What is Dating Sunday? When is Dating Sunday? Peak Time of the Year For Dating Apps, Best and Busiest Days To Use Dating Sites. January 3, 2021, Singles Sunday

If Dating Sunday (#DatingSunday) is trending on your social media feeds, you are not alone. Dating Sunday is one of the busiest days of the year for online dating apps. Anyone who has been on dating apps for any period of time will know Sunday nights is usually the busiest day of the week and when that Sunday is also the first Sunday after the new year, you have Online Dating Sunday aka the Super Bowl for Singles!

Sites like Match.com have reported seeing a spike upward of 69% on Dating Sundays with peak time at 9:05 PM EST. Coffee Meets Bagel has reported a 17% increase in getting a match and 16% increase chance in starting a conversation on this day.


Most Active Time On Hinge, Hinge Peak Hours, Days

Hinge recently reported seeing  59% increase in conversations being started this week vs the week before, but I don’t put much weight into this last metric. Usually the week between Christmas and New Years is slow – that increase doesn’t mention how it fares vs average weeks just this rather slow week.


Dating Sunday: What is Online Dating Sunday? When Is Dating Sunday? What Is Single Sunday?

The next Dating Sunday will fall on January 5th, 2020. Dating Sunday is referred to as the busiest day of the year on dating apps which puts it right in the middle of Cuffing Season. Cuffing Season is more of an East Coast phenomenon whereby people look to settle down for the cold winter seasons with a partner to keep them warm.

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Sundays are usually the busiest days of the week because most people are busy and doing things during the weekend with friends and loved ones while being busy with work during the week. Sundays are usually a time when people are unwinding, preparing for the week, watching HBO and opening up apps as to not seem too desperate and lacking social circles if they were to open on the apps Friday night through Sunday afternoon.

Like gym memberships, there is a surge in the New Year to improve one’s situation whether it be visits to the gym or loading up that dating app. Additionally, the holidays usually provide some tough waters for new and unstable couples – travel anxiety, arguing over how to split vacation time over the holidays, meet the parents, holiday binge drinking, running into exes – you get the idea.

The other reason (a much smaller one but on the minds of people) is Valentine’s Day. A rush to pair up to avoid being single on yet another Valentine’s Day night. This is usually the end of cuffing season on dating apps as things start to slowly warm up after a cold, long winter.

However, another reason for implied pressure to join apps is engagement season. Many couples get engaged over the holiday season (overseas travel, vacation with family etc.). With engagements come wedding invites. With wedding invites come the urge to find a +1 (so much that apps like Hinge see a plethora of users list seeking a +1 for weddings on their profiles).

With all that said, don’t wait last minute to set up or improve your profile. The holidays are the best time to take photos for your profile. Ask family members to take photos during your holiday visits. Participate in that ugly holiday sweater contest at work. Partake in those holiday festivities like Irish Coffees, ice-skating, New Year’s Eve parties, Friendsgiving dinners, Secret Santa parties, White Elephant gift exchange parties, company holiday parties and more.

With so many opportunities coming up, you should have plenty of opportunities to seek out photos just in time to optimize your profile for that first Sunday in the New Year. One thing to note is that boosts are not always recommended. Often times people tend to pay for boosts to get more likes and visibility, but nothing can take the place of good photos, well-written profiles and good communication skills.


Day After Valentine’s Day: Busiest Day of the Year Runner-Up

The other big day on dating apps is the day after Valentine’s Day. Many people feel weird about matching, going on a first date around Valentine’s Day. Others see countless social media posts on Valentine’s Day from friends and family to push them into finally downloading dating apps.


Best Time To Use Tinder Boost?

Most people make the mistake using Tinder boost on Sunday nights well, let me tell you everyone is using boosts and is online. It’s the most competitive time around. I don’t typically recommend paying for boosts on dating apps but you do, you will want to use it at more optimal times from a strategic standpoint.

It’s best to use it at a less obvious time and be sure you to disable your Tinder Smart Photos first so people are not seeing your worst photo first. Clients who sign up for dating photos or a profile critique get my recommended days/times to use boost.


Update: Flutter Dating App (What Is Flutter Dating App?)

Online dating on Sunday is such a big deal that a dating app based in the Bay Area built their business model around usage restricted to a few hours each Sunday. Read more about Flutter dating app here: https://www.flutterdating.com/


National Dating Day, Best Time To Use Dating Apps

Now that you know what Dating Sunday is all about, make sure your profile is unique and stands out from the crowd. 

Worst Time Of The Year For Online Dating, Dating Apps

Many people would say it’s December (holidays, travel, loneliness etc) but that might also mean less competition.

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