps like OkCupid and Match were primarily profile first platforms that contained a lot of information about users in addition to their photos.

One had to click through the profile to send a message or like the profile. Now dating profiles are heavily photo-driven in nature. You need good photos in order for your bios and messages to have any chance for success. Read this guide on some tips on what photos to use and which to avoid.


Tinder Profile Tip: Should You Activate Tinder Smart Photos?

Many people struggle trying to figure out which are the best photos to use in a Tinder profile. Great Tinder photos are rather selective. They are based on lighting, pose, outfits, environment, order and lastly based on other photos other people have used that you are competing with.

Tinder Smart Photos figures out what order to place your photos through extensive testing. For argument’s sake, assuming your best photo is figured out by Tinder, doesn’t mean that your photos are good or that you can’t improve them.

Additionally, Tinder will show your worst photos through these tests and everyone knows making a good first impression is your best chance for success (you are only as attractive as your worst photo).


Tinder Smart Photos

Tinder Smart Photos / Courtesy of


Tinder’s testing in my opinion is not something one should trust. It’s nearly impossible to know what photo led to someone swiping left or right on Tinder.

Many people swipe right after the last photo in the profile. Some people swipe right or left after they have seen enough (not necessarily what is best or worst). Your best bet is to ask a trusted source that has an unbiased point of view.


How Do You Start A Conversation On Tinder? Good Tinder Bios, Openers

Before you start to worry about your opening lines, you need to focus on your bio. After your photos, your bio is the next important aspect of your profile.

Before you can message someone you need to match with them and before you can match, the other person has to review your photos and secondly your bio. If your bio is weak, you will receive fewer matches. Fewer matches means fewer opportunities for opening lines.

A good bio is unique, confident, creative, witty and insightful. They should complement your photos and set up your opening lines. Many of the examples online are used frequently and are obviously copy and pasted. Good luck trying to separate yourself from the rest.

Listing something cliche is like The Office will get you nowhere. Writing about something less mainstream though like Unorthodox or Shtisel might make you slightly more interesting but not if you self-sabotage the rest of your bio or photos.


Successful Tinder Bios – Frameworks + Tips On Tinder Bios For Guys

A good dating app bio should be consistent with your photos and your appearance. Too many guys try to be the most interesting man in the world and try to be the jack of all trades. If you are looking for something casual or looking for something with LTR possibilities, you need to communicate that directly or indirectly.

Be specific, cliche bios are boring. Travel and Netflix offer no insight. Things you find odd, random, interesting, are passionate about are great. Instead of writing Netflix, reference a specific character on a lesser known show like Akiva on Shtisel. Self-deprecating humor is great when not too harsh.

Avoid emojis unless to save space and limited to a few. Lists that flow well are great: Great at ‘X’, Awful at ‘Y’, Aspiring ‘Z’ but settling for ‘A’. Avoid adjectives and use descriptive nouns and examples. Also, avoid duplicate info in the fields above (job, height, company, location). Avoid being negative.


Tinder Profile Tips: Bad Tinder Bios & Profiles For Guys, Girls, Tinder Profile Examples

bad tinder bio, profile example

bad tinder bio, profile example


Good Tinder Bio Examples, Guys & Girls: Tinder Profile Tips, What To Put In A Tinder Bio

Corn-fed from the Midwest, moved to the SF last year for green pastures. In search of great coffee cocktails, morning runs to start my day 6 days a week and long-time couchsurfer.

A bio like this communicates quite a bit in a few characters. Runners and couchsurfers are pretty distinct lifestyles and offer specific details about one’s priorities, travel style etc.

Ethically ambiguous, expert seat grabber at NOPA, big cities > resort vacations currently trying to figure out what to do with all my ceramics pieces from class.

This bio invites speculation about ethnicity, origins as well as conveys loves of food in addition to travel style. As a bonus, shows your current classes taken. Well-rounded without spilling all the beans at once – leave something for the imagination.

I live for GTL on the weekends – Galleries + Tea + Lacrosse. Currently planning for my trip to X and learning how to replicate the Y dish at Z but failing miserably – any tips? 

An alternative to the obvious show reference but reveals some consistent hobbies and activities you enjoy (art, tea and physical activity in lacrosse) along with new items you are trying to pick up.


But What If I Have No Hobbies, Interests (Boring Person)

I recommend exploring classes, games, hobbies, clubs, meetups etc. Hobbies and interests are essential if you want to attract someone. People feed off energy, passion, enthusiasm and connections.

You will need hobbies, experiences, interests and more to carry conversations via text, phone, video dates and in person. You can fake this step. These are critical items that help make you more attractive to others.


Tinder Text Prompts, Conversation Starters, Best Things To Say On Tinder

Recently, Tinder launched what are called Tinder text prompts to help those with poor photos add some conversation starters on their Tinder profiles.


Best Opening Tinder Lines, Funny Tinder Bios & Good Tinder Pick Up Lines

Avoid the obvious here. Guys tend to focus on looks way too often. Focus on bios, photos, background of photos, outfits, activities etc. Women that are bombarded by their looks have heard it all before, be unique. Show some thought and interest in the person. Ask open-ended questions.

What’s going on in this photo? Any tips for XYZ? Do you miss ABC from your hometown? Have you ever tried X? Did you check out ABC on your trip here?

There are clever ways of asking the above but to avoid others copying and pasting tired old lines, I wanted to provide some ideas for you to let your creativity flow. Opening lines should be specific to the user. They should be timely. Lastly opening lines should be sent not so soon after matching as to seem desperate or likely you are online 24/7 but not too far out that the person doesn’t feel prioritized.


Should You List Your Height On Tinder?

Tinder is one of the few dating apps where height is not a required field. As such people often add it in the bio section of their dating profile. If there is any doubt on profiles, people tend to swipe left and move on. Lying about height is one of the most common lies on dating apps outside lying about one’s age.

It’s not typical to see a woman’s profile listed a height minimum of 6 feet on dating apps. It’s not frequent but enough for boys to whine about on Reddit and internet forums. What percentage of men are over 6 feet tall? In the United States it’s about 14.5%. Is 5’11” a good height for a guy? Yes, it is.

Statistically speaking guys should target women at least 2 inches shorter than them but it’s not impossible for guys to date women their height or taller than them. A guy should always be honest with his height and not lie.

Online Dating Coaching For Men, Women

Help w/ swiping, timing, app choice, messages, filters, deal-breakers, paid features, screening profiles, reading people, ID'ing red flags/liars/time-wasters, date planning, & using dating apps more effectively & efficiently.


What is the Tinder, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn Meme

It is something started by Dolly Parton that illustrated the types of photos used by people on various social platforms.


Worst Tinder Profiles, Bad Tinder Bios, Tinder No Bio, Tinder With No Bio

The worst Tinder profiles are those that contain photos with other women, gym selfies, car selfies, ab photos, bedroom selfies, and bathroom selfies. These are generally the worst offender list in the Tinder bingo card.


Worst Tinder Pick Up Lines, Tinder Fails, Worst Tinder First Messages, Men, Women

If you want to see the worst opening lines on Tinder, go to r/Tinder on Reddit. Using trendy lines, copy/pasted lines from PUA or ghostwriters is ineffective unless you are attractive.


Tinder Vibes: How Do Vibes On Tinder Work?

Vibes are timely events that allow users to select lifestyle items from a set of prompts pushed by Tinder. These questions are aimed to reveal personality traits and connection with pop culture.


Cringy Tinder Pickup Lines, Cheesy Pickup Lines, Easy Tinder Conversation Starters

Head over to r/Tinder on reddit.


Tinder Conversations: How To Send Pictures On Tinder

Use a 3rd party hosting service i.e. Imgur, Instagram etc


How To Say No Hookups On Tinder? 

The same way you do it offline when you go to a bar. If a guy talks to you at a bar, are the first words you say going to be “no-hook-ups”? These apps are not ordering apps like Doordash. You look at the person, analyze their profile, photos and words and use good judgment. Ask questions, be patient, learn to ID red flags, screen profiles and read people.

Say what you are looking for rather than what you are not.

Read: How to decipher dating profiles (what they really mea).


What Should I Say In A Tinder Conversation? Tinder Conversation Starters For Guys

Rather than use corny lines which she is like to have heard thousands of times, aim to make a connection, look at her profile for ideas. Make sure you have enough life experience to draw from. If you are a homebody, don’t go out much, don’t have enough interesting hobbies others would find interesting, you are not going to make it easy on yourself to have good conversations.


How To Improve Response Rate On Tinder, How To Get More Replies On Tinder

Good photos and a witty bio are not enough. Sometimes you need good timing, self-awareness, ability to screen profiles and read people to improve conversation flow.

Limiting age range and radius is one way to do it while improving your photos (adding conversation starters i.e. locations, activities, travel etc) will undoubtedly make it easier to send a message and reply to messages.

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