Tinder Subscriptions Features: Tinder Gold, Premium, Plus & Tinder Platinum. Differences Between, Pros & Cons, Price, Costs, Charges, Discounts, Tinder Boosts

Should You Pay For Tinder? Is Tinder Free? Is It Worth Paying For Tinder? Discounts, Trials

Tinder is an app used to connect people. It’s not necessarily for dating, hookups but also tour guides, penpals, friends, networking and occasionally scams (see Tinder Swindler on Netflix). Their tagline is, “Tinder | Dating, Make Friends & Meet New People.”

On the site it claims, “It’s been downloaded more than 340 million times and is available in 190 countries and 40+ languages.”

If you learn to analyze the language, it doesn’t reveal user counts. I have a dummy account that I use for clients and research and I have downloaded the app dozens of times over the years. People regularly download the app, re-install it, take breaks or try to reset their accounts which might boost these numbers artificially.

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Do You Need To Pay Tinder To Get Likes, Matches? Is It Worth Paying For Tinder?

No, absolutely not. First off, it also helps to be self-aware, be patient and ask questions. Rather than take the plunge, I urge all folks to invest in their photos (order, quality, lighting, variety), profiles (bios, questions, answers, completeness) and app choice.

There is plenty of self-sabotage on dating apps that it doesn’t make sense to pay for premium marketing features when the core product (you) can use some help. It will take time, patience but at least you will get better quality likes by investing in yourself rather than paying for likes, matches from people far away, likely not interested in you and will likely never meet.

Sure, one might get more likes but will likely come from users who accidentally clicked like, come from new users (like bots, spammers that haven’t been banned) or users outside a preferred radius.

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Tinder Plus, Gold & Premium Subscriptions: Does Tinder Charge Monthly Or All At Once? 

Tinder offers various subscriptions levels with many bells and whistles. Prices are broken down at monthly prices (for comparative purposes) but are charged based on level and commitment.

Billing is recurring and requires you to cancel the payment via the method you signed up i.e. Google Play, etc. Deleting the app does nothing to your account – you still have to pay.

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Tinder Features, Subscriptions, Tinder Free vs Paid, Plus And Platinum, Tinder Plus vs Gold

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Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold vs Tinder Platinum: Tinder Costs, Prices; Is Tinder Free?


The basic functionality of Tinder is free but you do need to pay to receive additional features.

Prices will vary on location but as of 7/28/2022, prices are as follows:

Tinder Plus: $19.99/month, $9.99/month (6 month term), $6.66/month (12 month term)

Tinder Gold: $29.99/month

Tinder Platinum: $39.99/month, $19.99/month (6 month term), $12.49/month (12 month term)


Why Did Tinder Charge Me All At Once? Does Tinder Charge You Monthly Or All At Once? 

Prices are merely a monthly breakdown, you pay the full price at once.


Tinder 50% Off Discount, Tinder Discount Details, Tinder Discount Gold

Tinder offers discounts at varies times including a 50% off Tinder Gold i.e. $14.99 vs $29.99 but you must remember Tinder has recurring billing. Once you subscribe, you will be billed at the full rate the next month. Most people forget to cancel.


Tinder Passport Still Free? Tinder Global vs Tinder Passport; Tinder Gold Review

Tinder allows users to change their location using Tinder Passport which is a feature on Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum. It’s mostly used for hookups when traveling, those seeking tour guides and narcissists looking for attention, IG followers or subscribers to OnlyFans. Tinder Global was briefly made free during covid but not anymore.

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Tinder Super Likes – What Are Tinder Superlikes? Do They Work? Are Superlikes Cringy?

It’s an inflated and meaningless way to suggest users are more interested in you that a regular like. They rarely work and are cringy. More info here.


Does Paying For Tinder Get You More Likes, Matches? Is Tinder Gold Worth It?

Paying for Tinder will get you more likes and more matches but it’s likely from people who are far away, outside your league (influencers, narcissists) and those that will never reply to messages and never meet up with you. Before thinking about paying for Tinder, make sure your profile is great. 

Paying for apps doesn’t make you more attractive, interesting. It usually helps those manage likes, matches more effectively if they are attractive and in-demand. Tinder Boosts show you to more people and while that might result in more likes, matches, those aren’t necessarily quality profiles, peoples. Many of those likes will come from fake profiles and spammers. More info here.


Best Time To Use Tinder Boost?

After you have optimized your profile, photos, bio, smiles and wardrobe.

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How To Get More Likes, Matches On Tinder Without Paying?

Invest in yourself, get better photos, smile, improve your posture, reduce selfies, swipe more efficiently. More tips here.


How To Cancel Tinder Subscription, How To Cancel Tinder Plus, How To Cancel Tinder Gold

Read this.


Tinder vs Bumble, Tinder vs Hinge – App Comparison

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Is Tinder Plus Worth It?

It likely won’t yield more likes or matches for many of you. Even if you do get likes/matches, these will possibly be from people you are not interested, bots or spammers. Read this before you pay for any paid service. 

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