Examples of Conversation Starters: List of Good Tinder Prompts For Your Dating Profile, Questions to Ask & How To Respond, Answer Them. Tinder Profile Tips for Guys & Girls.

As an online dating profile consultant in San Francisco, I have reviewed and improved countless dating profiles, photos and bios over the years. While photos (particularly your main profile photo) will have the single biggest impact on your dating success, bios and prompts should never be ignored.

An incomplete bio or one-worded answers to questions can signal lack of effort or creativity. If you are serious about meeting people, don’t skimp on your questions and answers.

Creativity and humor are excellent ways to separate you from the masses and improve your status as someone who is interesting, unique and worth getting to know.

Sarcasm can seem cliche and be taken as a way to shy away from being original or putting out an unpopular opinion.

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Tinder Bio Section, Tinder Profile – What Is A Tinder Prompt? Tinder Profile Text

The Tinder about me section is the free-form bio section of your dating profile. Since there are only a handful of prompts out there and most people are rather limited in their creativity to answer them uniquely, the headlines section of your profile is the best way to separate yourself from the crowd.

A good tinder bio will showcase creativity, confidence, quirks and appeal.

The Tinder prompt is a subtle nudge to get people to write more about themselves. Think of it as a conversation starter.

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PRO-TIP: Use the prompts below to open up a humble brag or something random that is harder to do in the headline section above.

Tinder Profile Prompts, Tinder Questions And Tinder Prompt Answers

A good profile prompt on Tinder can inspire good creative answers as well as responses from potential suitors.

An unpopular opinion can stir up good conversation and banter while a bad prompt and answer can offset your good photos. A great prompt can invite an opening to be random, quirky, unique, insightful, bold, humble if done correctly.

A decent profile prompt and answer will make it easier for women to start a conversation and more likely to do so beyond a hi, hey or how are you.

Meeting them halfway with good photos with conversation starter environments and outfits as well as insightful answers will help immensely to kick off messages. Avoid these bad introductory lines.

Tinder offers many prompts to users on the app. They provide an easy out or opportunity to state an unpopular opinion or open up about something totally random.

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How To Add, Change, Delete & Re-Order Tinder Profile Prompts & Answers


Tinder Prompt

Tinder Prompt

How To Get Prompts On Tinder

To add a prompt, simply go to your photos and select ‘add a new photo’ in your profile. You will be prompted to then capture a photo on your camera, upload an existing photo from your gallery or create a new profile prompt.

You can delete profile prompts after you create them unlike Bumble. You can replace them by editing profile, add media then selecting ‘Create A New Prompt’. In the upper left of the colored screen there is a small circle with two lines where you can select other Tinder profile prompts.

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Click on each of the prompts below to see why I recommend each one and how to answer each prompt.

For more information on all things Bumble (photos, app strategy, introductory messages and how to get replies, check out my other blog posts) or scroll down to see my list of best Bumble opening lines.

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Best Tinder Questions, Best Tinder Prompt Answers, Best Tinder Prompts For Guys, Girls

In My Friend Group, I'm The...
One who usually orders last at the table, is most likely to get lost during a night out at the club,  will get everyone together for a dinner party at my place or say hold my beer before doing something slightly reckless.
What I'm Doing To Support Black Lives Matter...
I am showing support by donating to these causes, volunteering at these organizations and rallying people to vote this election.
Black Owned Businesses I'm Supporting Right Now...
In no particular order… Cafe International (love their coffee ice cubes in my iced coffees), Little Baobab (I dearly miss their Wednesday night Cuban salsa nights), Sextant Coffee Roasters (miss working remotely there on my laptop), Dimond Slice Pizzeria (one of the best pizza spots in Oakland, don’t miss out!) and Frisco Fried (don’t sleep on their fried chicken!).
2020 Has Finally Made Me Realize...
I should have bought Zoom stock sooner, learned to cook for myself vs. relying on company cafeterias and learned how to use a flowbee better (4 haircuts in and I am slowly making progress).
Racial Justice Resources I Want You To Know About...
List some local and national organizations like Southern Poverty Law Center, Center For Policing Equity etc.
This Week Has Me Fuming About...
A newly discovered Karen living next door to me, ripping my favorite pants, running out of Netflix shows to watch and unnecessary Zoom meetings and happy hours.
The One Thing I Won't Take For Granted Again...
Haircuts, to-go orders from Nopa, my Peleton bike and my car to take roadtrips up the coast and into Oregon.
The Biggest Way My LIfe Has Changed...
Does the Covid 15 count? J/k, I shed most of those early pounds I gained preparing for Armageddon, national shutdowns. Totally revamped my wardrobe and hairstyle (unrecognizable compared to 2019).
Song I'm Singing While I Wash My Hands...
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard. (j/k I hate milkshakes). Eminem’s 8 Mile or Jay-Z’s 99 Problems but hand-washing ain’t 1.
I'm Finally Binging...
Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations (only saw Part’s Unknown) – perfect for dealing with my anxiety around not being able to travel as much as I would like. Also watching cheesy 80s rom-coms that I missed out on growing up – any recommendations?
How I'm Staying Fit Right Now...
Running at night (avoiding the covid crowds), walking endlessly across the city (running out of new routes, might have to start over again), and meeting my Amazon driver at the front gate downstairs vs buzzing him in from my phone.
I'm Talking To my Pet About...
I don’t have a pet but I do talk to stray dogs as their owners shop for groceries and get take out. If I did have a pet I would talk about the cringeworthy dating profiles I have come across (why do people take gym selfies and does every girl go to the museum of ice cream just to take Tinder photos?)
Fun Fact About Me...
I got kicked out of a Vanilla Ice concert, was investigated by Interpol in Monaco, always know how to grab first-come first serve bar seats at all the restaurants in San Francisco and I have been published on the cover of Vogue magazine.
The Key To My Heart...
Is baked goods, shoulder rubs and surprise snacks snuck into movie theaters.
My Favorite Thing In My Home Is...
My couch, which sometimes I use as my bed when I fall asleep from working late at night. After that, I have to say my espresso machine (paid too much for it but it’s a lifesaver and incredible for making espresso martini cocktails!)
The Most Underrated Activity Is...
Napping on the couch on a warm afternoon. Unless that couch is not yours and you wake up hungover and don’t know how you got there (or so I have heard).
If You Don't Match With Me, You'll Miss Out On...
My awesome covid takeout food list, best views of the city without crowds, being captured on Boyfriends of Instagram out takes…
Dating Me Looks Like...
2019 but with 2021 post-covid celebrations.
Why Hasn't Someone Invented...
An Airbnb for hot tubs in San Francisco.
Time Passes The Slowest When I...
I am browsing the menu at Nopa. I have serious FOMO anxiety about what to order. We will always over order no matter where we go – be prepared.
My Favorite Thing To Do When I'm Bored Is...
If I Could Have One Super Power It Would Be...
Everyone wants to fast-forward to 2021 or post-covid. I would go back to 2019, buy stocks, moved out of the city and bought infinite Peleton bikes and start slanging them on the streets of Pacific Heights.

Should I Use Prompts On Tinder, Profile Text Tinder, Dating Profile Questions, About Me

As many good prompts that exist on Tinder there are also some questions you want to be careful of (some examples of Hinge answers to avoid can be seen here on this Bingo card).

Answering a certain way can sabotage your profile or make you seem not so interesting, weird, or creepy. One-worded answers or cliches answers are likely to be ignored as they suggest low-effort, lack of creativity, inability to engage in witty banter or low energy.

Consider updating your profile photos, bio, captions, prompts and answers during this time with a dating profile critique and makeover: https://eddie-hernandez.com/online-dating-profile-critique/ 

Choosing a great set of prompts and having good answers to those prompts is a great way to get noticed on dating apps like Tinder but if you find messages largely ignored or get unmatched quickly, you may need to work on your opening lines and texting skills.

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List Of Tinder Prompts

List Of Tinder Prompts

Tinder Feed, Tinder Loops (Updated 2020)

Tinder had a feature called Tinder Feed in which users could opt in to display updates to their profiles to matches. The idea here was to facilitate people having more prompts to message their matches.

The Tinder text prompts sort of replaced this feature as it provided more prompts to non-matches thus focusing earlier in the funnel for those that lacked substance in their profile otherwise. Similarly Tinder removed loops from user profiles earlier this year.

Tinder loops are 2 second video clips users can add to their profile. Those videos exist still and can be added to your profile the same way you add photos to your profile.

Users can select the video tab when adding media (upload from gallery) but have to crop and trim video to fit the square format and 2 second limit.

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