Should You Super Like or Super Swipe on Dating Apps? Why Tinder Super Likes, Bumble SuperSwipes & Hinge Roses Are Creepy. How To Get Free Super Likes on Tinder

A like is merely someone that likes a profile, but it can also mean someone who is trying to get you to like them, see their profile, follow them Instagram or seek validation. A like without action means absolutely nothing. Don’t read into likes. This is particularly true on apps like Tinder where it’s tagline is “Tinder | Dating, Make Friends & Meet New People”.

People often think a like is someone that wants to meet them in person for a date – unfortunately that is not the case. Dating apps attract bots, scammers, influencers, cheaters, throuples, catfishers in addition to people looking for penpals, tour guides, one-night stands, friends with benefits and occasionally dates. Likes and matches mean nothing on dating apps; it’s about what your profile signals, what opening lines you use and how you carry yourself that matters.


Tinder Super Likes, Bumble Superswipes, Bumble Extend, Hinge Roses 

Super likes and superswipes are generally creepy, forward and viewed as a lazy shortcut. How can you really like someone you don’t know, haven’t met? Would you walk up to a stranger at a bar and say you really like them right off the bat? Don’t be that person. You are likely better off improving your profile, photos, timing (tips at the end) or resetting your dating profile, account. These items give people false sense of hope and feed into anxiety, insecurity and unreasonable expectations on dating apps.


What is Tinder Super Like? What Does Super Like Do On Tinder? What Do Super Likes Mean?

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps based on user counts (not necessarily based on quality of profiles, honest, relationship-minded folks etc.). Back in 2016, Tinder rolled out a new feature called the “Super-Like” to allow people to separate themselves from others (no thanks to gender ratio imbalances) in an effort to show you are really interested in them vs casually swiping right.

The idea here was to allow the other person to know you are interested before he/she swipes on left or right on you. Leave your notifications on to see who super likes you on Tinder. If someone super liked you, you will see a notification on their profile when it comes up in the deck before you swipe left or right. If you accidentally super like someone, you can undo it with Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus. Tinder super likes in theory are used to separate yourself from other matches on the app.


Tinder Super Like Notification

Tinder Super Like Notification


What Happens When You Get Super Liked On Tinder? Super Likes Notifications

You are notified by the app that the other person has super liked you.


What is Bumble Super Swipe? What Do Super Swipes Mean On Bumble

Less than 2 years later, Bumble copied that same feature with a “Super-Swipe”. Basically a Bumble Super Like. A great podcast with Head of Product OkCupid highlights the view of such behavior. Definitely worth a listen to if you have the chance.

What Happens When You Superswipe On Bumble? Super Swipe Mistake, Dissapeared

It’s possible someone did it by accident and retracted it.


Bumble SuperSwipe Cost, How Much Is Bumble Per Month

1 coin = 1 superswipe.  You can buy:

-30 Coins for $34.99 ($1.16/coin)

-15 Coins foo $19.99 ($1.33/coin)

-5 Coins for $7.99 ($1.59/coin)

-1 Coin for $1.99

There are no free Bumble superswipes. Bumble does not offer a free daily superswipe like Tinder.


Hinge Standouts, Roses: What Do They Mean? Do They Work? Costs, Prices & More

Hinge is the latest app to join this super like effort. Hinge standouts feed is a way to highlight prompt responses of users. Users receive one free rose per week. Users can buy more but then others can’t tell if you are giving your weekly rose allotment to them or just splurging money on every girl. Likes sent with roses are sent to the top of the likes queue. Roses can be sent from the standouts queue or the discover queue.

1 rose costs $3.99,

6 roses cost $19.99, and

12 roses cost for $29.99.


Hinge: Like vs Message vs Send Rose

Hinge: Like vs Message vs Send Rose


Hinge Roses

Hinge Roses


Should You SuperSwipe On Bumble? Should You Super Like On Tinder? Are Super Likes Worth It?

On the surface it seems like a good idea but ask any woman, and you will probably get a neutral or otherwise unfavorable view of the feature. The idea is based on the fact that many guys swipe right on anything with a pulse and while that might be true, it doesn’t change the fact that it seems like an overly eager and aggressive move. A popular cringeworthy term used by millennials is ‘Thirsty’


A super-like will not offset the fact that you have bad, unflattering photos, improper grammar, suspect photos with possible exes, a barrage of selfies or photos with sunglasses or very dark, cryptic and weird photos.


Instead of paying money for a feature like super-likes and super swipes, use the money if not the time to swipe right more efficiently and work on your profile, photos, bio etc.

If your profile is not that interesting to begin with, a super-like will delay the inevitable left swipe. Also, it is unknown whether a super-like came from a once a day free product feature or if someone has a paid subscription to a 5 a day offer. Who wants to be the 5th person a suitor pursues at a bar in one night? Most people view super likes are for desperate losers.


Does Super Liking On Tinder Work? Why You Should Not Super Swipe, Super-Like

As an online dating photographer, I always try to draw the analogy of online behavior to the offline equivalent. In this case, a super-like could be equated with a guy running up to a girl at a bar and saying “I love you” before having the chance to flirt, make-eye contact or even make the other person aware of their very existence.  

Perhaps some people need or want that extra attention or confirmation before swiping left or right but for the average woman or man, it should make no difference and can even be offsetting.

If I were a woman, I would feel super weirded out if a guy seems super interested in me but knew nothing about me other than a few photos and a few hundred characters. I would perceive the guy as trying too hard.

My general approach to online dating or meeting people offline for that matter is to focus less on the external stuff you cannot control and focus on yourself first. Focus on ways to distinguish yourself, perhaps a well-crafted, thoughtful message vs the exact same thing others are doing — super-like. Save the super-like for later once you get to know someone after at least one date.


Are Super Likes On Tinder Creepy? Is Superswipe Creepy?

Yes, you don’t know the person. Some people claim that super likes work but the people that respond to them are usually not the quality people you want in your life anyways. They might be lonely, seeking attention or need assurances in life. It’s like using a cheesy pickup line in person – the people who respond to it, well say what you will about them.


How To Respond To A Super Likes On Tinder, SuperSwipe On Bumble?

Personally, I would not respond to such activity. It’s a sign of desperation, possibly love-bombing. It involved little to no effort and suggests the person knows you based on a profile, photos. Dating is about getting to know each other over time not about trying to hard to get attention.


How To See Super Likes On Tinder For Free

If you’ve been notified of a Super Like, open the Tinder app and start swiping to find out who Super Liked you. It’s not always the first in the stack but eventually a profile will appear with a bright blue star icon unless they undid the super like.


How To Undo a Super Like On Tinder, Rewind. Super Like Disappeared

In the case you accidentally send a super like on Tinder you can undo it. Sign up for Tinder Plus, go to the retract button aka Rewind (circular arrow aka rewind) and the super-like will be reverted like if it was never sent (unless the user is online and sees it in real time). You will get back a super like but only can be done on the most recent one. This is why you might get a notification but not see anything when you click through. Most apps don’t remove notifications once an action is taken.


How Many Super Likes Do You Get Per Day?

Free members get 1 super like per day while paid subscribers can send up to 5 super likes per day. One can also buy packs of Super Likes to use at a future time.


Does Bumble Have Free SuperSwipes? 

Unlike Tinder, Bumble offers no free daily superswipes to users.


How To Tell If Someone Super Liked You On Tinder. 

Open the app, and swipe away. If a profile has a bright blue star icon in their profile, they have super liked you.


How To Tell if Someone Superswiped You On Bumble (How To Know If Someone Super Liked You On Bumble)

Similar to Tinder, you just swipe away and if you come across a profile with a yellow banner that says X has superswiped you, you will know. Similarly, if the person’s profile is inactive, or you are not in their search criteria, they will not see you.


Bumble Extend: Bumble Extend Match Free

Along the same note, Bumble Extend can have some advantages. Boost members can initiate unlimited extends on matches which is a bit overkill and eager. You shouldn’t need to use it that many times.

The once a day daily extend is just enough to extend a match another 24 hours in case that person you matched with does not have time to initiate a message. This happens. 24 hours is a rather short time to interact with matches and no one wants to seem desperate or too eager.


Is It Weird To Extend On Bumble? Does Bumble Tell Someone When You Extend?

Yes, they do notify the other person. Everyone knows matches expire after 24 hours so it’s rather obvious you extended. Should you use Bumble Extend? It’s not a bad thing (nor is it as desperate as a super swipe) but I am in the camp that thinks if someone likes you they will make an effort. Focus on those that match your effort, energy and enthusiasm. Also, if they don’t have time to even say hi, do they have time for you, anyone or a relationship?


Should You Bumble Extend Match After Message

No, the other person who received the message should extend if anything, not the sender of the message. Match effort, etiquette and responsiveness.


Should You Like or Comment On Hinge

Similar to activities on other apps, a like is seen as a low-effort activity that feels lifeless. Just because Hinge moved away from the swipe action on Bumble or Tinder, doesn’t mean a like means more on the app. Maybe more so on Tinder

It’s like when your friends on Apple phones like something in a text message vs offering up some details, comment or feedback. It’s always best to send a note, comment or questions with a like on Hinge. Additionally, make sure your profile is optimized with good environmental photos, detailed captions and insightful prompts in order to improve reply rates. Lack of photos, floating heads, basic selfies and neutral facial expressions make it hard to think of something interesting to write about.


Swiping Too Fast On Tinder, Swiping Right On Everyone On Tinder

Swiping too fast on Tinder is a huge red flag. Not reviewing profiles beyond the first photo is also not recommended. The Tinder algorithm will either think you are a bot or are bad for the app (contributed to a bad user experience for others but will gladly take your money). Swiping right on everyone on Tinder is also not recommended for the same reasons. Chances are you will be viewed as a douche, creep or incel.

Be thoughtful when on the app, review profiles entirely. This is true regardless if you are a paid subscriber or not. The Tinder daily swipe limit gives you more than enough swipes, no need to pay for unlimited swipes on the app.


How To Cancel Bumble, Hinge Paid Services, Subscriptions

Hinge will continue to auto-renew your membership even if you don’t use the app or even if you delete the app. You have to cancel through the app settings or through Google Pay or Apple Pay (whichever method you selected). Check out this handy customer service FAQ on how to cancel and additional customer service type questions on Hinge and other dating apps.

Are Tinder Super Likes Accidental? Bumble Accidentally Superswiped On Bumble?

Does it matter? They are meaningless actions. They don’t mean anything without effort, messages, responsiveness etc. Stop reading into super likes. They are low effort, thirsty actions. It’s like someone creepily staring at you at a bar or saying they really like you without getting to know you.


July 2021: Did Tinder Get Rid Of Super Likes? No More Daily Free Super Likes On Tinder?

Yes, no more daily super likes. Must pay now.


Final Thoughts, TLDR: Etiquette, Strategy With Super Likes, Superswipes

Lastly, do not waste your money on Tinder Boosts. It is a waste of money. Yes, it increases your visibility to others, but it is temporary. You are better off improving your bio and photos to improve your ELO score organically than through a boost. f

Similarly, do not get Tinder Gold. More matches seem like a good thing on the surface, but teaching people patience and not getting their hopes up too high is a good thing.

It’s way more effective to invest in your profile, photos, captions, answers to prompts, bio as well as work on your smile, appearance, hobbies, interests, passions, confidence in your own skin. Super Likes and Superswipes are viewed as desperate and forward and primarily used by thirsty guys.

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