Tinder Dating App Review: Tinder Plus, Gold, Super Boost & Super Likes, Blue Check Verified, Height Verification & Features: Prices, Discounts, Free Trials, Smart Photos, Is It Free?

Before Tinder (founded in 2012), people would rely on sites like OkCupid and Match.com to create thoughtful profiles, add photos, curate answers and browse through the profiles of people in their area in hopes of meeting someone they are attracted to. It took some additional time but it allowed one to think a bit more carefully about each and every profile they came across.

Nowadays, with the swipe profiles can be created in moments and the review process can take a split second vs 5-10 seconds or more like before. The swiping action has made the review process quicker but not more efficient. There are plenty of good apps that use the swipe mechanism but Tinder seems to be the most shallow as it doesn’t have prompts or as many biographical fields compared to Hinge or Bumble.

The speed of swiping often results in accidental swipes and the double opt-in of mutual swiping right has led to a sense of insecurity, doubt and impatience as users try to figure out if feelings are mutual or if the profile was left-swiped on. One should approach Tinder as the modern day HotOrNot.

For more tips on Tinder photos, first messages and bios, check out my other Tinder posts here: https://eddie-hernandez.com/category/dating-apps/tinder/

This addictive behaviors lead to a gamification approach to dating where people take dating less seriously than otherwise would. The introduction of premium features such as ‘Like You’ and ‘(Super) Boost’ have led to intended or unintended consequences where people seek out who likes them, how many people like them and how many matches can be captured via screenshots.

By doing so ‘dating’ apps have started to be referred to as introduction apps – introductions to Instagram accounts, introductions to websites, introductions to pen-pals (via Snapchat or What’sApp), introduction to scammers, introductions to hookups, introductions to tour guides (via Passport) and occasional introductions to those who seek someone to go on a date with.

The ambiguity a swipe vs a super like or a regular profile vs a top pick is enough to prey on people’s curiosity, fears, insecurity and FOMO. Here is my take on all the Tinder.com premium features and how the rank from worst to not as bad.

Is Tinder free? How does it work?

Tinder is free but there are numerous upgrades you can pay an extra fee for (not necessary if you have a good profile). Basically swipe left on people you don’t like and right on those you do like. Simple as that. Mutual matches are alerted and you can initiate conversation from there. Tinder app download is available on Google Play and Apple Store. You need a phone number to use Tinder, you don’t need a Facebook account.

Do Users Get Notified on Tinder If You Screenshot Their Profile, Messages?

No, they do not. Don’t write or post anything you do not want made public as screenshots are common on sites like Reddit i.e. r/Tinder.

Tinder Likes You
This feature (part of Tinder Gold) allows you to see who likes you before making a decision to swipe. Could be used for vanity reasons, could be used by those who are insecure about swiping right and getting rejected. Dating requires risk and a leap of faith, trying to reduce exposure of putting yourself out there can be viewed as a red flag for some. Offline approaches are what makes dating great – putting yourself out there and trying your best. Don’t deprive yourself by playing it safe.

What is Tinder Passport? Tinder Passport Feature: How To Use Tinder Passport
Feature allows you to change your current city. Very popular for those seeking a tour guide, meeting locals, seeking recommendations or looking for a hookup while traveling. This should be assumed if you encounter someone who is from elsewhere. Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold is needed to use this feature. Just edit your location in your settings and swipe away. People can see your profile up to 24 hours after updating your location, fyi.

Why Is Tinder Showing Me People Far Away

During normal times, you will get a few people using Tinder Passport feature while traveling or looking to meet other far away. During the coronavirus, there has been a spike of users using this feature.

UPDATE: Tinder Passport Free During Coronavirus, Covid-19 (April 30th)

The Tinder Passport Feature is free for users for the time being. Swipe away!

What is Tinder Rewind?
When you swipe too quickly and want to undo that last swipe left to right or vice versa. Not needed if you actually take the time to review profiles instead of trying to set a world record for swiping. Available on Tinder Plus/Gold

What is Tinder Super Like?
Possibly the worst feature of them all (so bad I wrote about this here in a separate post). A super like is the equivalent of an overly aggressive person trying to get your attention at a bar. There is no way to know if you like someone or really like someone until you talk and meet up so suggesting you can infer a deeper level of interest based on photos and a few characters seems a bit thirsty.

What is Tinder Boost?
Like the name suggests, it gives you up to 10x more views for 30 minutes in your area. I view this as the equivalent of paid ads on Google. You are better off investing in the product (yourself – photos, mental health, appearance, personality etc.) than trying the volume approach of getting more eyeballs.

If you can’t get enough likes or matches without boost, assume your profile is to blame. Focus on getting unbiased feedback on your bio, photos, and profile. These boosts tend to have a fairly generous radius so not necessarily targeted to those close to you.

When Is The Best Time To Use Tinder Boost? What Are The Peak Times For Tinder?

Like most apps, 9PM Sunday is the one of the busiest times for most apps but that also means most competition, most likely to hear a pickup line for the Nth time, and most likely to get bombarded by unwanted messages. With that said, Tinder Boost is rather ineffective if you have a poor profile, sub-par photos. Better to use the service after you have optimized your profile. Don’t rely on biased advice from friends, family etc. Get independent help from trusted professionals.

What is the Tinder character limit?

500 characters

What is Tinder Super Boost?
Available as a separate feature or Tinder Gold and Plus users. Ideal for wannabe influencers or those trying to throw up a Hail Mary before giving up on dating apps. Available in select markets. If you use Boost or Super Boost and get no matches or few matches first look at your location and demographics and see if there are enough people around you. Also get some unbiased feedback on your profile.

Tinder Boost, No Matches

Tinder Boost cannot make you look more appealing nor can it change your location, age or expectations. It can only multiply your current success or lack thereof. If you are getting zero matches before boost you will likely get zero matches after.


Tinder Top Picks
Available on Tinder Gold. Tinder’s guess (or randomness) to highlight a user they think is the most swipe worthy for you. Algorithms can loosely rank people based on demographics and interests but the amount of information provided on dating app profiles on Tinder suggests you can get as good as matches if you roll the dice on any user.

Even if you have 100% matches in interests, that doesn’t mean there will be sparks. Don’t rely on Tinder to do all the guesswork for you – learn to be patient, ask questions, analyze profiles and use good judgment. Top Picks is definitely not a screening alternative.

How Old Should Tinder Photos Be?
Ideally 2-3 years old or at least similar to what you would look like on a first date including: hair color, hair style, facial hair, fashion sense, weight etc.

Tinder Read Receipts
Just like annoying Microsoft Office emails, these are used to identify who has read your message. Definitely not needed in my opinion. Some folks use it to see how quickly matches respond to see if they are responding in time or are interested in you.  You should not dwell on any person if you have not heard from them one way or another. 

Tinder Video Chat, Calls: Face To Face

Tinder recently launched face to face video calls so you can chat with matches. More on this feature here.

What is Tinder Swipe Surge? What Is A Swipe Surge On Tinder?

With real-time notifications activated, users are alerted to extra high levels of users in a confined area usually shows, concerts, sporting events etc. Once activated, you opt into the pool and are pushed to the front of the line for this busy session lasting a few minutes or a few hours depending on the event, crowds etc.

How To Share Your Tinder Web Profile

Settings > Scroll Down > Web Profile > Select Username > Save It > Share My Url

What is Tinder Plus? How much is Tinder Plus? Tinder Plus Features
Unlimited Likes, Rewind your last swipe, 5 Super Likes a day, 1 Boost a month, Passport to swipe around the world, No ads. 

Tinder Plus costs $8.33 to $19.99 per month depending if you sign up for monthly or annual billing.

What is Tinder Gold? How To Upgrade? How Much is Tinder Gold?
Same as Tinder Plus but with See who Likes You before you swipe, New Top Picks every day.

These features seem to prey on middle school and high school tendencies – who likes you before you can make a move. I guess this makes senses given the demographics of the users on the site. Some people view it as a gaming app vs a dating app and that is unfortunate for those that don’t have other options for dating apps in their area.

Tinder Gold costs $12.49 to $29.99 per month depending if you sign up for monthly or annual billing. You can sometimes get a 25% discount if you delete the app, take a break and then re-install the app after a period.

Tinder Platinum

Tinder Platinum provides the same features as Plus and Gold, plus Priority Likes and Message Before Match. Available in select markets only.

-Message before matching by attaching a message to your Super Like
-Have your Like prioritized over others with Priority Likes
-See the Likes you’ve sent in the last 7 days

What is Tinder Secret Crush? Secret Admirer Card?

It’s merely a way for Tinder to get you to open the app. Assume it is someone that swiped right on you. Nothing more nothing less. Could be a bot, spammer, etc.

What Is Tinder Verified? How Does Tinder Verify Work? How To Get Verified On Tinder?

Released on January 23, 2020, Tinder users can now self-authenticate their profiles through a series of real-time posed (directed) selfies, which are compared to existing profile photos using human-assisted Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. Tinder Verified accounts will possess a blue check mark. You can contact Tinder directly to get verified. verified@tinder.com

At the end of the day, if you want a better ROI on your dating profile invest in your wardrobe, appearance, mental health, physical health, photos, bio, photo order, location etc. There is no need to buy any of these unnecessary bells and whistles.

If you focus on quality and not quantity, you can have more success that way than from additional meaningless right swipes. At the very least you can know whether the iterations made were helpful or where you stand in the eyes of others.

Tinder Verify Scam 

With the launch of Tinder Verfied has come many verified scams from individual users and matches. Don’t fall for this. Tinder is the only source for verification and one should not click on links from matches as they can be phishing attempts. More on datng scams and safety here: https://eddie-hernandez.com/online-dating-safety-tips/

Tinder Height Verification, Tinder Weight Verification, Tinder Filter By Height

Tinder posted an April Fool’s post on social media about a height verification feature being rolled out to users. This caused an uproar by guys on the internet requesting weight verification features. Needless to say this was an April Fool’s prank that rubbed guys the wrong way.

Use good judgment when analyzing photos. Look for height of others, markers in backgrounds, angles of photos, use reverse-image search to find dates of photos online on the internet, social media like Instagram, Facebook or Yelp listings. No need for a Tinder height filter if you know what to look for.

Tinder Festival Mode

Tinder introduced Festival Mode so users can claim match card badges on their profile, see who is going where and facilitating meetups in person at major festivals and chats as well.

Tinder Swipe Night

Tinder has a few feature called ‘Swipe Night’ that is like a virtual choose your own adventure game in the app. Each episode is a weekly series about 5 minutes long. These decisions are then applied to your profile so others can see your choices serving as potential conversation starters with matches.

What Are Top Picks On Tinder? 

Tinder Top Picks (according to Tinder) is: “a more limited set of potential matches it thinks users will like based on information in users’ profiles like education, type of job, hobbies and interests.” I don’t necessarily think these are more compatible than other people given the bare minimum info collected by the app in terms of lifestyle, religion, politics, height etc. so take it with a grain of salt. It’s common to never match with a top pick from Tinder, especially if your photos are awful or you have a poor profile, bio etc. Most would argue that Tinder Top Picks are useless.

Tinder Green Dot, Tinder Recently Active

What does the green dot on Tinder mean? For those with Tinder Gold or Platinum, you can see if a match is active within 24 hours if there is a green next to their name. 

What is Tinder Noonlight?

Noonlight is a feature that has been added so that Tinder users can be a little safer while online dating. It allows you to share when, where and with whom you meet as well as adding functionality to discreetly trigger emergency alerts.

Tinder Share To Matches

TInder recently launched a new test feature to allow users to send photos and loops that only matches can see.

Tinder Passions

Tinder let’s you add things you are passionate about so that you can keep your bio free for other items. Passions include: outdoors, netflix, climate change, black lives matter, yoga, craft beer, tea, brunch, wine, vegetarian, golf, baking, soccer, surfing, museum, activism, feminism, climbing, karaoke, picnicking and more.

Does Tinder Charge Higher Prices for Older People?

They allegedly (folks 30+) did but not explicitly anymore. Apps conduct price tests, discounts but cannot discriminate on age alone.

Banned From Tinder, Unbanned – What Is A Tinder Shadowban?

I wrote more about shadowbans and fewer/no matches here so users can understand how to accounts work: https://eddie-hernandez.com/hinge-tinder-login-errors-banned/

Tinder Smart Photos

Smart photos is not a premium feature but it is worth mentioning here. In theory, it picks your best photos and ranks them for you automatically. I have reasons to be skeptical. Best photos can mean many things including most likes but not all likes lead to matches or dates. They can be a sign of thinking something is cute or funny but not interesting enough for a date.

Tinder has an incentive to provide the illusion of many different profiles as possible and one way to do this is to shuffle the main profile photo excessively. Use this feature at your own risk.

Who Uses Tinder? What Kind of People Are on the App?

Tinder is known for casual users looking for a hookup, pen-pals, entertainment during lonely times, confidence boosters and occasionaly for a sincere date. Given it’s gender imbalance and younger and more immature base, it’s common to get unwanted messages, photos if you are on it long enough.

Tinder Meme

Tinder Meme


It’s a high volume swiping app so incredible patience is needed as well as the ability to screen people effectively. Remember Tinder is an introduction app, not a dating app. Dating is just one type of introduction but there are others as well.

How To Delete Tinder Account, Tinder Support Page, Customer Service


What Is Tinder Quick Chat?

Quick chat is a new feature (not available to everyone) where users get matched with others randomly for 30 second chats. At the end it will ask if you want to continue to chat (swipe left or right).

Tinder Reddit

There is a major subreddit with all things Tinder including a profile critique but keep in mind most people struggle, are super young, are looking for something casual or are looking to post screenshots of matches.

Tinder Filters: Does Tinder Have An Ethnicity Filter?

No, Tinder has no ethnicity filter on the app.

Can You Send Photos On Tinder

Not directly but you can upload photos and share a link via a shared folder or site like Google Drive, Imgur, Instagram etc.

What Are Tinder Loops?

Tinder has video loop options that allow users to add or record 2 second videos to their profiles. Tinder claimed at one point that users who added loops saw a 20% increase in conversation lengths. In Japan, users saw 10% more right swipes when they added a video loop to their profile.

Tinder vs Bumble

The dating app Tinder gets compared to quite a bit is Bumble. Bumble is the more mature version of Tinder, better female to male ratios, less scammy profiles, more educated folks, more relationship minded individuals. Bumble vs Tinder comparisons depend on what you seek, your ability to read people, be patient, ask questions etc. You can’t expect everyone to be honest or dating apps to do all the work for you – they are merely introduction apps.

How To Find Someone On Tinder / How To Tell If Someone Has A Tinder Account

Ask them.

Does Tinder Have A Desktop Site?

Yes, there is a desktop mode for Tinder.

How To Find Someone On Tinder Again?

Keep swiping, Tinder repeats profiles.

For additional Tinder related advice, tips regarding swipe strategy, photos, profile bios and more, check out my other posts: https://eddie-hernandez.com/category/dating-apps/tinder/

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