Male to Female Gender Ratios On Dating Apps: Hinge, Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, Plenty of Fish & And Average Age, Demographics

Dating apps are more competitive and frustrating than ever. Incomplete bios, kittenfishing and catfishing on profiles, lazy introductions messages, bad photos and straight up lying and ghosting along with increased monetization efforts has made online dating challenging.

Everyone is looking to get an edge with pickup lines, modeling photos, swipe techniques, sketchy elo boosts, and now data research. Men are more likely to analyze the ways to get an edge on dating apps and looking at the gender ratios is a start. There is more to figuring out what is the best dating app beyond gender ratios but for you analytical geeks, continue reading.


Online Dating Gender Imbalance: Male to Female Ratios On Dating Apps & Dating App Statistics

Numerous studies, surveys have been published over the years yet none are completely exhaustive or insightful. National studies don’t account for local demographics. A regional analysis of the San Francisco Bay Area provides more insight at a local level but is only available for sites like at a point in time. Places like Los Angeles and the Pacific Northwest fare slightly better, but no places can beat areas like New York if you are a man looking for better odds, ratios.


Male To Female Gender Ratios On Dating Apps: Bumble, Tinder, OkCupid & More

A survey by SurveyMonkey in 2016 provided these stats:


Male to Female Gender Ratios, Dating Apps

Male to Female Gender Ratios, Dating Apps



Bumble Male To Female Ratios, Hinge Male To Female Gender Ratios

Another cut of the data shows median age by gender ratios…

Median Age Online Dating Apps

Median Age Online Dating Apps


Tinder Gender Ratios, Male To Female Ratios On Tinder, Tinder Statistics Gender

A more recent analysis by Apptopia in 2018 paints a different picture.

Male to Female Gender Ratios, Dating Apps

Male to Female Gender Ratios, Dating Apps


Dating Apps With The Most Users, Most Popular Dating Apps & What Percentage Of Dating Apps Are Male?

Dating apps vary by age, location, intent, lifestyle and more. People tend to think they are interchangeable, but they are not really. Most women only use 1-2 apps where most guys use 2-4 apps. Dating apps like Tinder have the most profiles but many of them are bots, scammers, sellers or people looking to build their social media following.

Rather than focus on volume of users or gender ratios, consider your location and other demographics of each app to see which has the most types of people you seek.


Are Girls More Selective Than Guys On Dating Apps?

Yes, absolutely. Men are rather indifferent when it comes to height, age, ethnicity, job, education, location etc. The more picky you are, the fewer options you will have.


Why Is Dating So Hard For Guys? Are Dating Apps Harder For Guys?

Guys focus too much on paid boosts, swiping right recklessly and cheesy pickup lines. Add to that self-sabotaging photos, bios, smiles etc. it’s brutal for many guys. Focus on building a great foundation takes time (smiles, wardrobes, activities, grooming skills, writing skills etc).


Which Dating Sites Have The Least Fake Profiles, Have Background Checks?

Just because a dating app has the most users doesn’t mean it is the best app out there let alone the best app for you. The best apps out there consider your age, location, demographics, what you seek and lifestyle.

Some dating apps do more extensive screening and background checks than others. With that said, don’t rely on dating apps to screen all bad people nor don’t expect everyone is honest on dating apps. Learning how to identify fake profiles as well as red flags will help you with your online dating efforts.


Best Dating Apps 2021, Dating Apps With The Most Success

To learn more about the best dating apps out there, read this post:


Final Thoughts: Hinge Gender Ratios, Male To Female Ratios On Bumble

These are taken at a point in time and account for registered accounts, not active accounts or do they omit scam accounts that are more likely to be found on certain apps than others.

The main thing here is to understand who is using which apps and for what purpose. Some apps are better if you are a shorter male, interested in more Asian folks, live in bigger cities, want a relationship, are exclusively looking for someone with an advanced degree or someone possible famous.

There are nuggets hidden all over the internet from interviews about specific apps i.e. Hinge ~2015 (50/50 men to women ratio, 90% b/t 23-36 years of age). Additional findings can be found on my resource guide with recommendations for studies, survey, podcasts, books and more.

I dig into this a little more in this article but clients get a customized profile analysis and personal dating app assessment when they hire me.


Dating Coach Services

First date ideas, wardrobe styling, places to meet singles, where to sit at bars and restaurants, body language, vocal intonation, eye contact, conversation skills, how to flirt over text, how to be more approachable and get people to start conversations with you, mock dates and more.

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