Hinge Review: What Is Hinge? Is Hinge Free? Should You Use Hinge? Cost, Hinge FAQ, Is Hinge A Good Dating App? How Does Hinge Work?

Hinge is a dating app created to get people to get off the app and meet in person. It was known for those seeking relationships and did away with the left/right swipe trend of Tinder/Bumble and required users to tap heart (like) or tap x (skip).


Hinge Dating App: When Did Hinge Come Out? Who Owns Hinge?

Hinge has been around since 2012 (officially launched February 2013) and in June 2018 Match Group acquired 51% stake in the company with a 12-month window to acquire remaining shares. In February 2019 it did just that.

It’s an unfortunate exit from a customer perspective (since Match is where all dating apps go to die) but I am hopeful that some bugs will at least work out now that it has more resources from a technical perspective. Keep on reading to learn how does Hinge work, who is it for, what it can’t do and what to expect.

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Hinge Review: How Does Hinge Work? Is Hinge A Good Dating App? Hinge Dating App Review

Is Hinge a good dating app? Yes, Hinge is a good dating app but it is also notorious for being a glitchy app. If you are OCD about that kind of thing or always concerned about what it does  mean when I do X but Y happens, this is not the app for you. If you can overlook this major con, there is some great hope for you.

Hinge often gets compared to with Tinder and Bumble dating apps but not all apps are the same. There is not a 100% overlap on profiles and some apps are more superficial than others.

(see Tinder App Review as well as Bumble App Review as well a side by side comparison among all three).

Hinge brands itself as the app that is designed to be deleted. Instead of a quick swipe a la Tinder, Bumble, you have to tap an ‘X’ for no and check mark for yes. Sounds great – but that’s where the optimism stops.

Below is an overview of the app including demographics, what to expect, how does it compare to other apps, common mistakes made, what to avoid and how to get the most out of the app so you can have more success with likes, matches and quality conversations and dates.

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Is Hinge A Good Dating Site? What Is The Success Rate On Hinge?

It’s one of the more popular apps out there today but during 2020 and the pandemic, many people have suggested the quality of profiles has gone down and monetization efforts have made it difficult to find people you are interested in.

Your ability to be successful on Hinge or any other app depends on looks, demographics, photos, smiles, style, career, education, approachability as well as patience, self-awareness and realistic expectations.

Hinge is different from most swipe apps in that it requires users to tap a heart or an ‘X’ to move on. The idea is that people spend more time on profiles and have to be more strategic with respect to what the tap the heart on (profile prompt, specific photo etc).

Related ReadHow To Make A Good Hinge Profile (for tips including captions, photos & photo prompts).


Hinge Invited You To Start The Chat


Is Hinge A Hookup App? Is Hinge For Relationships? 

Like all dating apps, Hinge is an introduction app. Most people seek relationships on the app but some people use it to hookup. Writing “no-hookups” in a profile does nothing as some people view it as a challenge. If you sleep with someone after one date it’s possible they will ignore you after or assume that’s all you want.

It’s best to take your time and get to know people than assume the words of a stranger are truthful, honest. People can change their mind about you after you sleep with them or say they are looking for a relationship but also are open to hookups.

The ability to screen profiles, ask questions and read people are absolutely crucial if you want to get to know someone, understand their intent and hope to build a relationship with them. Don’t expect dating apps to serve as background checks for you.


Hinge FAQ’s: How To Like Someone On Hinge, How To Swipe Right On Hinge

Instead of swiping left or right like on Tinder or Bumble, you have to click the heart button on a photo or answer to a prompt to signal a like. After you do so, you will be given the option to send a comment along with a like which is highly recommended.


Hinge FAQ: Good Hinge Prompts? Best Hinge Prompt Answers? 

View this guide for ideas and tips on which prompts to use, and how to answer the questions. Not all prompts are the same. Some are awful, cliche and show an unattractive, superficial side to you. Use caution.


Is Hinge Free? Hinge Subscription Price? Do You Have To Pay For Hinge

The basic elements of the dating app are free including sending comments on photos and prompts but it costs extra for certain premium benefits such as extra likes, see who likes you and advanced filters.

Hinge Preferred Membership is a subscription based service that costs $19.99/month on a monthly subscription, $39.99/quarter ($13.33/month), or $59.99/6-month term ($9.99/month).

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Hinge Review: How To Use Hinge: Setting Up A Hinge App Profile

Even if you manage to fill out all the recommended fields, there are still the prompts. Hinge has some cute prompts and some cringeworthy prompts you can view some of my favorites here. You can tell a lot about a person they way they not only choose their prompts but answer them as well.

I am all for making it easy to X out any profiles that self-sabotage their efforts on dating apps rather than nudging them to do better. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.

Unlike Bumble and Tinder, Hinge is not a left-swipe, right-swipe app. You have to tap the like button (heart button) to send a like on Hinge. You can like a photo or a prompt. Once you click the heart icon on Hinge, the app will provide an option to confirm said like and/or to add a comment as well.

It’s recommended that users send comments along with likes to improve response rates, show intent and provide confirmation that you read the user’s profile. Similarly, if you are not interested in someone, you can tap the X button.

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Do You Need Facebook For Hinge? Hinge Facebook Friends? Does Hinge Notify Your Contacts?

It was required at one point but not anymore. Read more about connecting your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Hinge here. It does not notify contacts that you are on the app but of course your profile is public so your contacts can see you if you either of you are on the app long enough.

Hinge Tips For Men, Women

Learn how to make a good Hinge profile, what prompts to use, what info to put in a profile, should you add photo prompts & photo captions, add IG to profile, send comments with likes, send roses?

Hinge Dating Site: What Are Hinge Dealbreakers? How Do Hinge Preferences Work?

Hinge Deal-breakers make your preferences strict. If selected, Hinge will not show you anyone who doesn’t match that preference. Hinge preferences and deal breakers are not visible to others.

Occasionally you might see people not fitting your dealbreakers and that can be done to others to change things in their bio and the system not automatically updating. Preferences prioritize people shown to you but they are not dealbreakers.

More on Hinge deal-breakers here including which are free and which are available only to paid users.


Hinge Prompts, Question: What Are The Hinge Questions?

When it comes to prompts, one cute, playful prompt/answer is fine but if you don’t reveal anything about yourself, your passions, curiosities, ambitions, guilty pleasures etc. then you can’t expect people to take you seriously. Hinge is notorious for cliche answers to prompts (see how many cliche profile answers you have by reviewing the dating profile bingo card).

Conversely, Coffee Meets Bagel uses standard prompts where people are more thoughtful and detailed in their responses. Some Hinge questions and prompts are better at creating more open-ended topics ripe for spirited debate and connections. Don’t ignore this part of a profile.

Check back regularly as Hinge updates their question list and allows you to update them over time. Think of prompts as a conversation starter opportunity (avoid inside references or requests) and focus on ways to invite questions and comments naturally.


Best Hinge Photos To Use On A Hinge Profile (Men, Women)

So you filled out the fields, added some good prompts and answers now comes the photos. Hinge (unlike other apps) requires 6 photos. This is a bit challenging for many folks on dating apps who don’t have that many decent photos.

Unfortunately, many take the stand of ‘you only look as attractive as your worst photo’ so if you add filler photos to meet the requirement, you can be self-sabotaging your efforts.

This seems to be one of the biggest pain points of the apps for users but there are ways around if you know who to ask. Here is a primer on dating app photos to focus on in your profile.


Can Guys Message First On Hinge?

Unlike Bumble, men can message first on Hinge. They actually have several options – they first have to like a photo or answer to a prompt, afterward they can add a message to that like.

Typically messages with likes get more responses than likes alone unless the message is cliche, vulgar or lazy.

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How Do I View People I’ve Liked? How Do I See People I Liked On Hinge? 

You can’t view people you’ve liked on Hinge unless they like you back.


Funny Female Dating Profile Examples


Browsing Profiles on Hinge: Can You Browse Profiles On Hinge?

Once the profile is set up you are now ready to start swiping but not so fast. Hinge is popular in many large cities but a little thin in suburbs where Tinder is still King (in terms of # of profiles, engagement).

Assuming there are enough people in your area, demographics (mostly used by 25-45 year olds) then the tapping function of Hinge is where many people get flustered.

The main knock on the dating app is that it appears tapping X or the check mark does not register and the profile re-appears. Similarly messages sent to profiles appear to not go through as profiles re-appear. Did it get sent? Was it a bug or did it go through and should I not seem needy. These are all the things going through people’s minds when using Hinge.


Can You Hide Your Account On Hinge, Does Hinge Have Incognito Mode?

No, but you can pause your account to hide your profile from others. Scroll down for details. Hinge has no Incognito Mode nor any method to block contacts. The League does has it though (somewhat).


How Do You Change Visibility On Hinge?

Go to settings to limit certain aspects of your profile being visible like gender, education and more.


How Does The Hinge Algorithm Work? How Does Hinge Decide Who To Show You?

Hinge chooses who to show you based on age, location, preferences, paid user boosts, new profile boosts etc.  Hinge, like many other apps aims to hook new users by displaying attractive profiles and over time regressing to the mean. Once hooked, users are tempted to upgrade to allow for more profiles to be viewed before running out.

Hinge takes into consideration your demographics and displays somewhat relative profiles based on preferences and your attractiveness.

The more desirable you are, the more you will be shown to others. This is not to mean that you need to be a model to do well on Hinge but self-sabotage efforts can definitely limit your ability to be successful.

This is all the more reason to start off with a good profile rather than test out one that is unproven, self-sabotaging or lacks effort, creativity or enthusiasm.


How Do You Match With Someone On Hinge? How Do You See Who Likes On Hinge? 

Hinge allows free users to see who likes them in their ‘likes you’ tab but only one at a time. An action is needed to see the next like (either liking them to create a match or skipping the like profile and like sent is removed). If a user likes you and you like them back, they will move from the likes you tab to your match tab.

Matching requires both people to like each other’s profiles, photos or prompts. Once this happens, a pop-up will show that you two have matched. Not all match notifications are in real-time nor are you able to see all your matches at once (you may have to clear out your queue).

Hinge is for relationships, quality matches not volume usage and casting the widest net possible. With that said, users are more likely to match with others if they send a message along with their like. Don’t just send a hi, heyy, what’s up line as that shows lack of effort and creativity.

There is no match button on Hinge. Just go to conversations.


Hinge Standouts Feature: How To Get Featured On Hinge Standouts?

Hinge standouts feed is a way to highlight prompt responses of users. The users with the most likes and comments from others users directed at their prompts are usually featured on Hinge to encourage more thoughtful, fuller profiles and answers to prompts.

More on Hinge Standouts here.

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Can You Send A Like Instead Of A Rose On Hinge? What Does A Rose Mean On Hinge

With standouts, you can only send a rose. You cannot send a like unless they appear in your regular queue. It’s Hinge’s way of a super like. Don’t do it, super creepy.


Can You Send Pictures On Hinge? Can You Send Videos, Gifs On Hinge? 

Yes, you can send pictures on Hinge, but you will have to load them through a 3rd party like Instagram, Imgur etc.


What Do Roses On Hinge Do, Is Sending A Rose On Hinge Weird? Creepy?

Hinge is the latest app to join this super like effort. Users receive one free rose per week. Users can buy more but then others can’t tell if you are giving your weekly rose allotment to them or just splurging money on every girl.

Likes sent with roses are sent to the top of the likes queue. Roses can be sent from the standouts queue or the discover queue.

Hinge Roses (Old Cost)

1 rose costs $3.99, 6 roses cost $19.99, and 12 roses cost for $29.99.

Hinge Roses (Current Cost)

3 for $9.99, 12 for $12.99, 50 for $74.99

Hinge Roses - Price, Cost, Subscription

Hinge Boost – Is Hinge Boost Worth It? What Is Boost On Hinge?

Whenever a user creates an account on Hinge, that user will experience a boost on the site where their profile will be shown to an extremely high number of users for the first few hours, days.

This is why waiting to create a profile is extremely important once you have good photos, prompts and answers. More on this new user experience. It’s far more effective to invest in your profile and photos rather than paying for increased visibility.


Hinge Demographics, Hinge Median Age, Hinge Average Age, Hinge Male to Female Ratio

90% of users are between the ages of 23-36. 99% of users are college educated. 400% increase in active users over last year.


Read this post on dating app gender ratios and median by app.


Is Hinge Good For Over 40? Is Hinge Good For Over 50? What Age Group Is Hinge For?

Related read: Best Dating Apps For Over 40


Is Hinge Good For Gay People? Does Hinge Have Gay Dating? Is Hinge For Straight?

Related read: Best LGBTQ Dating Apps, Sites


How Many Likes Do You Get On Hinge, Hinge Daily Like Limits

Hinge gives free users 8 likes per day to use each day with Hinge like limits resetting at 4am every day.

Related read: Hinge Like Limits, Reset


Match Limits – How To See Blurred Matches

Hinge limits how many active matches you can view unless you upgrade to Preferred or unmatch other profiles you matched with.


Hinge Hidden Chats & Messages: Inactive Chats On Hinge

Anyone who is inactive in your match list beyond 14 days will be moved out of your active match list and may reappear if you decide to unhide them. Hidden matches will appear in your chats tab but at the bottom section in a collapsible area.

Similarly, you can hide any chats proactively and those matches will reappear only if they message you.


Pause Mode on Hinge, Pause Your Hinge Profile Account, How To Pause Hinge Account

Pause mode is a feature Hinge offers to allow folks to hide their profiles once they want to take a break, have met someone etc. Note you might still get a few residual likes because of delay/caching. “You may still receive a few likes while your account is paused.”



What Does Remove Do On Hinge? Report vs Remove Hinge

It removes the profiles from being shown again to you UNLESS the person creates a new profile under a different account.

Reporting also removes the profile from being shown to you but also allows you to report the account for various reasons.

If you click ‘x’ on a profile, all it does is skips the profile for now but it can be shown again later.


How To Block Someone On Hinge? How To Unmatch Someone On Hinge

Select the 3 dots in the upper right of the profile and select unmatch. After this is done, the person will disappear from your match queue and you will never see them again*. Unmatching is a permanent action.


If You Unmatch On Hinge Will They Show Up Again?

*Unless they create a new profile on Hinge. If that is the case, report them and tell Hinge they possibly created a new profile and they are no longer blocked for you.


How To Block Contacts On Hinge

Read this post on how to block contacts on Hinge.


Hinge Invited You To Start The Chat, Hinge Start The Chat

After sending mutual likes, a user can invite the other person to start the chat. This is the most passive aggressive, lazy way to start a relationship.

Hinge Login Issues, Errors, Can’t Log In (Banned), Banned From Hinge

If you go on any dating forum, one of the most commonly asked questions has to do with Hinge login issues, inability to login and errors.

There are many reasons why this happens (some technical, some user behavior) and at the risk or alerting scammers, creeps to understand how to avoid detection I will not go into detail here but I will provide some tips to deal with this.

Hinge has a very strong set of terms of service. At the heart of it is being an app for relationship-minded folks. If you don’t follow their terms directly or indirectly, online or offline, you can get banned regardless of your subscription status.


Does Hinge Notify People Of Screenshots? 

Yes, you can screenshot on Hinge. No, Hinge does not notify users of screenshots. Similarly, Hinge does not have read receipts. This is a bit confusing, I know because of the ‘delivered’ notification on messages.  Again there are no Hinge screenshot notifications.

Online Dating Advice For Women

Screening Profiles, Why Don't Guys Reply, Low-Effort Messages, Overwhelmed w/ Matches, Signs He's Not Into You, What Your Dating Photos Signal, Coffee Dates, Lying About Age, 'No Hook-ups' In Profile & More


How To Tell If Someone Has A Hinge Account | How To Find Someone On Hinge

Ask them.


Hinge Message Disappeared – Chat Disappeared On Hinge Match

Can be because the user unmatched or deleted their account. Move on, don’t overthink this.


How To Find Someone On Hinge Again, Accidentally Unmatched On Hinge

Keep swiping through profiles, Hinge repeats profiles like no other. However, if you unmatch with someone, you cannot find them again, matches can’t be restored. Don’t be creepy and try to contact them on IG or Linkedin.

Related read: Unmatching/Rejection Etiquette


If I X A Person On Hinge Can They Still See Me, Like Me? 

Yes, It’s possible but it is not certain or likely. X just shows you the next profile. It doesn’t block the user.


How To Delete Photos On Hinge, Can’t Delete Photos On Hinge

Once you add photos, you can’t delete them, only replace or update them. Don’t upload photos to fill up the 6 slots because once you do, you won’t be able to delete them without replacing them.

That’s why you see people with fewer than 6 photos because they never uploaded 6 photos to begin with.


Hinge Photos Rules: Do I Have To Have 6 Photos On Hinge? How Many Pictures Do You Need On Hinge? 

No, but once you do add 6 photos, you won’t be able to delete them without replacing them. If you want 3 photos on Hinge, don’t upload more than 3 photos on Hinge. If you want 4 photos on Hinge, don’t upload more than 4 photos on Hinge.

Edit: Hinge has recently updated their stance on photos. They now allow users to have 4-6 photos on a profile.

See: Hinge Profile Template


What Does Sent Mean On Hinge? Does Hinge Have Read Receipts? 

It means the message was sent. That is it. There are no read receipts on Hinge. Some people try to switch conversations to WhatsApp to see read receipts. More on messaging etiquette on dating apps here.


Does Hinge Show Inactive Profiles, Users? Does Hinge Show You Old Profiles?

Yes, if a user swipes too much, they will eventually come across old profiles, inactive users.  In 2019, Hinge claimed 75% of profiles shown were active in last 3 days. No updates have been provided since and so it could be that the number has stayed the same or plummeted.


Does Hinge Show Your Preferences?



Are Last Names Required On Hinge? Does Hinge Show Your Last Name?

Last names are optional but if you have it enabled, it will only be displayed upon matching. Last names provide a sense of authenticity. Not displaying it can be seen as a red flag.


Does Hinge Show Your Profile To Everyone?

Unfortunately not. Not everyone uses the app excessively nor has wide open criteria on their preferences. While you may see many people in your area, they may not see you based on their preferences or popularity (like queue).


Hinge Just Joined – How Long Does Just Joined Last On Hinge

A few days, roughly 3-14 days. It shouldn’t matter as most people are on the app for much longer than that so unless the user created a new profile, this badge shouldn’t have any bearing on whether you should contact them or not.


Can You Like Someone Twice On Hinge? Will Someone Reappear On Hinge?

Hinge recycles profiles. If a profile reappears, it’s likely they saw your like and didn’t do anything or they didn’t see it yet because they have too many likes in their queue or decided to ignore you. Doesn’t matter. Hinge Likes Don’t Expire.


Do Hinge Likes Go Away? Do Hinge Likes Disappear? Do Hinge Likes Expire?

Yes, if the person you liked didn’t reciprocate and skipped your profile the like will no longer show for either of you.


Hinge Photo Prompts: Should You Use Photo Prompts On Hinge?

They are canned caption for your photos. Most are obnoxious and cliche. Very rarely are they effective in terms of improving the profile.

Hinge Photo Prompt Examples, List

Hinge Photo Prompt Examples, List

How To Delete Hinge Account, Profile. Do You Still Show Up On Hinge If You Delete The App?

Read this post on about deleting your Hinge account. Deleting the app has nothing to do with your account, profile.


Hinge Last Active Status: Hinge Active Today vs Active Now

Hinge will display a recently active status to select profiles, including active now and active today. Hinge won’t show last status active for matches though. To activate or turn off the feature, go to settings, Account. Disabling it will also prevent you from seeing the badge on other people’s account.


Hinge Accidentally X’d Profile, Hinge Accidentally Skipped Someone: Hinge Backtrack

Select Arrow back on the top right to see the most recent skipped / x’d profile.


Does Hinge Show Your Location?

No, it only shows the areas you specify as your hometown or current city.


Can You Tell If Someone Paused Their Account On Hinge?

Not really, unless you ask the other person to show you their account (on their phone). If other people can still see their profile (non-matches), then their account is not paused.


What Happens When You Pause Hinge? Can Matches See If You Pause Account? 

Hinge hides your profile from being shown to new people (there might be a momentary delay to process requests). Matches will not be hidden when you pause your profile.  To activate pause, go to settings, then account. There is no Incognito mode on Hinge as of October 2022. Hinge Incognito mode does not exist.


Does Hinge Automatically Update Your Location? Can You Change Your Location On Hinge For Free? 

No, Hinge does not automatically update your location, unless you give it access all the time to use your GPS for location (precise or approximate).

Yes, you can change your location on Hinge by settings. This is a free feature.


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Does Hinge Update Your Age Automatically? Change Age On Hinge

If you used Facebook, it uses that data. If you didn’t put your correct age, you can set it in the app but only change it once.


Hinge We Met: Should You Tell Hinge You Met Your Match? 

Hinge claims to use this info to suggest more people like those you have met but it’s primary intention is to collect success data.

Would you want to meet more of the people you did not like or those that catfished you? Use we met carefully. Similarly, Hinge can tell you met someone either by exchanging numbers or by GPS data on your phone.


Are Hinge Profiles Public?

Not really unless someone screenshots your profile and shares it with others or posts in on the internet.


Hinge Trial, Hinge Free Trial, Hinge Discount

Hinge offers discounts randomly over time, you just have to wait for it. After purchasing Hinge Premium, you are less likely to see a free trial or discounted offer (usually for new users, those who have not purchased boosts, premium etc.). Hinge discounts are less likely to pop-up since the acquisition by Match Group but check back here for updates and details.


Hinge Most Compatible FAQ, Hinge Most Compatible Feature, Is It Mutual?

Hinge Most Compatible overview here.


Hinge New User Boost, Hinge Noob Boost, Hinge New Here

Read this.


Is Hinge Safe? Hinge Safety Tips, Is Hinge App Safe?

That depends on what you mean by safe. It is less safe than Bumble because at least that app has Incognito mode which you can hide from exes, stalkers. More on Hinge safety FAQ’s here.


Does Hinge Notify When You See A Profile?

No, unless you like, comment or send a rose to said profile then some people can make that assumption you saw the profile but even then that is not always true as some people like profiles without looking at them.


What Does Selfie #503 Mean On Hinge? Selfie 503 Meaning Hinge

It means you take a lot of selfies. Don’t do it.


Hinge Review For Guys, Hinge Review For Girls, Hinge Complaints, Hinge Pros And Cons

Hinge is great because unlike Bumble, you can send a comment to stand out. It is not great in that it requires 6 photos (you are as only as attractive as your worst photo) and has no bio to talk about yourself.

Similarly, women can assess effort with comments on Hinge, but then of course, any guy can send you comments on Hinge making it overwhelming at time. There is also no incognito mode like with Bumble.

Lastly, the Hinge algorithm can be rather stubborn and unrelenting showing you unattractive and undesirable people too much. More about the Hinge algorithm here.


Hinge Voice Prompts

In addition to Hinge text prompts and photo prompts, Hinge now has voice prompts so you can record your voice answer to one prompt (in addition to the 3 written prompts). Generally, speaking it’s helpful for people to hear your voice unless it’s not that flattering.

Related read: Hinge Template (prompt lists and more)


Why Is Hinge So Expensive? Is It Worth It To Pay For Hinge?

It’s not. You don’t have to pay for Hinge to have success on it. Focus on your photos, prompts, captions and be patient as well as realistic. Better matches can be made by investing in yourself and your profile rather than paying for boosts and other premium features.


Hinge Dating Intentions, Hinge Intentions

Hinge has recently launched a new section called intentions that will aim to clarify user intentions on the app.

Sometimes people lie, so don’t ignore red flags, use good judgment, learn to screen profiles and know how to read people. Don’t expect people to be honest to seek a relationship after hooking up with you.

Hinge App Download, Hinge Web, Desktop; Can You Download Hinge On A Computer? PC?

Hinge is only available on iPhone and Android (not web / online version) but there is a desktop version for Bumble though. There is no Hinge online login or signup.

Hinge Apple Download

Hinge Android Download


Hinge Share Profile – How To Share Someone’s Profile On Hinge? Hinge Profile Share

There use to be a function to text/email profiles to others. You can see the links embedded on this most eligible list from a while back (click on see profile).


How To Use Hinge As A Guy, Girl; Hinge Dating Tips, Hinge Advice; How To Best Use Hinge

Guys – send comments with likes. Even great comments won’t work if you are aiming outside your league, have bad photos, lazy prompts or have incompatible lifestyle choices.

Girls – fill out your profile. The more cliche, vague and cute you try to be without details, specifics or effort, the more low effort you will get from time wasters. You attract who you are, not what you seek.

Related read: Hinge Profile Tips  |  How To Use Hinge Effectively


How To Get Verified On Hinge, Hinge Verified Profile, Selfie Verification, Hinge Video Verification

Read this to learn about what does verified on Hinge mean.


If I Match With Someone On Hinge, Do I Have To Start The Conversation?

That depends if you enjoy being single. You don’t have to start a conversation or message anyone on the app if you don’t want to.


Hinge Only Showing Four Photos – Did Hinge Change To 4 Photos? Hinge Glitch?

They are doing some testing. Relax. There is no Hinge glitch. Make sure your 4 photos are your best photos and make sure you are proud of your worst photo as you will be judged by that.


Is Hinge Any Good? Is Hinge Bad? Has Hinge Changed? Is Hinge Toxic? Why Is Hinge So Bad?

It can be but doesn’t mean the guy you are talking to is also on Tinder looking for hookups. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/02/06/style/dating-app-profile-differences.html 

Hinge has gotten worse over time from a cost perspective and gimmicks angle but it is still better than most apps. Most people hate it because it’s easier to blame other and apps rather than work on themselves. Like all apps, most offer full functionality and then charge for them down the road. 


Hinge Success Stories

Lots of Hinge success stories – check their social media accounts or reddit (r/hingeapp).


How To Cancel Hinge Membership, Subscription; Hinge Customer Service Email, Number

Read this guide on how to cancel Hinge subscription.


Hinge Travel Mode

Hinge does not have a travel mode, but users can change their location.


How Does Hinge Work For Women? 

Most women prefer Hinge over Bumble as they don’t have to send the first message among other reasons. Learn more about which dating apps women prefer and why here. 

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